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My guest today is Linda Diane Wattley.  Hello!  Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it?

My book is called Soldier With A Backpack: Living And Dying Simultaneously.  It is about the journey of a mother with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and her oldest eventually being diagnosed with PTSD after two terms in Iraq.  It was my son’s last episode; the moment consisted of me not knowing if my son was dead or alive for over two hours that sent me on serious mission to understand more about this.  As I researched and learned more and more about PTSD, I knew a book had to be written.  What I discovered is how universal of an impact it has on not just soldiers but anyone who has been traumatized. Because I had it so early in life, I had naturally developed tools of survival in my daily life.  Along with what I know and what I spiritually gained, this book has become the secret weapon against Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Soldier With A Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously became published on October 6th, 2015.  It can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and my website.


Is there anything that prompted Soldier With A Backpack? Something that inspired you?

When I first started writing my book, I was just writing down my thoughts and feelings and remembering all I had discovered but somewhere along the way, I believe God took over and shared with me messages I had never heard.  The more messages I received the better I felt inside.  In His own way, I was told this had to be completed and shared with the world.  The intimate details of my life often made me want to stop, but I couldn’t. Soldier With A Backpack: Living And Dying Simultaneously became a message from God.

When I finally finished the manuscript, I let my son know it was done.  He told me to send it to him so he could read it.  See, in my mind I was not sure if he wanted me to share our story because he is such a private person. But when he read it, my son told me to definitely publish it because it was going to help a lot of people.  Along with God, I now had my son’s blessing so I proceeded forward with confidence and peace.

Amazing journey!

So, when did you know you wanted to write? Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

During my early years in school, my teachers always liked my writing so I knew I could write but didn’t think much of it.  Writing is something that comes into me when I least expect it.  I let the unseen have its way with me.  The unseen energies, spirit and soul of life is very real to me.  At times I find it a privilege to be used for sharing messages to help others.

I think all writers aim to touch readers in some way. :)

Do you have any favorite authors, Linda?

My favorite author is Elissa Gabrielle because she writes so uniquely witty and exotically.  She is definitely a spirited and soulful writer.


So, do you write in a specific place? Time of day?

Actually, I don’t.  It seems anytime and anywhere I will listen and write.  When it comes time to put it all together for completion, though, I love being at home in my living room in professional mode like I am at work.

Sounds like a plan! 

Are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers? Any advice?

Yes, I have not written a book in eight years but when I did, it felt wonderful.  I feel I came back into the literary world at a time where we have an Authors’ Ministry.  Our stories and efforts are not only entertaining people but offering hope, healing and sometimes much needed escapes from reality.   

Make sure you share your authentic work. There's somebody out there waiting for your gift to the world.  The bottom line:  Embrace your authentic gift of writing.  

I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you for offering those words of wisdom. 

And thank you so much for stopping by to visit us here today at Writing in the Modern Age.  It was so nice having you!  :)

Readers, here is the blurb for Soldier With A Backpack: Living And Dying Simultaneously.

SOLDIER WITH A BACKPACK – Living and Dying Simultaneously 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the hidden love killer, is instrumental in creating a world of alienation in the human experience. “Soldier with a Backpack, Living and Dying Simultaneously” is written to form a silent unity of hope and understanding for individuals experiencing or knowing someone with PTSD and to reveal a needed truth about it.
She grew up with a tainted trust in adults, now that she has become one herself; Author Wattley began to learn why adults were so unhappy. She realized that stress and trauma had molded her into someone who felt unworthy of love, yet there was still something else willing her to life, telling her to share with the world that sufferers of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are more than words could ever describe.
Author Wattley shares the experienced impact stress and trauma has on the human soul and the price we pay ignoring this reality. It is with great urgency she intimately shares her plight in life with her readers. Being mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically raped as a child, she survived by learning to exist in an inner world of divine peace. Something happened to that little girl; she didn’t die nor did she live, yet much was lost while much was gained.

Here is an excerpt.

I believe I found a path to peace and I want to share it with the world. We tend to be calmer and at peace in accepting undesired experiences when we understand why we experienced them.  Before we can understand life’s experiences, we have to understand who and what we really are.

Life is not just happening to us; it is showing us we are dimensional beings who exist in a dimensional universe.  I am certain by the time you get to the last page of this book; you will see we are far more than we appear to be.  And those moments of reality where only you can understand are in fact happening to you and you’re far from being strange or questionable. 

You will for sure love yourself more deeply and your fellow man because you will see our multiple existences in one body package is very normal due to life’s journey.  I always believed we are so far from the truth of our actual existence.  But I do give mankind great credit for attempting to understand the meaning and purpose of life. 

My confidence allows me to believe each one of us is a dynamic universe seeking to express itself.  Coming from God we must realize we are far more than drama.  Drama is denial of our godhood and a need to release misused and undirected power.  Our greatest challenge on earth is trauma; the experiences which automatically changes us to the core.

Out of trauma, much drama occurs.  Trauma has so many levels of appearing in our lives from the war zones where our soldiers witness death and the survival of death, vehicular accidents, murders, catastrophic disasters, illnesses, rape, sudden deaths of our loved ones; the list is unending. 

Directly and indirectly these endless forms of trauma infiltrate our lives.  These experiences are so extremely personal and painful we feel inhuman and embarrassed because we have an unnerving feeling of being naked when it occurs.  It is a type of nakedness uncommon to the human eye because trauma vibrates heavily on the inside rocking every logical reality to nothingness.  The sudden impact of trauma is like a glitch of nature being surreal.  It is the big secret we as individuals and as a collective keep hidden in our hearts. 

The aftermath of trauma cannot be hidden. It permeates through our being during waking and sleeping states of being.  Something about trauma immediately makes us think no one will get it; there is no need in seeking outside of ourselves for someone to understand and comfort us because to convey our suffering seems impossible to describe.  This causes the alienation process to begin. 

How can anyone relate to us when he or she did not experience the inner catastrophic attack in our mind and nervous system?  In fact, it is still there lurking around inside our bodies; a private hell we want to kill.   There are times the emotional and mental avalanche is so heavily active it makes us want to kill the body to stop the torture. 

In days to come, we use every ounce of our energy and mental ability to present ourselves to the world all is well, so please stop looking at me.  Often times it is when we get into our vehicles alone and lock ourselves in some of the aftermath of the trauma seeps out, causing us to release tears and anguish.  By the time we reach our destination, we are once again able to produce a person free of pain. 

Then we have a euphoric moment realizing we didn’t let the private torture kill us and we’re still standing.  The cycles begin all over again sometimes in lesser or greater degrees.  This continued cycle creates an epidemic of victims becoming consciously and or subconsciously unable to love or accept love.  They would rather face life without a heart because it is much easier than to run the risk of becoming brokenhearted again.

Cycles can be broken when light is shined on reality.  This is my purpose to shine light on the personal aftermath of trauma. 

-Jhn 8:13

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

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Wow! This book sounds interesting! 


Author Bio

Linda Diane Wattley is a published writer who began her first work of art with poetry. The poem, "I Wish" appeared in the Poetry Gem of the American Poets Society. For over twelve years she had her own religious/philosophical column in the Frost Illustrated Newspaper titled "The Best Will Show Themselves".

Linda has appeared as a contributed writer for the online magazines including: Faith Writers, The Wright Side of Me Productions, The Blessed Room and Cheers where she shared Inspirational and thought provoking messages to readers. She is also a contributing author of anthologies: The Triumph of My Soul, edited by Elissa Gabriel and This Far by Faith, with Vanessa Miller as editor.

Today, God has awakened her to a new and extremely important message to share with the world. We must become more conscious of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is presenting her newest work: Soldier with a Backpack, Living and Dying Simultaneously. This work reveals the reality of the impact this disorder has on our veterans and civilian people's lives. It takes you deep within the soul of the inner dynamics of this disorder. Stress and Trauma is guiding us farther away from love. Truth and understanding will guide us to self-love and love for our fellowman.

When Wattley is not writing, she enjoys her family; Mother Jacqueline M. Bushner, sons: Robert D. Wattley III, Marcus, daughter-in-law Katie and her granddaughters Jaelynn and Myla. 

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