New Release Feature: R.V. Asher’s Jinx, plus Q&A!

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Here is the blurb for Jinx, book four of the Summer Nights in Last Call Series.


Jinx sees beyond the mask Esme shows to the world. But Esme has no intention of dating anyone who knows her better than she knows herself.

Moving home to Virginia in defeat after my music career in New Orleans tanked isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to me in the past year. It isn’t even the worst thing to happen to me in the past month.

No, that honor is reserved for discovering that half of the duplex my parents are leasing to me now belongs to a tall, dark-blond Viking. The modern kind who rides a bike, smells of sunshine and sex in the woods, and refuses to stop flirting with me.

I’m glad I have your sympathy.

Living next to Jinx wouldn’t be so terrible if my life hadn’t just fallen apart at the seams. After the accident, I may never play an instrument well again. I don’t need Jinx—or his adorable son—messing with my head before I figure out how to salvage what’s left of my career.

Luckily for me, Jinx is determined to skip my head and conquer my body first, then move on to my heart...

18+ due to mature content and "open-door" scenes with lots of heat.
Triggers: Weight/body issues.


Release Date:  January 26, 2021
Genre:  Steamy Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers Romance, Small Town Romance
Sounds like quite a read here!  

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Here is a quick teaser...


Wow, looks intense! ;)

Let's chat with the author for a bit...


Reece, it's wonderful to have you here on Writing in the Modern Age! Glad you could stop by!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? When did your first book come out and where can we get it?


I've lived in The South my entire life, which is why I not only feel comfortable using it for the backdrops of my stories, but also love it. Nothing touches a sweltering, muggy day or a beautiful, star-lit night filled with fireflies and the siren songs of toads. The South will always hold a piece of my heart.

My 'Summer Nights in Last Call' series is set in a fictional Virginia town. Now, Virginia is not quite considered Southern to actual Southerners, but Northerners tend to lump it in with the South. Having lived there a number of years while growing up, I'm proud to claim it in my Southern realm.

Each book in my new four-book series is an interconnected standalone love story with plenty of steamy scenes. The series is only available on Amazon right now, and is in Kindle Unlimited. Boston, the first in the series, was released 12-01-2020. Cody, book two, was released 12-15-2020, with Leland following on 12-29-2020, and Jinx on 01-12-2021.  




A lot of readers love origin stories. What inspired you to start writing?


Writing has always been in my life. I grew up watching movies with my family and telling stories. It was a natural progression that it eventually reached the pages of journals and, later, filled my computers.

Humans are plagued with doubts and dark moments. I like to send a flare into the darkness and remind those who need to hear it that we create and contribute beautiful things, whether they be moments, words, or anything else of our choosing. I find a balance in my writing, and I hope to pass that along to my readers.


Sounds good! I love how the muse works.


Let's try something else.


How did you get into writing small town romance?


In early 2020, it was clear that the world needed more love. I had played around with my pen name, R.V. Asher, a few years ago, but I guess the motivation wasn't there yet. But 2020 was an eye-opener for all of us. And it felt right to delve into my small town of Last Call to expose everyone's little lies and horror stories, and still find that beauty I was talking about earlier. In our damaged states, we are capable of beautiful things, and that's worth hanging on to and celebrating.




Well, the decision you made certainly appears to agree with you! I say do whatever makes you happy. 


So, let's try another route in this line of questioning.


What do you feel sets Jinx apart from other books in the genre?


Jinx is the fourth book in ‘Summer Nights in Last Call’. I like to think that the whole series brings a sobering reality to labels and stereotypes. Bringing my characters to life with surprising flaws and hopes are my way of bending or breaking preconceived notions. It's a reminder to search deeper because we are all easily reduced to labels. Yet, we are so much more!


So true.


Well, thanks for visiting us, R.V.! Love the premise of your book!

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About the Author:


R.V. Asher is a reclusive houseplant slayer with a penchant for sneaking candy and finding silver linings. This is her pen name, chosen for being lively, strong, and a smidge mysterious, just like her heroines.

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