Big Giveaway coming soon

Hi, readers! I wanted to pop in and let you know about a cool event we're having this fall. If you've entered any of my previous contests, then you understand how they work. But now, since I'm using Rafflecopter, it's a lot easier for me to handle. LOL.

Anyway, we're having a themed giveaway this year, focusing on Halloween. All monsters are welcome as donations, from supernatural creatures to the very human, yet terrifying murderer types. We're also taking some more lighthearted or humorous reads. So, if you're an author with a book (or even swag) that you think might be apropos, and you've stumbled across this post, contact me at with the subject heading 'Halloween Giveaway Donation' for more details. 

As for book readers, please mark your calendars for the week of October 19th, as that's when we'll be starting things off. Yay! :)

Be prepared to find paranormal fiction of any kind, including some shapeshifter romance books, as well as hard-boiled mystery, cozy mystery, suspense/thrillers, also fantasies featuring magical talents, scary science fiction, horror reads, romantic suspense, and urban fantasy. And the list just goes on! Expect these donations to range from YA to more adult tales. Anything that fits the theme. Plus, a cool singer/musician is letting us borrow one of her themed songs to feature on the post (if I can figure out how to embed it). There will be ebooks, audiobooks, and paperbacks available. Maybe even some awesome swag!

So, how cool is all that, huh? I think it sounds like a great addition to our autumn season. 

Check another of our cool promo graphics for the event below.

And don't forget to mark your calendars to prepare for this stellar giveaway, everyone! :)

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