Service Interview with Lois W. Stern

Today we're doing a different type of interview, and it should be enlightening to both writers and readers following the blog. 
My guest today is Lois W. Stern.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here again. 

And, Marie, it's always a pleasure to return as a guest on your Writing in the Modern Age blog!
Oh, thank you, Lois! :) That's very kind...
Can you tell us a little bit about your contest or project, and how Writing in the Modern Age readers can benefit from it?

It’s all about Discovery, Marie, that magic ingredient all of us are seeking. There are so many talented writers out there who truly deserve recognition for their talents, but simply aren’t getting that chance. Tales2Inspire gives them an opportunity to get one compelling story published and start them on their road to discovery. And did I mention, it’s FREE? 

Ooh, the magic word! I love it. 

So, how do your winners benefit, besides being able to say they are 'winners'?

I made a video titled, 'WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU?' that presents details in a fun, visual way, so let me invite your readers to first click to watch it here or copy and paste the following URL into their browsers:

Sounds great! 

Now, there are a lot of writing contests out there. How does yours differ from any of those?

I don’t like using the word ‘unique’, but Tales2Inspire is truly unlike any other writer’s contest. First, there is no submission fee. Then, even after the awards are announced, I continue to work with the author of a ‘tale’ which shows exceptional promise. I do not charge for any of these services because I am committed to the ideal of 'Authors Helping Authors'. Of course there is something in it for me too as I get first rights to publication of each winning ‘tale’.

Wow, this all sounds wonderful. So, I'll ask the next question I'm sure readers are dying to know...

Lois, are you an author as well? Do you write for these projects or help judge? If not, have you ever entertained the idea of writing your own books?

Yes, Marie, I do write some of these stories myself, simply because I love to write and Tales2Inspire gives me the opportunity to do that as well as edit and judge. But each of my stories goes through the same vetting process, judged anonymously by a peer group to determine eligibility for publication. As a matter of fact, one of my stories didn’t make the cut for the Crystal Collection this year - not because it wasn’t well written, but because the judges felt it would be a better fit for another category.

Well, it's clear you've done everything to make the system as fair as possible.
So, do you have plans for expansion with Tales2Inspire?  Or is that a secret?

Not a secret at all. I’d like to shout it from the rooftops. The next Tales2Inspire collections will be subtitled FEATHERS AND FUR, inspiring stories about our non-human friends. If any of your readers think they have a super story to submit, they can click here for specifics, or copy and paste: into their browser.  

Great! That last set sounds like it's right up my alley. I love animals! :)

Can you give us a sample of writing or an excerpt from a Tales2Inspire project?

I was so proud to get such an outstanding review from noted physician, healer, author and humanist, Dr. Bernie Siegel, (A Book of Miracles, The Art of Healing, and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul). Better than any single excerpt, I think his review speaks volumes about the stories in my Tales2Inspire books:

This is a book with a heart. Filled with stories which reveal what happens when we choose to live in a way that is life enhancing for all God’s creatures. Our potential is miraculous when we choose to inspire the vapor of love. The people in these stories have always been my teachers. Read and learn the lessons of life.
How inspiring!
So, are there any author benefits for your winners in this project?

Yes, here are some. The benefits of being a contributing author to 'Tales2Inspire' include, but are not limited to:

* Author's story published in a respected book collection

* Author’s headshot photo and mini-biography published inside the book

* Name listed on as a contributing author

* Story featured and promoted as the inspiring story of the week on the Tales2Inspire website.

        Story highlighted with an introductory video trailer on our YouTube Winning Tales Channel

        Story featured on the Tales2Inspire Facebook page, selected LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media groups

* Story featured in the Inspiring Stories monthly newsletter, distributed to hundreds of subscribers, on a rotating basis throughout the years.

* Opportunities for free and low cost promotions on the Tales2Inspire Spotlight page, the YouTube Winning Tales Channel, media releases, personal bookmarks to match author’s story, and much more.

* Discounted prices for bulk orders  of ten or more books, mix or match titles. 
Lois, I understand you are offering a FREE Crystal e-book to our readers. Can you please share the details?
Yes, that’s right, Marie. I am offering a FREE Kindle e-book in exchange for an honest Amazon review of Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection. Just e-mail me at . Put 'FREE e-book' in the subject line and I’ll send you easy-to-follow directions.


Are there any other questions you are commonly asked about Tales2Inspire?

Yes, here they are with my answers:

How did Tales 2 Inspire begin?

Despite having published two books about aesthetics (beauty of the face and body), I have forever been drawn to inner beauty stories - stories that touch the heart, mind and soul. I began writing stories about people whom I admired,and eventually began inviting others to share their inspiring stories.

What is Tales 2 Inspire?

Tales2Inspire™ began as an an Authors Helping Authors project as well as a contest. It is FREE to enter and provides winners and selected finalists with some exciting platform building opportunities. To understand What is in it For You, watch this video of the same title at

How does it work?

Authors who participate in this project carefully craft their stories prior to submission. I personally review each story as it is received, and give its author basic feedback before the judging phase begins.

Stories accepted into this competition are then judged by a jury of three peers, using a click, click, click automated form. Each judge also offers a brief critique to include one suggestion for improving the story - unless, of course, they gave it a perfect score. If there is basic consistency in the judges’ scores (which happens most of the time), I total them and assign Winner, Finalist and Honorable Mention awards based on those score averages. When an occasional wide discrepancy occurs amongst the three judges’ scores, I call upon members of my critique group for further input.

But it doesn’t end there. Unlike most every other contest, even after the awards are announced, I will continue to work with the author of a ‘tale’ which shows unique promise.

Wow! This sounds like a great service for writers of all stages, which is just about perfect for Writing in the Modern Age, isn't it?

Lois’ Bio 

After twenty years as an active educator, I continued to pursue my love of writing, soon becoming co-editor of a popular Long Island web-zine. As I created and authored my column Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives, I solidified my special niche of investigative journalism and put those same talents to work while writing my groundbreaking book, Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery. I followed up with my second book, Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock. – Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour to address many of the less invasive paths to beauty, while collaborating with eleven highly respected professionals.
Watch this candid interview of Lois on The Writers’ Dream Show to learn more about these books.
Tales2Inspirewas a kernel of an idea I initiated in 2012, never dreaming it would grow in such strength and numbers as it has. I work with a passion to deliver exactly what I envisioned: an ‘Authors Helping Authors’ project and a contest all in one. I am thrilled to be able to help talented writers build stronger author platforms, and continually strive to find new and innovative ways to strengthen their opportunities for discovery. Tales2Inspire™ has opened a whole new chapter in my life, and hopefully in the lives of my winners.

About Tales2Inspire
Tales2Inspire books offer inspirational and motivational stories by award winning authors from across the globe.
We also help talented authors on their individual paths to discovery. - See more at:
Tales2Inspire books offer inspirational and motivational stories by award winning authors from across the globe.
We also help talented authors on their individual paths to discovery. - See more at:

Tales2Inspire books offer inspirational and motivational stories by award winning authors from across the globe. We also help talented authors on their individual paths to discovery. Learn more at

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Thank you so much for visiting us today, Lois, and telling us all about these awesome services you offer! 


  1. Marie, thank you ever so much for your gracious hospitality. You are just that: gracious and welcoming to many authors. Your generous spirit ives me one more super opportunity to tell about my baby, Tales2Inspire!

    1. My pleasure, Lois! Always great to have you stop by! :)

  2. Very enjoyable, thank you


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