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Email me at if you wish to participate in a promo or feature such as a guest article, author interview, service interview (if your service helps writers/authors in some manner, or even book readers) or character interview, reposted book review (with the permission of the original reviewer), book features, new release features or cover reveals, poetry spotlight or our cool new option called The Author's Bookshelf (inquire for more details). We also run occasional book giveaways. Feel free to approach me with your creative ideas about a blog post. Refer to the blog schedule on the lower left side of the home page for clarification about availability.  

Yes, we accept all book genres on Writing in the Modern Age, but please know I will NOT post adult excerpts. Mild curse words are fine. As I can't be sure who visits the blog, it's best to keep everything professional, though. If you do submit an adult excerpt and give me no other option, I will only post the sections that I deem fit for the blog. 

At this time, my schedule is full and does not allow me to consider writing official book reviews for your books on this blog. Requests for such reviews will be politely denied, no exceptions. Thanks for understanding.  

Authors, I am, however, more than willing to celebrate your new release by offering you a spot on the blog, if there is availability, or helping to retweet your tweets if you simply email me. I also have two other blogs, Marie Lavender's Books!, which accepts guest authors in the form of various features, and the I Love Romance Blog, where I host character interviews for romance authors as well as guest posts about romantic relationships, and features for the latest releases of romance novels.

Readers and aspiring writers, feel free to leave your thoughts or comments on the blog posts. We always love to hear from you! :)