New Release Feature: C.L. Bush's ECHO OF WHISPERS!

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by C.L. Bush, a great multi-genre author! 
Congratulations on your new novel!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?
Here is the book blurb.

The stereotypical small town was never more apparent than Richmond, New Hampshire; idyllic year-round and the perfect place to raise a family. But what many didn’t know was the evil that resided on the edge of town in the place known as the Whispering Woods.

A series of murders rocked the town nearly two decades ago. Only one had ever come out of the Whispering Woods alive, though unable to speak but to say a few words…

Stop the Whispers… 

Now the murders have started again and the town is on edge. When a group of friends from the small high school loses one of their own to the woods, the hunt to find answers leads them on a trail of unexpected horror and a secret that has been hidden for centuries.


Nice cover! 

C.L. is also giving us a peek at this new Young Adult paranormal thriller!


The darkness engulfed him as he stepped under the boughs. The silence was deafening. Even the animals and bugs ceased to utter a sound. It was as if they knew what everyone else tried to ignore about the woods on the edge of the small town in New Hampshire.
A twig snapped under his foot and broke the silence like a gunshot, startling awake every cell of his body that was attuned to the whispers. He could hear them like the low hum of bees flitting in and out of his ears, ever present and maddening amid the quiet. Their shushing voices, barely discernable as he entered, now became louder around him as he ventured further into the dimness.
He turned, thinking to go back and seek the refuge of the sun on his face, but his body froze. Every muscle stood at attention, ready to break if he made the wrong choice. He had to go further. There was no other option now.
Taking a breath, he felt his muscles relax as he took a step forward. Then another. Walking deeper into the trees everyone said carried death. What called him he didn’t know; where he was going he wasn’t sure. The voices whispered again and again, guiding him to a spot so black he felt that it blotted out all light in existence.
He looked down, barely able to make out his hand in the darkness as he heard the rustle of leaves underneath his shoes. He was no longer in control of his body, his limbs moving as if a robot… or a zombie. And still, the whispers persisted.
As he moved farther and farther in, their volume grew, making him rub the side of his head in the hopes of dislodging them. Still, they continued. He barely felt the blood as it dribbled down his neck and onto his shirt, his fingernails torn and bleeding themselves.
What were they? Why didn’t they stop?
His brain tried to scream, but that scream only echoed in his brain, and his throat and mouth didn’t move to make the sound he begged them to.
Still, he kept moving, deeper and deeper until he was sure he would be forever lost. He had heard the rumors around town about these woods since he was a child, read the stories in the newspaper and online about the deaths. But he never truly believed it until today. He never understood how a place could compel someone to die.
As he pondered this, still scratching at his ears, he saw a light ahead, a tiny pinprick in the distance. Moving closer, he picked up the trickle of water amid the whispering voices in his head. He knew this wasn’t good.
His legs carried him onward, the voices growing louder and louder as he got closer to the water, pushing him to move faster. His heart sped up at the thought of what might be there. Fear stained his mind and he picked up the scent of it in his sweat as his nostrils strained for breath.
Just as he came through a small gap between two large rocks, the voices grew from whispers to screams and he could finally understand what they had been saying.
Now completely terrified, he watched with eyes that were no longer his to control. What he saw was unlike anything ever seen in a horror movie or haunted house. He could only stare before he watched his hands come up and his broken fingernails dig into his eyes.
His screaming, whether inside his head or real, was the last thing he heard before his heart stopped.

Wow! Definitely an intriguing read here!


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Get your copy today, readers, as this book was just released a few days ago! ;) It's currently 99 cents, hit #364 in Amazon's top paid best-selling books within 24 hours of its release, and is a #1 best seller in the Teen Witch and Wizard Category! 


Woo hoo! That's awesome! :)


Thanks for letting us know all about your new release, C.L.! This sounds like a fascinating YA paranormal thriller novel!



About the Author:


C. L. Bush started reading at a young age. Since then, she has voraciously read all she could get her hands on. With a degree in Business and another in Marketing, as well as a mother of two boys and three grown stepdaughter's, and the wife of a soldier in the U.S. Army, her life is busy, but she has always kept her love of reading and writing. History is also a passion of hers and she regularly goes on trips with her family to experience it firsthand.

Embarking on a new historical series, Fire In My Heart, she also has a successful coloring book series, I F*cking Love Coloring.

Check out all her books now and follow her here for emails about any new releases, discounts and giveaways coming up!

Please feel free to visit her author page on Facebook for updates on new releases! 


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