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My guest today is Fiona Tarr.  Hello! Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age! It’s such a pleasure to have you here again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? latest book, the first in a new series The Priestess Chronicles; Call of the Druids, was released on October 27th. It’s my first young adult or light adult read and I’ve used a slightly different style with this novel. It started out with a screenplay in mind so is totally dialogue or scene setting with practically no internal voice. The result is a very fast-paced novel with a young adult feel.

For now, it’s available across all digital book stores, but only for a short time. For the first time ever, I’ll be adding a book to Kindle Unlimited. Readers on Apple, Kobo and B&N, et cetera have until the December 1st to grab their copy.

Okay, great! Is there anything specific that inspired you to write Call of the Druids?

Yes, absolutely. I had been watching and totally enjoying the Shadowhunters TV series and it got me thinking that I would love to write a young adult series with television in mind. At the same time, I had been busting to do a Celtic inspired story, so Call of the Druids was born.

Oh, I love Shadowhunters! And I definitely adore Celtic tales... 

Let's try another question. 

Who do you hope to reach with this book? Do you have a specific audience in mind?

I hope to give my current readers something new and fresh but at the same time, find a more mainstream audience. My first series had a theological fantasy feel, and although some of that lingers in this series, it’s my hope that I can reach a wider fantasy audience who enjoy young adult romance and fantasy, without the heavier message I tend to leave in my other adult focused books.

All right.

As a fellow author, I know this is a tough question, but let's try it anyway. 
Which of your books is your favorite? Give us a one liner as a teaser.

Heir of Vengeance, the 4th and final book in my first series, because it dealt with so many contemporary issues within a historical fantasy setting.

Nice! Let's tackle some general questions, all right?

What book that you read in the past, would you say, inspired your love of reading or writing?

Waylander by David Gemmell. There has always been something about his style that I found inspirational. He sees the light and dark in people and this is something I couldn’t brush aside. It’s what inspired me to keep reading fantasy and eventually write my own.

So, what does your writing process look like? Do you plot everything out before you write? Or, are you a pantster?

If you had asked me this ten years ago when I first started my very first book that took six years to write, I would have said total pantster, but these days I do a little plotting and then I wing it between the lines. My characters have been known to change direction temporarily, but I always stick to the basic plot.

You sound like more of a hybrid, like me. ;)

Now we're curious...

What subject have you always wanted to write about, but never had the chance to?

Politics, social justice, social issues like homelessness and domestic violence, but it’s not so much I haven’t had the chance as more a case that I realized not everyone agrees on the subject. I decided a long time ago that non-fiction was too subjective. Fantasy isn’t held back by the constraints of reality. :)


So...I looked over your website and noticed your tagline is 'Living A Creative Life.'  Could you elaborate on that for us? Aside from being a prolific fantasy author, how does your sense of creativity spill into other parts of your life?

I picked that tagline ages ago and I haven’t felt the need to change it. That’s because I believe creativity is more than people might believe. Of course when you create a story, a song, a work of art, the creativity is obvious for everyone to see. But creativity takes many forms. People can be creative in everyday life. From what to make for dinner to developing new systems at work, or taking creative risks in the choices we make in life. I guess what I am saying with that tagline is I use my imagination in everything I do. I would love to see others do the same. 

Think outside the box. Don’t do it the way everyone else does; do it your way.

Great advice!


What project do you have planned next? Or is that a secret? 


Interesting you should ask. I am in the middle of making some major changes that could free me up to write more often, maybe even full-time. My current project is book two in one of my series, The Eternal Realm. It’s loosely based on the story of Delilah, but if my plans come together I will be able to write book two in The Priestess Chronicles series quite quickly too.

Well, I'm always in favor of whatever gives you more time to write. I certainly could use some of that... ;)

Is there anything else you'd like to add, Fiona? Any special advice for your fellow writers?

For sure. Write for the love of it above all else, but don’t hold back with your imagination in planning and dreaming of so much more.

Such great tips! Thank you, Fiona!

And thanks for stopping by Writing in the Modern Age! It was such a pleasure to have you here again! :)

Readers, here is the blurb for Call of the Druids, Priestess Chronicles: Volume 1.

When an Angel answers your prayers, you had better be prepared!

All Ariela has ever wished for is to be treated like all the other Priestesses and be given a chance to use her powers to fight evil. Until now, her parents have held her back, treated her like a Princess and kept her from danger.

Now she is eighteen and believes she will finally be allowed to embark on her first quest. But when Ariela's uncle the King sends word that he has promised her in marriage, Ariela’s hopes are shattered.

She prays for an escape. When the Angel Raziel offers her a divine quest, she must choose!

Stay, marry and never be the Priestess she longs to be or leave everything she has ever known, for a quest she knows nothing about—to a place and time she has never seen—for people she is yet to meet.


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Here is an excerpt from the book. 


Ariela gazed longingly at the water rushing down the mountainside as she removed her vile and uncomfortable dress. The pool below the cascading water was deep and dark and the Priestess waded in apprehensively. She had no idea how to swim, so she clung to the rocks tenaciously, trying desperately to keep her balance on the slippery bottom as the waters moved around her.
Ariela gasped as the frigid water touched her breasts and goose pimples dotted her torso. She submerged her head quickly and suddenly rushed to scrub away the dirt and blood of the night before.
As she washed her skin, she began to rub more frantically—the face of the dead soldier appearing before her mind’s eye. The blood was difficult to remove and the harder it was to wash away, the more desperate Ariela became to be free of the memory.
“You trained me too well, father, but I wasn’t prepared for this.” The soldier’s lifeless eyes haunted her memory and she shook her head vigorously, trying to free her memories.
Ariela drowned her thoughts as she plunged her head below the water once more. She held her breath and scrubbed her hair below the surface willing the grime to come free.
She stifled a giggle at the strange sensation of being fully submerged. She surfaced and floated on her back, the feeling of weightlessness a reminder of travelling in her astral form.
“Now that is a sight to behold.”
Ariela sank below the surface and came up choking with her arms folded over her breasts defensively. “Who the hell are you?”
“I don’t believe you are in any position to be asking the questions. Why don’t you bring your sexy little body out here so I can get a closer look?” The man smirked in a way that left no doubt as to what a ‘closer look’ entailed. Ariela suppressed a shiver.
“Why don’t you come in and get me, you ogling piece of camel dung?”
“Camel dung? Now that’s novel. We don’t get many camels in the mountains, lass. You’re not from around here, are you!” The stranger circled closer to Ariela but remained on the rock pool edge.
“I’m not coming out, so if you want me, you will have to come in and get me.” Ariela couldn’t swim out into the middle because she wasn’t sure she would stay afloat. She carefully scanned her surroundings as the stranger grew agitated.
“Well, I usually like my prey kicking and screaming, but maybe I can make an exception for you.” He pulled his dagger out and flipped it threateningly, sneering at the Priestess with every fall of the blade.
Ariela waited patiently. She wasn’t coming out of the water unarmed and if that meant sustaining an injury, then so be it. Her father was so right. Enemies really didn’t have a good sense of timing. If she ever saw him again, she was going to have to thank him for his sage advice.
Ariela moved to the furthest side of the rock pool, grabbing stones for balance as she half walked, half swam. She found a ledge and stood, her chest barely covered by water. She searched for an escape route, but found nothing.
The knife flew with great speed unexpectedly toward her chest, but her assailant wasn’t fast enough. Ariela had been drawing energy from the water and as the dagger flew, she reached out with her spirit, halting it mid-flight. She smiled as she reached up and plucked the weapon from its suspended state.
Her adversary remained momentarily stunned, before slowly drawing his sword. “I don’t know how you did that, but it’s time to die, pretty one. I had hoped to play with you first,” the man shrugged, “but I think maybe killing you is a safer and wiser idea.” 

“Did you hear that?” Genevieve looked over her shoulder as she crept through the undergrowth, Culaan following close behind.
“Yes, voices.” The warrior whispered before nodding for her to move on.
The waterfall was a few paces ahead and as the pair of trackers reached the clearing, they stopped.
“We should do something,” Genie said as she took the last step onto the mossy ground that littered the edges of the large pond.
“Load your bow, but don’t fire. This could prove enlightening.” Culaan put his hands on his hips without moving towards his sword or the naked woman in the water.
“Stop gawking. We should really help her, you know.” Genevieve pulled an arrow from her quiver.
“True, but I can’t exactly kill my half-brother. Owyn would be fairly upset. If it gets out of hand, you can shoot that arrow at his feet. Besides, Morrigan said she was dangerous…let’s see just how dangerous.”
“Your call. If anyone dies, though, I’m telling Owyn it’s your fault.”
“What’s new!” Culaan smiled but did not take his eyes from the young, naked girl as she climbed from the water and began circling toward Reaghan from the far side of the pond.
She held his dagger in her hand and Culaan rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he considered how she had gotten it from him while still in the water.
She moved in on his half-brother like a lion, fast and furiously as Reaghan raised his long sword. Culaan suddenly realized he had waited too long and began to panic. “Let it fly, Genie.”
The arrow flew, landing with a thud at Reaghan’s feet. Ariela dived aside, rolling clear of both the arrow and Reaghan’s sword.
“All right, that’s enough, you two. Reaghan, what the hell are you doing?” Culaan moved towards his half-brother.
“You piss off, Culaan! This is between me and the girl.”
“What, let me guess, she refused your charming advances? At what point was that, before or after you threatened her?” Culaan was letting his rage free and that was dangerous for them both.
Genevieve moved toward the girl, another arrow notched and ready. “Stay calm, Culaan, Owyn won’t want him dead.”
Reaghan laughed loudly. “I’m not that easy to kill.”
“Keep lying to yourself. Reaghan. We both know Culaan could kill you with one hand tied behind his back.”
Genevieve smiled as she goaded Reaghan and moved between him and the girl, her arrow still notched, her back to the stranger. She felt the tension from the girl, but there was little choice.
“Put the sword down, Reaghan.” Culaan forced himself to remain calm.
“Or what!” Reaghan spun the weapon menacingly.
“Don’t be stupid, Reaghan, you attacked an unarmed naked girl and you expect your father to rule in your favor?” Genevieve yelled, trying to bring sanity to the situation.
Reaghan glared at the huntress. “She is armed!”
“With your dagger. Strange, don’t you think?” Culaan spat the accusation.
Reaghan’s eyes darted from Culaan to Genevieve and the stranger. He had the look of a cornered rabbit. He had not dropped his sword and Culaan warily moved closer, watching Genevieve and Reaghan closely.
“Reaghan, drop the sword and we walk away with the girl. No one speaks of this again. You have my word.”
Ariela sat on her haunches, her eyes focused on her prey and the dagger at the ready. She took a deep breath to maintain her composure and crouched low to cover her nakedness, waiting apprehensively.


Riveting! What are people saying about Call of the Druids?



“Very enjoyable read. There is no lack of tension moving the plot along. A love story. A coming of age story. It all works delightfully well. This is not my usual genre but I thoroughly enjoyed it, lending to the old adage that a good story is a good story no matter the genre. - Luv2Read, Amazon

Add it to your Goodreads bookshelf, readers!
The book certainly sounds like an intriguing read! We'll be sure to check out this light fantasy for young adults and adults alike!


Author Bio


Fiona is an Australian writer of fast-paced historical fantasy stories with mystical and spiritual themes.

She has always found religion, politics, sociology and philosophy interesting and she weaves these themes into her stories along with all the expectations of the epic/heroic fantasy genre.
When Fiona isn’t writing, she runs her family water sports based business and gets out on the water kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding whenever the conditions suit; which is often in sunny Noosa.
With two grown sons, writing has now become a major priority and Fiona’s aim is to write a full-length novel each year along with a mini-series of novellas to be released throughout the year.

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