Cold Shot by Steve Christie

Today we get an advanced look at Steve Christie's upcoming thriller, Cold Shot. How exciting to participate in this cover reveal!

Thank you for stopping by the blog, Steve. Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here again. I believe the last time you visited us, you were telling us a little about your book, Good Deed.
What have you come to tell us today?

Thank you for having me.

Cold Shot is the second in a Scottish detective series, following the career of Detective Inspector Ronnie Buchanan as he uncovers the secrets and stories behind gruesome homicides in Scotland. This book, set in and around present day Aberdeen, is a fast paced roar through a twisting and dramatic serial murder plot that constantly challenges the reader’s perception of hero and villain. Cold Shot explores drug use, corruption, conspiracy, family bonds, degeneration of health and meticulously planned revenge. Although second in a series, Christie’s first book Good Deed and current novel Cold Shot can be read independently as stand-alone narratives.

Cold Shot sees the welcome return of DI Ronnie Buchanan in another fast paced crime romp that carries the reader along at breakneck speed, breathless but desperate to see where the next plot twist will occur and how matters will be resolved.

Cold Shot can be pre-ordered now for £9.99 +p&p. Be amongst the first to guarantee themselves a signed First Edition copy of what will turn out to be a very entertaining book.

That's right! I'm told that everyone who orders the book before the official launch in May 2015, will receive the choice of having a signed copy posted to them in the days before the Launch, or the opportunity to have their signed copy presented in person by Steve Christie at the Launch. 

How exciting, right? 

This sounds like an awesome series. Can you tell us about the first book as well?
 Good Deed by Steve Christie is a fast paced crime novel that introduces a new Scottish detective hero, DI Ronnie Buchanan. Events take Buchanan from his base in Aberdeen on a frantic journey around all the major Scottish cities as his increasingly deadly pursuit of a mysterious criminal master mind known only as Vince comes to a breath-taking climax back in Aberdeen.

As one reader claims, “The pace of Good Deed is exceptional and unremitting. It is the kind of book that demands to be read in one sitting, but most readers will be so breathless as the saga unfolds without pause that they will need occasional rests before eagerly returning for more.”

Great! We really look forward to seeing Cold Shot come available, Steve, and we'll catch you again in your interview on Monday, all right?

Of course! I'd love to stop by again.

And we'd love to have you! Thanks so much for coming by the blog! :)

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A Real Ale Loving Scottish Crime Writer.Author Of Good Deed.
Published by Ringwood Publishing. 

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