10 CHARACTERS OF WRITERS by Sunday Erhunmwunse

Writers are special people that possess amazingly unique characteristics. In this write-up, I have put together ten (10) of the many characters writers do possess. Here they are:

1) Writers are lazy writers. Sounds ironic, but very true. Although writers love to write, they are most times lazy to put pen to paper. The reason for this is difficult to pinpoint. It takes a great deal of effort for writers to put their ideas down. That is why writers have an overwhelming amount of ideas in their heads they've never put down.

2) Writers enjoy being alone. A writer would rather be in his room on New Year’s Eve than be at the family party. Writers have too many things in their heads at a time, that they prefer spending time alone
to think.

3) Writers have a good sense of humor. You would hardly meet a writer that will not make you laugh. It is in a writer’s blood to make you laugh. Although writers don't like events, they always make one lively. That is one of their several gifts from God.

4) Writers do not keep things arranged. This is why they take so much time editing their works. Walk into a writer’s room, and you would see books everywhere; clothes here and there. It is not that there is no time, but they just do not find time to do it.

5) Writers are somehow shy. That is why they have very few friends, and rarely make public speeches. Writers find it difficult to look into the other person's eyes. Most writers have had to battle with low self-esteem at one point of their lives or the other. Probably that is why.

6) Writers love movies extraordinarily. They can watch movies throughout the day, and not get bored. Maybe it's the dialogue that interests them. You know, like calleth unto like. And it's amazing that just any kind of movie interests them. 

7) Writers talk to themselves a lot. A writer would sit and talk to himself or herself, like dramatizing the characters in his or head. This happens almost everywhere, even in public places.

8) Writers don't have a good dress sense. Simply because they pay little or no attention to what they wear. Only celebrity writers deviate a bit from this trend, but some don't still. That's why you'd always be surprised to see the way your 'best writer' is dressed.

9) Writers are easily offended. They want you to behave like their characters. Any deviation in an inch pisses them off. The temper of writers is a serious issue I think psychologists should look into.

10) Writers are very stupid. The kind of stupidity that makes them do things an average person would not normally do. That is why they are called strange and awkward.

Just ten out of several! It is a great guide into knowing if you are a born-writer or not. These characters make writers stand out from everyone else.

Proud to be able to write!

Wow!  LOL.  I don't know if I should be amused or insulted.  Thank you for stopping by, Sunday!  :)

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I am Sunday Erhunmwunse Author of Shut Out in Darkness(available in print), How To Build An Amazing Personality As A Young Adult (available on major ebook stores worldwide. Visit Smashwords and buy yours).  Author of three books on Amazon.  Student of the University of Benin. I just enjoy writing.

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  1. witty but many of the points did strike a chord.

  2. Satire so close to truth! Enjoyed it.

  3. So true! Have you been following me around?

  4. Once we describe a new figure, factual info by itself isn't sufficient, regardless of exactly how exact it could be. The main points should interest your sensory faculties.


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