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My guest today is Linda Diane Wattley.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here again. 

Hello! Thanks for having me.

Oh, of course! It's an honor.


Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it?

My most recent book is Charge of an Angel, the first of the "Love and Redemption Series". It was released at the end of March. This book is a very in-depth book relating to the impact early childhood beginnings have on individuality. Though the book deals with some serious issues, you will find children and adults have a way of making the best of things and develop a determination to express themselves. The question is which force dominates: Sensuality or spirituality?



Is there anything specific that inspired you to write Charge of an Angel?


Yes, my childhood experiences and those of others showed me how important it is for parents to know their children, and take their role in their lives seriously. Your choices can determine who will be the next devil or angel in this world.

That's a fine point.

Let's try a different question, all right?
If this book was made into a film, who would you cast in it?


Oprah Winfrey, because she would make a perfect grandmother. The grandmother plays a prominent role in the family structure and introduces spirituality.


All right.

How about some general questions?

When reading, do you prefer traditional
printed books or ebooks? And why?


I love traditional printed books because it is more personal and it takes you out of the technical world for a while.

I agree.

So, what are you reading now?


I am reading What If God Wrote Your Bucket List? by Jay Payleitner.



When you get an idea for a book, what comes first usually? Dialogue, the characters, a specific scene? Or do you plot it out before you write?


For me, it is usually a belief or strong feeling about something, which is usually something I or someone else experienced. Then, I work from the bottom line through characters sharing their views and feelings, and eventually work towards an outcome or direction to demand attention.



So, what do you have planned next, Linda? Or is that a secret?


Actually, I am working on two manuscripts that I want to offer for free which will help people to have more peace and hope in the world.  

Nice! We look forward to seeing them!


I think  we could all use more of those things in our lives.


Is there anything you'd like to add? Any advice for new writers?


I would like to say, authors are a blessing from God. They give readers a chance to escape from their worlds for a while.  They offer hope and refreshment. We have a great responsibility to feed the heart, mind and spirit so we should do and give our best at all times. 
If you are thinking about being a writer, remember there are people out there waiting to read your words. Don't delay; write.

So true, and such great advice!
Well, thank you for visiting, Linda!

Thanks again for having me!


It's my pleasure, of course! :) Happy to have you here any time! 
Readers, here is the premise for Charge of an Angel.

Because you are silent does not mean the world does not hear you screaming. Charge of an Angel, the first book of the “Love and Redemption Series” is about getting to understand God, love, sex and spirituality. Children grow up eventually and when they pack their clothes to leave home, the world has no clue what they are carrying in their suitcases. Am I gay? Am I a freak or simply a nymphomaniac? How could this be? I love God!

My body was betraying me in the worst way.
“Oh, God, help me! I face you now in my naked and weakened state and beg you to save me,” I prayed silently.

Here is an excerpt.


“I heard y’all out there! I know what special means. You had sex, didn’t you?” Sarah demanded.
“Girl, what is wrong with you? You shouldn’t have been trying to listen to us in the first place. And what does special have to do with sex anyway?”
“My daddy told me I was his special little girl, that’s why my momma hates me. It is sex, Leona!” Sarah said with a slur in her voice.
“You’ve been drinking, Sarah! Look at you!” I yelled.
I couldn’t figure out how she got drunk. I looked around the room and found an open bottle of wine, and then I saw some boy’s tennis shoes halfway under the bed. Now I could hear whistling in the bathroom. It was Darnel. He had come over right after Tony and I left.
“Leona, I didn’t expect you to back this soon. It usually takes Tony all night with the chicks. You must have held onto your Eve power,” he said.
Horrified by what I was seeing, I could only stare at Darnel in his bikini underwear.
“Oh, no, Sarah, you just tell me you didn’t do anything, and we can put this behind us.”
Sarah put on her sad puppy dog expression and said, “What did you expect? You left me all by myself, Leona. Darnel came by to see if I changed my mind. Well, I didn’t, so he stayed with me.”
I was about to start cussing both of them out when Sarah started laughing and yelled, “Gotcha! You thought I did it, didn’t you! Ha! Ha!” she laughed.
“Where is Monique?” I asked, angry and suspicious now.
“She’s staying all night at the camp,” Sarah answered.
“Hey, Darnel, you got to go. My daddy is right next door,” I said.
Darnel put his clothes on in front of us, and as he took a long swig of wine, he wiped his mouth and started laughing. “Cool, I’m ready to go anyway. Sarah is a trip. All she did was worry about you like you were her girlfriend or something.”

Sarah just sat on the floor. As soon as Darnel walked out the door, I headed right over to where she was sitting. Her clothes were half on and off, her hair was messed up, and she nodded in and out. For the first time, she looked ugly to me—blood shot eyes, dry skin and bad breath just didn’t make me feel close to her right then.
I see why parents want to whip their kids’ butts sometimes.

“You better take a shower before you go to bed. You stink and look horrible,” I said.

“Leona, are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad at you, fool! No, I take that back. I am mad at you.”

“I didn’t do anything. We were just playing!”

“Playing what, Sarah?”
“He was just trying to make me take off all my clothes so that he could make me feel special. It was fun and I really liked it. But it reminded me of my daddy’s game, so I stopped playing.”
“What game did you and your daddy play?”
Suddenly, it got real quiet. Sarah didn’t say a word; then she burst out crying. She placed her hands on her face and slobber started easing out of her mouth.  Since she was crying, I stopped asking questions. I was afraid of the truth and she was afraid to say it. I helped her to the bed. I had to get away from her so I went into the bathroom to start my shower. I got undressed in the bathroom, and allowed the water from the shower to flow just enough with only hot water to create a steam room affect. I entered the shower and leaned my body back against the wall and closed my eyes.
There were a lot of things on my mind. Tony had seen my mother and Mark. They were right here in town and I needed to find them, and I needed to decide how to approach Daddy about it. I didn’t want anybody’s feelings to get hurt, especially Mark’s feelings. I knew I had to be careful about how I handled this. Tony made it seem like Daddy played a big part in their disappearance.
Then there was Sarah; I just didn’t want to believe her father was having sex with her. That would mean she was not a virgin anymore. We swore by our virginity when we really wanted to prove something that we strongly believed in, like crossing your heart or swearing on your mom.
The hot dripping of the water caused me to sweat. The water beads rolled down my forehead and ran down my body. I was feeling my way around to change the water temperature and grab my soap and washcloth when I felt a soapy washcloth glide across my chest. It startled me so much that I jumped and almost fell in the shower.
“It’s just me, Leona. I hope you don’t mind.  I needed a shower, too; at least that’s what you told me.”

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It looks like a thought-provoking tale!


Thanks, Linda! We'll be sure to check out this Christian family life novel!


Author Bio


Linda Diane Wattley is a proud veteran of the United States Army.  She was born in Akron, Ohio and attended the University of Akron majoring in Psychology.  While attending the university, she learned during a writing course she had the gift of writing. This gave her confidence to submit her first work of art, which was poetry. The poem, “I Wish”, appeared in the Poetry Gem of the American Poets Society.
For over twelve years she had her own religious/philosophical column in the Frost Illustrated Newspaper in Fort Wayne, Indiana, titled “The Best Will Show Themselves” where she shared her personal perspectives of spiritual insights and covered current social and religious events in her community. 
Linda has appeared as a contributing writer for  online magazines, including: Faith Writers, The Wright Side of Me Productions, The Blessed Room, Real Life Real Faith Magazine and The Cheers, where she shares inspirational and thought-provoking messages to readers. She is also a contributing author of anthologies: The Triumph of My Soul, edited by Elissa Gabriel; This Far by Faith, with Vanessa Miller as editor; and Testify: The Praise Literary Collection Testimonials, complied by Angel M Barrino.
God has awakened her to an extremely important message to share with the world. We must become more conscious of PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Her work, Soldier with a Backpack, Living and Dying Simultaneously, has allowed Linda Diane Wattley to be a nominee for the ‘Best in Nonfiction’ during the African American Literary Awards Show in 2016. Her work continues as a voice for victims of every walk of life.  She is a registered member and speaker of RAINN, an organization supporting and encouraging victims of sexual assault. She is available for interviews and speaking engagements. 
Today she shares a very important message pertaining to our souls. “The Love and Redemption Series” is a trilogy taking readers on a soulful journey of discovering self from the inside out.  This dramatically written series is filled with spirit and a truth cutting to the core for anyone having a heart to understand the intertwining impact spirit and sex has on our lives as we grow into our unique individualities.  Before we know who we are, we must understand what we are not.  This is a work of spiritual and mental stimulation and renewal, a must to move forward.



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