Many Interesting and Unusual Ways to Sell Your Book by Doug Bolton

I have learned that there are many ways to sell your books. Yes, there are the usual places like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. However, let me share some unusual places to sell your book that doesn’t have to have much effort. 

1.      How about a beauty shop like a hair salon? Yes, I tried it and sold over 25 books right out of one location. I took time to talk to the owner who happened to be the lady that also did my haircuts. She said she would be glad to do it and seemed excited to have a book for sale that was by one of her clients. I found out from the other staff that she talked to every client that came in about my book. She was my best salesperson for several weeks. 

2.      A winery is an excellent place to have your books. This set-up would mean you will need to give the winery a pretty high percentage of the sales. I give 40%. I still make more than what it costs me to publish the book, and the book is getting out there. You can leave only a couple of books at a time, and tell the winery you will get more books to them as needed. You should also agree to sell on consignment. That way the winery never puts out any money to you unless they sell a book. They really like this approach. I have sold over 50 books just in my home area wineries. 

3.      Gift shops also love this consignment, and 40% profit idea. I went to the Oregon coast and went to a tourist area that had door to door gift shops. I was able to get my books in three of those stores, and I sold out at all three of them. 

4.      Your local independent bookstores are an ideal place to have a signing and books sale. I have found the local bookstores love to have an area author do a signing at their store.

5.      One of the most unusual places that I have sold many books is at my different doctor’s offices. I have and still am selling books at my dentist’s office. (A couple each week.)  I also sold a good number at my chiropractor’s office. 

6.      I also suggest you check out florists shops. They have a section in their store that has gifts.
If you just take a little time brain storming, I am sure you can think of some other great places to sell your books. Never think a shop won’t do it. All they can say is no. But if you give them the right encouragement like the 40% profit, and having your books on consignment, you should be able to form a great list of outlets to give your book exposure.

Good hunting!

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Doug Bolton holds an AA degree in Psychology, BS degree in Education, and has extensive training in counseling from Western Oregon University. He is a freelance writer who has be published on the Rest Ministries Web site, in magazines like The Christian Journal, and in newsletters like Prime Times. His latest book Signs of Hope: For the Weak Days, will be coming out soon. Doug was also a runner-up in the MARsocial Author of the Year Awards.

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  1. Very interesting methods to sell a book. Well done.

  2. I love your article. I sold my books in children's boutiques shops and in children's sections of department stores. You are so right when you say think outside the box. I friend of mine sold her books at the airport bookstore and a whole foods market. I am going to dentists offices with my next book, 4 Fairies in the Land of Nothing. It is how the ordinary fairies became the tooth fairies. I think the dentists will love it.

  3. Thanks for commenting, Kathryn and Carla! :)

  4. I enjoyed these ideas, too. I wrote 3 mid-grade chapter books called The River Bottom Ranch Stories - a horse was point of view character in 2 of them, I sold them steady at my 'feed store' where I bought grain for the herd :)

  5. Oh, awesome, Caryl! I will have to figure out some creative ways to sell my romances. ;)


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