Book Feature: Theresa Mae's YA Inspirational, IF ALL ELSE FAILS!

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a spotlight on a book by Theresa Mae, a talented author! 
We wish you lots of success on your Muslim YA Inspirational novel!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the book blurb.

Facing life choices while growing up is hard enough. Doing it all while figuring out if God exists--well, that's just Ruby's luck.

Eighteen-year-old Ruby Saunders is no typical high school senior. After years of struggling with her single mom to keep food on the table, their nomad lifestyle has worn her tiny family thin. When her mom finds a solid job, stability roots them in the suburbs of an Ohio town, where she lands her first real boyfriend, Shawn Turner.

Ruby is determined to graduate with honors, even if she has to visit a Mosque to do it...

In an effort of maintain a perfect GPA, Ruby pairs with a pretty Muslim girl named Layla Guirguis for a world religion project. Though her classmate wears a scarf over her hair and comes from a different background, Ruby quickly learns they have a lot in common. The more they hang out, the more Ruby learns about Islam, and the more her Agnostic views are put to the test. And as as her friendship with Layla grows, Ruby learns something that promises to break her heart.

When love and logic collide, faith is the only defining factor...

Between study sessions and dealing with her over-protective mother, Ruby's dating life takes a turn for the serious. After six months of swooning over Shawn's charming smile, her 'true love waits' ring begins to feel more like a rusty piece of scrap metal than the sweet sixteen gift her mother gave her. Still, she's determined not to make the same mistakes her mom did--if only it were that easy. 

Theresa is also giving us a peek at her book, which is the first installment of the Five Pillar Series!


Wow! There's definitely an interesting story here!


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Thanks for letting us know all about your Muslim YA inspirational book! It sounds fascinating! :)


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“As a mother, author, and reverted American Muslim, I am determined to target a gaping hole in the world of books. With Christian fiction and Amish romance popular in mainstream literature, I found there are very few books written for Muslim teens. So on my quest to add one more task to my otherwise insanely busy life, I had an idea and created a brand.

Muslim Teen was born out of necessity, to deliver relatable, relevant, quality literature to the Muslim youth by targeting topics that families of every faith often sweep under the rug. I believe talking about real world issues such as dating, hijab, and the epic struggle with self-esteem is vital to giving our teens the tools they need to wade through their daily struggles with confidence and pride in their Muslim identity.
Other than writing, I enjoy travel, learning random facts about absolutely anything, volunteering at my children’s school, and being as goofy as possible.”


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