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Why Is Editing So Damn Important? by Marie Lavender

Why Is Editing So Damn Important? by Marie Lavender
For those of you who already know the answer to the question at hand, I applaud you. 
But there are a few who might be wondering why, in fact, one would ever worry about editing. Two schools of thought rally around this subject. Some of you might be thinking one or both of the following:
1.Who needs an editing service? For God’s sake, I could edit the local newspaper in my sleep. I’ve got this, people!
2.Why should I bother with editing? That doesn't matter! I wrote this book with my bare hands and I’m hitting ‘publish’ tomorrow!
It’s true that indie publishing has simplified the once traditional route to getting our work out to readers. But that’s all the more reason to take your writing seriously. By overlooking the editing process, you’re only hurting yourself. Once you decided, “I’m getting published someday!”, you essentially said goodbye to writing as a hobby. Look, I’m not telling you to stop enjoying the creative process. Of c…

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