A Character Interview with Linvin from REPERCUSSIONS ABOUND plus a conversation with author Rival Gates!

Today we're bringing something different to Writing in the Modern Age in the form of a character interview.  These character interviews, now and in the future, should prove to be very enlightening for all of us. 
We have the pleasure of meeting Linvin Grithinshield, a character from Repercussions Abound. 

We'll get a chance to talk to the author, Rival Gates, in a bit, but now we have on the stage...Linvin!  

Marie Lavender:  Hello, Linvin.  Please have a seat.

Character Linvin Grithinshield:  Hello, Marie.

Marie:  We're going to start out with some simple questions, okay? 

Linvin:  All right.

Marie:  So, what is your occupation? Are you any good at it?  Do you like it?

Linvin:  When I am not off on one of my adventures I run the largest retail chain of stores in Lavacia.  I am among the richest men alive.  I excel at my work because I have a firm understanding of accounting and can see through lies and deception.  I like my work very much.
Marie:  Interesting!

So, tell us...what is your family like?

Linvin: Both of my parents were killed which basically leaves me with my twin cousins who I only recently became on good terms with. That leaves my uncle Anvar who has stepped in and been a father figure since mine died when I was a boy.  I recently lost my memory and took a wife during that time.  My feelings on the matter are unclear.  It is something I will have to work out after I hopefully save Anvar from his kidnappers. 

Marie:  All right. Sorry to hear about your parents. And I hope you find him too...
Let's try something else.

What did your childhood home look like?

Linvin:  I lived in a small mansion when I was little.  Then my father found out I was supposed to one day be the master of the Red Sapphire.  For that I needed training.  It meant sleeping on the ground.  I was sent away to be taught warfare in Valia.  When I was old enough I joined the army and my career flowered from there.

Marie:  Do you have any hobbies? What do you enjoy doing?
Linvin: I am very skilled with a bow.  I like to shoot for practice and hunt as time permits.  

Marie: Nice!


So, what is your greatest dream, Linvin?


Linvin:  To save my uncle and never have problems with the Mandreans again.


Marie:  Okay.


Let's try a different question.  


What kind of person do you wish you could be? What is stopping you?


Linvin: I wish I could just be a man who raised his own family in peace.  I could run my business full time and crest a House of Grithinshield in society.  Sadly, I cannot commit to those things because the Red Sapphire is always going to pull me away to someone who needs my help.  A family would not work.




Marie:  Sorry to hear that... :( 


If it's not too painful or personal, can you tell us one thing? Who was your first love? 


Linvin: There were women who came and left in my life but my first true love was Princess Mirianna of Romadon.  We were inseparable.  It was our plan to marry but the Red Sapphire reminded me of my responsibilities. 

Marie: I see.


And what's the most terrible thing that ever happened to you, Linvin? 


Linvin:  Being struck on the head and losing my memory reroute to saving Anvar.


Marie:  So sorry...




Let's try another question, shall we?




What was your dream growing up? Did you achieve that dream? If so, in what ways was it not what you expected? If you never achieved that dream, why not?


Linvin: I dreamt of being Commander of all Valia’s forces.  During my time there I achieved that goal.  It was not as glamorous as I had expected.  It soon became one goblin slaughter after another and after each one I was patted on the back and congratulated.  The blood…I could never escape the black goblin blood.


Marie: Wow!  Sounds terrifying.


So, who is your role model, Linvin?


Linvin: My father is my role model.  He ran a world-class business and was a great warrior at the same time.  Everyone loved him which facilitated his making deals in traditionally hard to negotiate areas.


Marie: He sounds like a great man.


So, is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike?


Linvin: All of Society in Sartan’s capital of Fraylic.  Bluebloods make me sick.


Marie:  All right.


What is your deepest desire then?


Linvin: My deepest desire is to raise a family without the specter of a Dark Age just around the corner.


Marie: I can't blame you there...


And what is your greatest fear?


Linvin: My fear is that the Dark Age will come and I won’t be able to stop it.


Marie:  That's quite a burden on your shoulders. But I have no doubt you'll figure it out. :)


Well, it looks like we're running out of time, Linvin. Thank you for visiting us today.


It was so interesting getting to know you.  (Waves at her guest as he heads off the stage.) Now, let's shift over and get the author's perspective.  We have Rival Gates on the stage today! 
Hi, Rival!
Author Rival Gates:  Hello! It's a pleasure to be here!   
Marie:  (Smiles.) Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!

So, we just got to talk to a male character from your story...Linvin. Quite an interesting character. Can you tell us a little about him? 

Rival: Linvin is a muscular half-elf standing about 6’ tall with pointed ears and the swarthy complexion of an elf.  He has superior skill with the sword or the bow.  Linvin lives by a code of ethics and that, along with his skills attracted the Red Sapphire to him.
Marie:  Wow! He sounds awesome!
Let's try a different question. 
What are your character's greatest strengths?
Rival: His skills in battle as well as his ability to quickly think up a battle plan.
Marie:  Okay.
So, what are his greatest weaknesses?
Rival: He shows mercy when it could be argued he shouldn’t.

Marie:  I see.

So, what are some of his favorite foods?
Rival: Bread dipped in honey.

Marie:  Yummy!
What's a positive quality that your character is unaware he or she has?


Rival:  Restraint.


Marie:  (Laughs.) Well, I think we all could use a bit of that now and then. 


So, will readers like or dislike this character, and why?


Rival:  This is the protagonist and the readers should love him.  Whatever he does has good intentions.  He is no pushover, though.  Even when the odds are stacked against him, he thinks of a way to prevail.


Marie:  Nice!
Well, now that we have a real taste of Linvin Grithinshield, we have a few questions for you as well as the author.

What first gave you the idea for Repercussions Abound?


Rival:  I’m a happy ending kind of person.  But as the story took shape I found the characters were losing in the end.  So I decided to have a book where everyone loses in some fashion in the end.  It is all the effect a couple of people’s actions, so I called it Repercussions Abound.

Marie:  Interesting!

What is your writing style like, Rival? Are you a pantster or a plotter

Rival:  I am definitely a plotter.  Everything is planned to work together like a symphony.

Marie:  Great!
So...I'm throwing this one in for our aspiring writers. 
Did you come across any specific challenges in writing Repercussions Abound, or getting it published? What would you do differently next time?

Rival: I would write a shorter first novel.  My first work was nearly 1,000 pages long.  I finally had to split it in half to sell it and even then it is long.  Try to stay around 250 pages.

Marie: Wow! Thanks for the tips!

It was such a pleasure having you on Writing in the Modern Age, Rival. We hope you can come back sometime soon!
Rival:  Thank you for having me here.

Marie:  Of course! :)

Readers, here is a blurb for Repercussions Abound.
Linvin’s uncle Anvar is the closest person to him in the world and Anvar’s life is in the great half-elf’s hands. There’s just one problem. Linvin doesn’t remember him! Anvar is being held hostage by Linvin’s twisted nemesis, Lord Mandrean. Linvin has until the first frost to surrender to him and take his uncle’s place in the gallows. Sadly, after a crack on the skull Linvin has forgotten his old life and taken up a new one. With time passing quickly and still a long way to travel, Linvin must regain his memory soon and leave his new life and wife behind if there is to be any chance of reaching Anvar in time. Even if he gets there, can he really save Anvar and hold out any hope for himself in this custom made trap?

Here is an excerpt from the book.

Mandrean was annoyed, but in control. “My subjects have made do for the last two winters and shall do so again. The person who should be most concerned about winter coming is you. I confess when I gave Linvin until the first frost to arrive here, I thought I might have been too generous in my timetable. After all, if the two of you are as close I am led to believe, he should have moved with all haste to get here. Now the crops are nearly harvested and the frost could arrive any night. Still there is no sign of your nephew.
“I believe my information to be correct about the two of you, so that leaves me with one explanation. Something or someone has delayed or prevented Linvin from coming at this point in time. But who could have stopped my worthy opponent? Surely no one under my command would impede his progress. I want him here so I may have the pleasure of killing him myself. I suspect others want him here as well for their own reasons. Regardless of which, there is no obstruction coming from Marinhalk. So where is he?”
“Maybe the information about your bond was exaggerated and he sees no reason to throw his life away on a fool’s errand. It is logical. I certainly would not do it for anyone else.”
“Perhaps he is testing my resolve. He wants to see if I will follow through with my threat. After all, if I killed you, I would have nothing to hold over his head. Of course, if you were not the right pressure point, I would kidnap his cousins, Bander and Rander, so I could start this game all over again.”
“That would do you no good,” Anvar laughed. “While they have made headway in their relationship these past few years, Linvin cares nowhere near for them the amount he does for me. I doubt he would leave his tree for them.”
Mandrean became flustered and stood in front of his throne. “If he cares so much for you then where is Grithinshield?”
Anvar stood straight and tall in front of the emperor. “You said it yourself. He must have been delayed in a manner of which we are unaware. One thing I am certain of, though, is that Linvin will come if there is breath in his body. He may not make it in time to save me, but he will come. When he arrives, I would not want to be you. He will be sure to finish you this time. Bringing Linvin here will be the last mistake you ever make.”
“This fight will be different. I have you as a hostage.”
Anvar leaned forward and said, “Suppose he doesn’t care. He knows you will kill me regardless. Why surrender to your threats? What else do you have?”
Mandrean began to stammer and sat down. “I have the Blue Sapphire.”
“You had it before and Linvin beat you. What else do you have?”
“I have the staff for it now.”
“That only makes your magic equal to his and as you know, they cancel each other out. Therefore, it doesn’t matter. What else do you have?”
“I have an army.”
“Linvin killed nearly seven legions almost entirely by himself last time you fought and still had strength to defeat you. What else do you have?”
“I have my superior fighting skills.”
“The same skills Linvin faced while half dead and still was able to stab you and leave you for the buzzards? That’s your last line of defense? You had better make sure Linvin is more tired this time.”

Purchase Links:

Amazon Universal link:  http://bookgoodies.com/a/B01LX8VHGY
Barnes & Noble:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/repercussions-abound-rival-gates/1124652957
Publisher:  http://sarahbookpublishing.com/product/repercussions-abound/

Sounds interesting! Readers, don't forget to pick up a copy of Rival Gates' awesome new book, which just released this week! Get your copy today! :)
About Rival Gates:
I was born in Port Huron, Michigan USA and moved to a suburb of Toronto, ON, Canada at age five.  My father was a technical writer and magazine editor while my mother was a high school teacher.  Always interested in creative writing, I participated in many contests in grammar school which led me to start writing my own short stories.  At age thirteen I began working on one, which kept developing and progressing until I had a hand-written manuscript for Quest for the Red Sapphire at age fifteen.  The project was shelved for many years through high school and then returning to the USA to attend Michigan State University.  I graduated with a degree in Communication and found that I had a gift and enthusiasm for speaking in public.  That led me to a career in furniture store management and sales.  

With my first PC I dusted off my old story and began to revise it.  Not a day had passed since I first created the story that I did not consider some aspect of its outline.  An entire series was planned and put in order to be written.   Backstories were formed and the series was ready to produce.  

After years of refinement of the stories, my mother came to me with a terminal illness and made me promise to publish the books.  So I did just that.

I found a wonderful agent and published the first three books of my series, The Sapphire Chronicles.  They are Quest for the Red Sapphire, The Sapphire Crucible, Mandrean Revenge and Repercussions Abound.  The series keeps on growing.
Author Links:

Rival's Books:



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