Writing in the Modern Age 2019 Year in Review: Big Reflections - Past and Present

Writing in the Modern Age 2019 Year in Review: 
Big Reflections - Past and Present

Hi, everyone! A year I imagined would crawl right by, in fact, did not. Instead it flew so fast, I suffered vertigo several times. ;)

Tomorrow we’ll adjust our calendars to reflect that life has changed in a blink, welcoming 2020. For this year’s annual review post, I’d like to commemorate the evolution of Writing in the Modern Age. Six years ago, I opened the blog to guest authors and it’s been a wild ride ever since. WritModAge grew from the initial seed of a place to help other writers at any stage of their careers, all the way to not just that, but also a site where readers can comfortably discover their new, favorite authors! Through author and character interviews, book and writing service interviews, guest articles, book spotlights and mega giveaways, it has become a unique resource for writers and readers alike.

So…give a warm round of applause to all 350 content writers and authors who visited us via various events from 2013 to 2019. However, there were 104 guest writers this year alone. That’s awesome! :)

Geralt, Pixabay

Each author in this post will be listed according to their latest book title, a site where you’ll find more information about that writer, plus a top viewed or most popular post on the blog. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all the authors and books represented, starting from the launch of Writing in the Modern Age.

***NOTE: Honestly, I would've loved to post this here, but the publish button malfunctioned that whole week. Please continue reading the blog post on my author site...

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