New Release Feature: Michael Aronovitz’s ALICE WALKS!

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Michael Aronovitz, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your new book!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?
Here is the book blurb.

"Alice walks. She walks 'cause she can't breathe. She's angry that you can."

Fourteen-year-old Alice Arthur had drowned that past summer. When Mikey Fitzsimmons and his friends go to St. Mary's Cemetery to hang out and tell ghost stories, Mikey invents a legend about Alice to scare his pals.

Inspired by Mikey's frightening tale, the friends make their way down to the mausoleum -- to open the heavy granite door, to move aside the mosquito netting, to creep up for a closer look at the body.

They had no idea what they were to awaken down there.

"...a masterpiece, subtle, scary, brilliant. Michael Aronovitz's literate style perfectly suits this frightening tale. His voice is all his own, but contains nostalgic notes of Ray Bradbury and delicious hints of Dan Simmons. Alice Walks is one of the finest ghost stories I've ever loved." --Tamara Thorne 


Scary cover! 

Let's take a peek at the book with an excerpt.


            Alice walks. She walks ‘cause she can’t breathe. She’s angry that you can.

            My Dearest Max,

            It’s time I told you the truth about your grandfather. Some of this you have gotten wind of through the years, most of it rumor, other parts more accurate than what our family would ever admit to, so I’ll do the best I can to make clear what I know and what I suspect deep down no matter how profound the discomfort. It is also important that I reveal to you some of my own personal secrets, for I fear my time is short. I am on sixty milligrams per day of Benacar for high blood pressure, and the doctor just added thirty milligrams of Amlodipine. It is no more than a white flag of surrender, a thin film of solder on an old, corroded pipe about to burst in twelve places. I realize that this might seem like a lot to shoulder at the age of fourteen, but for all intents and purposes, you are a man now. I ask you to assume the responsibility of that title, accept my impending demise, learn your family history, and know that I always loved you more than anything on this green earth.
            Or beneath it.
            Yes, there I said it, so focus, don’t drift. I need to talk to you about collapse, about fretting from the top edge, about slump in the surface near an excavation, tension cracks, and support timbers bowing or creaking. It is time to learn the vocabulary. Time for some hand’s on.
            Trust me, my instructions will be blunt.
            As you know, Grandpa was an English teacher once, a damned good one at that, and he taught me pretty well throughout my early years how to put a sentence or two together no matter how far removed from the world of scholastics I wound up pitching my tent. Believe it, this tale will be told with all the linguistic impact I can muster, because the secrets I plan to unearth are a danger to you. Clarity is imperative. I am going to tell you some things that will cause terrible shadows to stretch across your future, and it is going to be painful. This is about redemption, choices, and family debts. It is about what you have inherited, what you will reap, and what you must sow.
            It started when I was your age, on a winter night when I trespassed on the grounds of the Saint Mary’s Cemetery. I had a couple of friends with me, and a set of keys I hooked from my dad’s coveralls.
            That graveyard had a lot of locks, latches, dead bolts, and hasps.
            And doors never meant to be opened.

Wow! Definitely an intriguing read here!

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Get your copy today, readers! Just in time for Halloween! ;)


Thanks for letting us know all about your new release, Michael! This sounds like a fascinating horror novella!


About the Author:

Michael Aronovitz is a horror author who has published three novels, two collections, more than thirty short stories, and a number of horror and metal reviews. His first novel, Alice Walks, is currently available in E-book form through Cemetery Dance Publications. His latest novel, Phantom Effect, through Nightshade Books, can be seen on Amazon.

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