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My guest today is L. Anne Carrington.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? 


Power Play is about a young woman’s transition from struggling actress to the fictional American Hockey Conference’s first woman player in an all-male league. Alexandra “Alex” Galloway is drafted as a center to the Pittsburgh Rebels after being 'discovered’ by the team’s captain while visiting friends on the Vancouver movie set where she’s filming a minor role. While Alex travels a bumpy road during the early stages of her professional hockey career-which include hazing by a few teammates and initial conflicts with mentor Troy Talmadge-she also develops strong friendships with other fellow players and proves she’s a proficient team member as her male counterparts-if not better on occasion.

Power Play will be released by Palm Tree Books later in 2015, preferably close to start of the 2015-16 National Hockey League (NHL) season as possible; the Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon, the paperback on Barnes and Noble and other expanded distribution channels. There’s a chance of an earlier release if everything is completed ahead of schedule, but I’m not offering any guarantees.

That's great! Yes, I hear it will be sometime between late September to mid-October. How exciting! :)

Is there anything specific that inspired you to write Power Play?
I developed a love for hockey about two years ago through my significant other. Many who read my work know most of my genres are sports based fiction - specifically professional wrestling - but I wanted to go in a different direction while staying in sports fiction. I figured why not try writing a hockey-based novel with a twist? 

Believe it or not, some people would like to see female NHL players; as a matter of fact, it happened for a brief period in the early 1990's. Manon Rheume, an Olympic silver medalist goalie in Nagano for the Team Canada women's hockey team, was goaltender for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning during its 1992 and 1993 preseasons. So the idea of women in the NHL may once again become reality in the not-so-distant future.

So, who do you hope to reach with this book? Do you have a specific audience in mind?
In addition to my presently loyal readers, I hope to reach a new audience, be they sports fans or otherwise. I don’t think I’ve been excited about doing a new book since my first novel, The Cruiserweight, was released back in 2010.

Well, it sounds like a great plan!
As a fellow author, I know this is a tough question, but let's try it anyway. 
Which of your books is your favorite? Give us a one liner as a teaser.
Wow, I love all of them, but aside from the current Power Play, it has to be The Cruiserweight.

Here is the opening line: “Getting psyched was Brett’s specialty, the kind of madness he needed for the championship.”

Well, that is quite the teaser! 


Let's tackle some general questions, all right?
What book that you read in the past, would you say, inspired your love of reading or writing?

I really can’t pinpoint a specific book that sparked my love of reading and writing; there are just too many to name. My late grandfather gave me Around the World in 80 Days when I was a child, so I’ll say it all began around that time.


All right.

So, what does your writing process look like? Do you plot everything out before you write? Or, are you a pantster?

I love doing character portraits and developed what I call ‘sketch notebooks’ for each novel I’ve written. I’ll have visions as to general story ideas, the characters’ appearances, personalities, quirks, etc., and additional thoughts that immediately come to mind. The Power Play sketch notebook was loaded with random thoughts before being fit into various parts of my manuscript.


What subject have you always wanted to write about, but never had the chance to?

I think I’ve written about almost everything that interests me. Nothing else really comes to mind at the moment.


So...I looked over your Goodreads author profile and noticed some of the quotes that you like. I will post a couple below that resonated with me as well. If you can, please elaborate for us on why they appealed to you.

“Secrets. Need to disguise. The novel was born of this.” 
― Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

Everyone has at least one secret desire they don’t want in the open, yet think it shouldn’t be totally kept in the closet. What better way to tell such secrets than disguise them as great novels?

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 
― Marcel Proust

Writing what we know is great, but it’s also fun to venture into new genres once in a while. For example, I enjoy writing fiction, but branched out into doing nonfiction last year with Life Subject To Change and Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star. Nonfiction posed more of a challenge, but the break from my usual writing also gave me ‘new eyes’ when I returned to fiction.


Wow, you are so right, Lori, about both topics. I certainly agree that writers should try new things. I'm glad it worked out so well for you. I recently did the same when I ventured into children's fantasy, and it inspired me to keep my writer's mind open. 

So...what project do you have planned next? Or is that a secret?

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do next as of this interview. Whether it’s an actual life event, sports, or another idea, something’s bound to crawl into my brain and say, “This will make a great book!” It’s only a matter of time.

(Laughs.) I know exactly what you mean.

Is there anything you'd like to add? Any special advice for your fellow writers?

Don’t listen to naysayers or “haters.” Get your work out there, but don’t over-promote to the point potential readers become annoyed and put off. Network with other authors, support, and read their books. Do many personal and online appearances as your schedule allows. Most important...keep on writing!

That's great advice! Thank you, Lori!

And thank you for stopping by Writing in the Modern Age!  :)

Readers, here is the blurb for Power Play

Alexandra “Alex” Galloway had lifelong ambitions of acting on Broadway, television, or in movies. Despite versatility in a wide range of regional dialects, stunt work, singing, ballroom dancing, archery, and field, street, and ice hockey, she has thus far been limited to an endless string of film extra and uncredited roles.
Alex’s small part in an underdog women’s hockey team film catches the eye of a visitor to the Vancouver set while in town for a game – Troy Talmadge, star and team captain of the American Hockey Conference’s Pittsburgh Rebels.
Dazzled by her on-ice flair, Troy appoints himself as Alex’s mentor. He urges his agent to take her on as a client and signed to a Women’s Hockey League contract, but the agent has something far better in mind: having her drafted as the AFC’s first woman player, specifically to the Rebels.
Will Alex survive the pressures that accompany her newly-found professional hockey career…or does it slowly freeze much as her previous stint as an actress?

Here is an excerpt.

Hitting an important championship goal rested on Alexs shoulders; the Rebels faced one of their strongest opponents in the Princeton Trophy’s deciding game. Whether her team would win big or fade into the dreaded second place no one would remember would be determined if she got the puck past Washington Wildings goaltender Foster Kingston…or not.

Alex hated overtime, but the game was still tied at two goals apiece after regulation. She stood almost frozen and looked at her teammates for some type of sign. 

Coach Dean Barry stared back with a frown, wondering whether her shot would successfully pass the blue line.

Forward Davy St. Cloud, who scored both goals in regulation for the Rebels, and right winger Brian Donahue gave her thumbs- up signs.

Defenseman Byron Brady said a silent prayer.

Second alternate captain Lenny Walton, defenseman Marty O’Freel and left winger Vince Beaumont all glared at her with “Bitch, you have one job” expressions on their faces.

Veteran Jax Ivanka raised an eyebrow, smiled, and winked at her.

Center Reggie Hebert, first alternate captain Boris Furishnykov, and backup goaltender Greise Faust gave her encouraging nods.

Alex then spotted Troy mouthing the words she'd heard many times: “Whatever it takes, we’ll walk together. Go for it!”

She turned back, skated past her opponents, and gave Kingston a determined stare. She needed to get that damn puck into the net, one way or another…

Author Bio

L. Anne Carrington is an award-winning Amazon bestselling author, freelance writer/journalist, and radio show host whose previous work covered topics from fiction to news stories, human interest features, and entertainment reviews. She wrote The Wrestling Babe Internet column for seven years, a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, former book reviewer for Free Press (an imprint of Simon and Schuster), and pens several other works which appears in both print and Web media. One of her freelance articles, An Overview of Causes of Hearing Loss and Deafness, was bought by Internet Broadcasting Systems, a company that co-produced for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics in addition to being the leading provider of Web sites, content and advertising revenue solutions to the largest and most successful media companies.
In addition to her acclaimed novels in The Cruiserweight Series and nonfiction wrestling bestseller Billy Kidman: The Shooting Star among works of both fiction and nonfiction, Ms. Carrington hosts The L. Anne Carrington Show on Spreaker Radio.
She spends time between Pittsburgh, PA and Tampa, FL, continuing to write.

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