A Character Interview with Jeremy Parks from LOVE AT FIRST BITE plus a conversation with author Scarlett Jade!

Today we're bringing something different to Writing in the Modern Age in the form of a character interview.  These character interviews, now and in the future, should prove to be very enlightening for all of us. 

We have the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Parks, a character from Love at First Bite. We'll get a chance to talk to the author, Scarlett Jade, in a bit, but now we have on the stage...Jeremy!



Marie Lavender:  Hello, Jeremy.  Please have a seat.

Character Jeremy Parks:  Thank you.  It's a pleasure to be here.
Marie:  We're going to start out with some simple questions, okay? 

Jeremy:  Sure.

Marie:  So, what is your occupation? Are you any good at it?  Do you like it? 

Jeremy: I run various companies. I'm very good at it, and I enjoy it enough. It's a job. 

Marie:  All right. What is your family like?

Jeremy: My family is dysfunctional to say the least. We don't get along. 

Marie:  Oh, so sorry to hear that. What did your childhood home look like?

Jeremy:  I lived in various homes during my childhood, all opulent and beautiful. We were very well off. 

Marie:  I see.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you enjoy doing?   

Jeremy: I enjoy hunting and the solitude of my cabin.

Marie: So, what is your greatest dream?

Jeremy: To be happy and free. To find myself. 

Marie:  I believe we all want that.  :)

What kind of person do you wish you could be? What is stopping you?

Jeremy: I wish I could be a good person, but my past prevents this. 

Marie:  So, who was your first love?

Jeremy: A beautiful vampire when I was a teenager. Nothing came of it, but it wasn't for lack of trying. 

Marie:  So, what's the most terrible thing that ever happened to you, Jeremy?

Jeremy: The love of my life was ripped away from me by my poor choices. 

Marie:  Oh, no! I'm sorry to hear that. 


Let's try something else, shall we? 


What was your dream growing up? Did you achieve that dream? If so, in what ways was it not what you expected? If you never achieved the dream, why not?

Jeremy: I wanted freedom. I have finally found freedom.


Marie:  Great! So, who is your role model?

Jeremy: There is no one in my life to look up to. All those who would've been role models disappointed me.

Marie:  Oh...

Is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike?

Jeremy: Most humans I pretend to like, but truly dislike them. They're fickle creatures.

Marie:  (Laughs and shifts in her chair.) Well, I guess we can be at times. 

Let's try another question.

What is your deepest desire?

Jeremy: To be loved as deeply as I love. 

Marie:  I can respect that. I think we all want that kind of connection.

So, what is your greatest fear?

Jeremy:  The woman I love dying, or my daughter dying. 

Marie:  Oh. I can understand that.

Well, it looks like we're running out of time, Jeremy. Thank you for visiting us today.

I wish you luck. It was so interesting getting to know you.  (Waves at her guest as he heads off the stage.)

Now, let's shift over and get the author's perspective.  We have Scarlett Jade on the stage today!  Hi, Scarlett!

Author Scarlett Jade:  Hello. 

Marie:  We just got to talk to the hero of your story, Jeremy.  Quite an interesting character. Can you tell us a little about him?

Scarlett:  He's a moody character that drove me insane the whole time I wrote him. He hates everyone. 

Marie:  (Laughs.) Wow. Okay. 

So, what are your character's greatest strengths? 

Scarlett:  He's fiercely loyal, and passionate.  

Marie:  Those are good traits. 

What are his greatest weaknesses?  

Scarlett:  He's stubborn and believes too much in the good of people.  

Marie:  Okay. What are some of his favorite foods?

Scarlett:  Well, blood would be one of his favorites on the full moon. But the rest of the time, he loves a rare steak.  

Marie:  I love a good supernatural character...

So, what's a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has? 

Scarlett:  That he is a good person. He loves wholly and completely. 

Marie:  Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?

Scarlett:  I think some will hate him for his darkness, and some will love him for his goodness, those who see between the lines. 

Marie:  Well, now that we have a real taste of Jeremy, we have a few questions for you as well as the author.  

What first gave you the idea for Love at First Bite?

Scarlett:   I have always been a fan of sexy vampires. 

Marie:  Oh, me too! (Fans herself.)

What is your writing style like, Scarlett?  Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Scarlett:   I'm definitely a pantser. I hate to plot. I write as it comes. 

Marie: Great! 

So, I’m throwing this one in for our aspiring writers.  Did you come across any specific challenges in writing Love at First Bite or getting it published?  What would you do differently the next time?   

Scarlett:  I had a lot of characters talking to me at once, and it got confusing. I have since tried to pare down characters talking to me, and my stories flow much better. 

Marie:  All right. 

Well, it was such a pleasure having you here on Writing in the Modern Age, Scarlett. We hope you can come back sometime!  :) 

Readers, I hope you all get a chance to pick up a copy of this awesome book! 


Here is the blurb for Love at First Bite.

Jeremy is a wickedly handsome millionaire with a deep, dark secret. He has hidden it from all women he's ever loved and has never really worried about being caught in a delicate situation. His last relationship ended when the girl wanted more from him and he's glad to be free, even though his life is hollow. On a full moon when he is in his cabin, a beautiful girl shows up on his doorstep, bloodied and incoherent. He fears she knows more than she lets on and could be there to unmask the monster within. Sasha proves herself but is wary of the mercurial man. Jeremy sweeps her off her feet and Sasha for once in her life goes with the flow. Jeremy had planned on using the Rubenesque beauty for his pleasure... But fate had other plans. Plans that could include being bitten by love and mated for life.

And here is an exclusive excerpt from the book. 

Rolling his shoulders back, he took a few slow breaths. It usually helped calm the racing thoughts in his mind, but not tonight. He always tried to wait until it was totally dark to head into the forest. That way he had no chance of any overzealous hunter catching sight of him in the twilight and shooting his ass off. That had happened once, and he wasn't too keen on it happening again. His mouth was aching, like the worst kind of toothache, as his canines begged for release.

Finally, as the night came on, Jeremy opened his door and stepped out into his playground. All of the animals were silent, from what his keen ears could pick up. His pulse was drumming in his ears, the ache in his mouth more than he could handle. Opening his mouth wide, he allowed his canines free rein in his mouth, the ache easing as they lengthened and sharpened. His eyes sharpened as well, catching movement in the shadows. He wasn't about to sprout fur or wag a tail nor was he the big bad wolf. Well, not quite. He was an anomaly, or so he'd been told. Not quite enough werewolf to turn completely. His mother had been a vampire. That made him a mixed-breed mutt. He didn't turn wolf at the full moon or crave blood 24/7. He had a heightened sense of smell and sight, along with blood craving, only during the full moon. The rest of the time, he felt completely human. He'd never been a fan of snacking on humans, which estranged him from his mother's people, and since he didn't turn into a pup during a full moon, the wolves didn't want him either. He'd run on his own since puberty, when he'd attempted to lure a vampire temptress to his bed and she'd promptly rebuffed him, leaving his manhood aching in the process. His mother's people had kicked him out on his ass and it still rankled that he wasn't wanted anywhere. Maybe that had been the thing that drove him to accomplish all he had in his thirty years.

His gaze zeroed in on something in the grass a few hundred feet away. His pulse picked up and he was ready for the chase. He moved slowly at first, in an ever- tightening circle toward his prey. No need to scare it off just yet. He didn't want to run too long. He could smell the earthiness of the deer’s blood as it pulsed through its veins. He went in for the kill and felt his teeth sink into the animal's neck. The scent of liquid life filled his senses. He was lost.

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About Scarlett Jade:

Scarlett Jade is just a small town Southern girl who is now a Northern transplant. She was always found from a young age with her brow furrowed, scribbling words on paper. Now that she is grown, life isn't much different, she still scribbles words, but mostly on the computer! She is married to the man of her dreams, her real life knight in shining armor and Prince Charming. She has one son who is the apple of her eye and she home schools year round. You can typically find her playing in the dirt with her son or snuggled on the couch with her dog Peanut, reading a good book. She loves chocolate, thinks coffee should be a religion, and loves to make people laugh with her quirky sense of humor. She is bold, brazen, and even been told she's ballsy, but she doesn't mind, she takes it in stride. She has a huge passion for all things paranormal and has a penchant for spicy love stories that leave you turning the pages and dying to slide between the sheets of her next book! 

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