Service Interview with Kim Smith

Today we're doing a different type of interview, and it should be enlightening to both writers and readers following the blog. 
My guest today is Kim Smith.  Hello!  Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here. 
Hello! Thank you for letting me visit.
Of course! 
Can you tell us a little bit about your podcast service, and how Writing in the Modern Age readers can benefit from it?
Yes, I have been producing interviews for authors since 2010 when I hosted Introducing Writers over on Blogtalk Radio. I think it is still there, in fact. But I learned how to own the material and have the show on my own site, and so I moved to my blog. That’s when I changed the name to Writer Groupie. Then, the podcast grew so much, I gave it a site of its own away from my writing site. And that is how it came to be where and how it is today. It’s truly a love effort. I love writers and always think of ways to promote them. Most seem to appreciate the opportunity to have a video they can embed on their own site, or an audio feed to direct people to.
Wow, that's great! 
Kim, are you also a writer? What genre or genres should we expect to see you in?
I am. I struggle with my own writer’s identity. I have written in romance, fantasy, YA, and adult contemporary type stories and books. My latest offering is a caper mystery series, which is completely zany and irreverent and different from anything I have done thus far.
All right.
So, what gave you the idea for your services? And can you elaborate a bit on your premise, "helping others along the pathway of publishing"?
In today’s overly saturated book market, authors need new and different ways to promote their work. I think having a podcast that also offers video, and blog post, is a great way for them to promote. They can share the links, video, audio feed, etc. out to all their social media sites, and fans. I believe that if authors help each other we will both grow and thrive.
Very true! :)
So, tell us...How do you intend to expand Writer Groupie?
It is my hope that I can get enough viewers/downloads that I strike up the interest of sponsors and can begin monetizing the site. It would be a dream come true to be able to do the podcast full-time. I am also ALWAYS looking for new guests to interview for the podcast so I encourage your readers to contact me via the contact form on the site.
Let's try some general questions.  
Do you have any favorite authors?
I do. I simply adore women’s fiction and will read anything written by Wendy Wax or Karen White and Katherine Center. They are my faves. I also recommend anything by Linda Rettstatt, who is a personal friend, and who also writes women’s fiction/romance.
Ooh...I'll look into Linda's work! She sounds interesting.
When reading, do you prefer traditional printed books or ebooks? And why?
I used to only read paperbacks, but over the years have begun to love the electronic form. I can curl up in bed with my Kindle and turn off the lights and really immerse myself in a book that way. I can host so many more books on my Kindle than on my bookshelf also. But I still buy paper. I have a keeper shelf and I always get my fav author’s latest work in paper. Autographed if possible!
I have to agree! ;) 
Can you tell us what you're reading for fun now?
I am reading (on my Kindle) the second book by my recent podcast guest, Jordan Nasser, called The Fire Went Wild. His romance series is outstanding, and I cannot wait to finish this one. In paper, I am reading a 1980’s Nora Roberts romance duo. It’s amazing to see what she put out in that era of romance. I love reading old books by popular authors to see how they fared in the early days.
Me too!  I have a lot of older Nora Roberts' titles. wrap this up, here's my last question, or questions, I suppose.
Are there any words you'd like to impart to writers? Any advice you can give us to improve our work? 
Also, how can writers contact you to inquire about your services? And how can readers follow you as an author?
Yes, if you want to know how to write a book, how to get a book published, or how to market a book, then you should be listening to my show. I host authors of all stages, all ages and they tell all they know about the process by relating their own experiences. 

Also, please contact me for a podcast spot if you are an author looking to promote. I host traditionally published authors as well as indie published. Go to Writer Groupie’s website at and drop me a contact form inquiring about getting a spot. I have never refused anyone! Also, I love to chat with industry pros, book bloggers, blog tour companies, cover designers, editors, etc. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Fans and followers of the show can find me at or over on Twitter at @wrtrgroupie , and those interested in me as an author can find me at and at Twitter at @mkimsmith
Awesome! Kim also offers one-on-one coaching for any writers who need help with writing, publishing or marketing their books! 
So these sound like great services for writers of all stages, which is just about perfect for Writing in the Modern Age, isn't it?
Thank you for stopping by Writing in the Modern Age to tell us all about what you offer to writers and other related professionals, Kim!
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Service Link
Contact Kim here to get a podcast interview, find out more about her coaching/consulting services or speaking engagements, or visit her author website to learn a bit more about her books!
Kim’s Bio
Kim Smith is the author of short romances, YA fantasy, and caper mysteries. She is a devout coffee addict and a recent, sick fan of Dr. Who, especially the Tenth incarnation, David Tennant. 

At the age of ten, she released her first book. A retelling of the pilgrim's plight in America on a half dozen pages, self-illustrated, on stiff first grader type paper.

​Decades later, she still writes. Her artistic endeavors have improved (somewhat), and her books have made Amazon Top 100 lists, climbing as high as #1. She lives in the Mid-South region of the US with her husband, and their charming Chihuahua dog, Lady Darby. 

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