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The Hardships of Being A Writer

Let me start out by saying that this is my first official author blog. I don't have much experience in blogging, but I suppose that's all right. There's a first time for everything.

Currently, I have more works-in-progress than I can count on two hands. Some would say that is way too much, but there are no rules to individual writing methods. I have a novel nearly finished and the sequel in progress. I have completed many short stories and I have other works that will be novel length at some point in time. I have never had a shortage of ideas for stories.

Research is, of course, an obstacle that is time-consuming, interesting and frustrating all at once. My current novel is set in a time period in which there are not many sources available to fill in the blanks. Some writers would suggesting moving the historic era to one in which it is easier to find information about. I suppose I am stubborn and I like to do things the hard way. I refuse to budge on both the vision of my novel and the time period. I will persevere nonetheless. I will find a source to fill out the historical gaps in the story. There must be something out there.

It is the historical events of that time which plague me. What was going on then? Who was the ruler? What was society like then? There are aspects of the time period that I will be able to find (i.e. dress, decor, occupations). So I am saved on that front.

And then after that, there is the harrowing task of editing everything I have written. I have already had numerous fellow writers look over it and so I know it needs some work. I just want to be published. Of course, that is the dream of every writer. After 20 years of writing stories and, of course, experiencing life, I should know by now that nothing comes easy.

Keep pushing. That's the key, right? Perseverance and an open mind for learning more should do it. I just hope it won't take me much longer to see my name in print. That would be nice.

I was published once in a university press, but that seems like ages ago. And it wasn't the way I truly wanted it. I want to see my name on the cover of a book. In a bookstore, no less. Of course, I would settle for self-publishing if I must. But, that is a whole other ball game.

So here's to my fellow writers trying to get published as well. You all are doing great, and try not to let the long journey get you down. And on that note, I will try to follow my own suggestion.

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