New Release Feature: Cindy Tomamichel’s DRUID’S PORTAL – THE SECOND JOURNEY!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Cindy Tomamichel, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your latest book!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the book blurb for The Second Journey, book two Druid's Portal.

A love that can never be.

Ethan—latest guardian of the Arwen pendant—finds his heritage of time travel a burden he can scarcely endure. Rowena—last of the line of Daman—is a soldier in the Celtic army, forced to perform deeds that haunt her. Both tormented by visions of the other, separated by barriers of time.

A time that should not exist.

Rowena flees the catastrophic end of her time but is trapped by an ancient family pact with an evil goddess. Desperate to save her, Ethan crosses over into her timeline, where his parents never met, and Daman—their greatest enemy—rules.
The past is ruled by a man who knows the future.

Thirty days to stop a goddess taking over her body. Thirty days to save his timeline. Together they will fight their way through an altered history to the dark past of Stonehenge.

Release Date:  June 12, 2019


Genre:  Time Travel Romance


Sounds like an intriguing read here!

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Here is an an excerpt...

Then a sound… soft laughter… and he gazed at the woman with hair the colour of moonlight and eyes as dark as the night. Coloured mist wrapped around her, tight woven as destiny. Dark threads of death and red banners of danger – all centered around and surrounding the woman.
His love.
She filled a hole in his heart he had always known was there, but had never known the shape of it was her. The sense of completeness hit him like a blow.
“I will find you... ” he shouted as she faded. “I will protect you, always… ”
But she was gone, leaving nothing but a ghostly fragrance of flowers, and he was alone once more.



Wonder what happens next, hmm? 


So, what are readers saying about Druid's Portal: The Second Journey?


"I was excited when I heard a sequel to the first book in Tomamichel’s DRUID’S PORTAL series was coming—I find the historical period of Roman Briton fascinating and was looking forward to Janet and Trajan’s son, Ethan, going back in time to find adventure and romance. THE SECOND JOURNEY is so much more than this: there is a wildly imaginative, fleshed out alternate history (both past and present), multiple shifting time paths, and a trip all the way to a Neolithic Stone Age wedding. Tomamichel blends her sci-fi with a historian’s passion for research and detail, and it pays off. " - H. Hewett, Amazon


"Ethan has grown up knowing himself the son of an impossible union and that he is gifted with the ability to one day travel in time. But something like that is hard to believe until you actually try it. His first trip into the past, just to see if it all really was true, propels Ethan into danger, mystery and an unexpected romance. It also opens the door to an alternate timeline and two possible present days in which either he, or the woman he loves, could never have even existed. If you read and enjoyed the original Druids Portal, drop everything and get this book now! You will love it, I did. You’re in for a wild ride!" - Elara, Amazon

Get your copy of this time travel romance novel today, readers! And also grab the first book in the series!

A love that can never be.

A time that should not exist.

But time is running out—for everyone.

About the Author:

Cindy Tomamichel is a multi-genre writer. Escape the everyday with time travel action adventure novels, sci-fi and fantasy stories or tranquil scenes for relaxation.
Find a world where the heroines don’t wait to be rescued, and the heroes earn that title the hard way.

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