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Book Info:

Her Cyborg Lover by Anne Kane
Terras Five Book 1
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance 

Natalie's loved and lost, and she's not so sure she wants to risk her heart again. She's willing to settle for a challenging career as a space-pilot instructor and a succession of no-strings-attached lovers. But that's before her boss saddles her with the last thing she wants -- a new partner.

Jebediah recognizes his perfect match in Natalie from the moment she seduces him on a dare. Everything that makes her a top-notch pilot, from her fearlessness to her passion, make a night in her bed both challenging and unforgettable.

A dangerous confrontation with a brutal enemy, an exploding drive engine and a traitor close to home throw everything into perspective. Natalie is going to have to put the past behind her and risk it all, because when your partner is also your lover, failure is not an option.

“Delta Class Scout ship. I order you to identify yourself, or be prepared to handle the consequences.”
A deep male chuckle rolled through the comm link. Natalie blinked. Laughter? Was the idiot actually laughing at her? He was so going to eat her dust, and that would be before she grounded his sorry ass for the next decade or two.
Thirty years of practice gave her the edge every single time one of the cadets pulled a stupid stunt like this. Engaging the infrared overlay on the cerebral interface, she mentally plotted the other ship’s most likely course. Only an experienced space jockey understood that the shortest route was rarely the quickest, or the easiest.
Sure enough, the idiot darted between the two large asteroids directly in front of him. A seasoned pilot would know that the combined gravitational fields of the rocks created a braking effect on any smaller object caught between the two of them. Real-life one on one versus theory in the classroom. She could almost feel sorry for the pilot as he struggled to wrest control of his ship from the two inanimate objects.
Almost, but not quite.
She circled around the trap, putting herself directly between the rocket jockey and home base. Let him watch her tail for a while before she slapped him into the brig. Waggling her wings in an insulting salute that the unfortunate pilot couldn’t possibly miss, she veered toward home base.
She hadn’t quite finished congratulating herself on such a swift victory when her ship careened sideways, almost colliding with one of the smaller asteroids in the field. What the hell?
She jerked her head up, hardly able to believe the display in front of her eyes. The smaller ship had freed itself of the gravity well and moved to parallel her before turning so that his thrusters aimed directly at her side. When he fired them, the shock hit the pilot ship with all the force of a herd of thundering moon-cats.
Crap! This kid had balls. Balls and the makings of a star-class fighter pilot—if she didn’t kill him first.
Getting the ship back under control, she reined in her temper and concentrated on chasing the smaller ship. It had been a long time since anyone had actually given her a run for her money. She wasn’t sure she liked it. “Pilot, you just bought yourself a serious amount of time dirt-side. Again, I say, identify yourself.”
No answer.
“Who the hell are you?” Her voice harsh with suppressed rage, she gave the pilot one last chance to reply.
“Obviously a better pilot than you.” His voice was smooth and low, with a trace of male humor showing through. Arrogant, definitely arrogant.
She felt a grudging respect for his lack of deference. He had her on the run and he knew it. “I doubt that. I got careless and you got lucky.”
A disbelieving snort echoed through the com link. “I’m an excellent pilot. I don’t need luck.”
“And your name?” She didn’t recall the last time she’d spent this much time trying to extract information from a cadet. Who the hell was this guy? A few seconds passed, and Natalie realized the cadet was going to ignore her yet again.
Turning the mode to private, she called up the avatar. “Can you get anything on that ship? A registration number? Something to trace the pilot?”
“Negative.” If an avatar could shake its head, she was sure it would be. “There seems to be some type of blocking involved.”
Natalie’s eyebrows rose in surprise. Blocking identification protocols was strictly forbidden, and would require way more tech savvy than most of the cadets were capable of. “Can you identify the blocking procedures?”
Maybe she could get the man’s identity in a round-about way. She snorted ruefully. When had she started thinking of the pilot as a man, not a boy? When he’d outmaneuvered her back there, or when he’d had the backbone to not answer her demands, not give her his name?
With that attitude, he’d go far in the military. Again, if she didn’t kill him first.
Who the hell was he?

**Only .99 cents!! ** 

Taming the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 2 

Although he doesn't understand why his brother chose to bond with a human female, Noah agrees to be the official cyborg witness at the birth of the cyborg/human couple's first son. When he arrives on the human space station, he finds himself face to face with a female pilot, an unheard of occupation for a female on the cyborg home world of Terras Five. Hailey's cute, she's sassy, she's sexy and she doesn't automatically defer to him just because he's male. Noah finds that combination irresistible.

After a night of amazing sex, Hailey heads off on a reconnaissance mission with her squadron, and Noah arranges to spend a little more time in the human world to get the sassy redhead out of his system. But when her ship goes missing, it's up to Noah to use all the tricks of his cyborg heritage to track her down and rescue her. 

A Deliciously Bothersome Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 3 

Liam is the most deliciously bothersome cyborg Emma has ever met. Like most of his kind, he's arrogant, opinionated, and amazingly good in bed. When he rescues her from a kidnap attempt, he decides he needs more time to get to know her so he heads to the far side of the galaxy instead of taking her home.

Along the way they pick up a furry little creature who turns out to be quite capable of defending itself and are attacked by a ship full of pirates who want to get their hands on the little critter. Life is never dull when a cyborg has you in his sights! 

It felt as if an army of nasty little hammer-wielding cyborgs had taken up residence inside her head, and they were an energetic bunch, the blows raining down hard and fast.
Emma opened her eyes a slit, desperately trying to remember where she was, and how she’d gotten there. One thing she was sure of – this wasn’t the bunk on her cute little interplanetary shuttle. It was way too uncomfortable for that.
Despite the fact that she’d just regained consciousness, it felt like she was vertical, in a standing position. She attempted to move, but found she couldn’t. Strange. She really was vertical. Her hands were fastened to the wall above her head. She tugged experimentally, but they didn’t budge.
Mag-lok cuffs? Hadn’t they been outlawed in the last inter-species treaty?
She took a deep breath, willing the pounding in her head to settle down. She needed to be able to think. Maybe the hammer wielding psychos were ready for a coffee break? Or maybe she could have them murdered by a rogue asteroid. It felt like one of those had slammed into her midsection.
What the hell happened to her?
The last thing she remembered, she’d been on a quick trip to one of the outer rim farming colonies to purchases some herbs for her store. Planet grown herbs were always preferable to the ones raised in the hydroponics labs on the orbital stations. She was pretty sure she hadn’t made it to her destination.
She remembered spotting an anomaly on her star holo-grid, out toward the energy ring that the high council had put in place to deflect incoming space debris. Common sense told her that it was probably a computer glitch, and she’d ignored it in her hurry to get her hands on some of the fresh, planet grown herbs. Try as she might, she couldn’t remember anything else. Maybe she’d been rammed by a bit of rogue space junk?
But that didn’t explain how she’d managed to end up attached to a wall.
A movement to her left caught her attention, and she tensed, turning her head to assess the new threat.
Bad move. Her stomach lurched, threatening to discharge her last meal. She took a deep breath and willed it under control.
“About time you came around. I was starting to think I’d mistakenly captured a pampered cyborg female. Can’t imagine a human female fainting just because she ran low on oxygen. Especially not one as delectable as you.”
A large male stalked into her line of vision. He turned to adjust something on the control panel in front of him and she realized it wasn’t just any male. It was Liam, the most deliciously bothersome cyborg on all of Terras Five. Her traitorous body reacted eagerly to the sight of the one man she’d never been able to forget.
Given the way their last meeting had ended, she supposed she should feel scared, but all she could manage was pissed off. He’d disappeared without so much as a goodbye. She might have understood if he’d been called away on some kind of cyborg emergency, but he hadn’t bothered to call and explain. He could have called. He should have called, damn it!
Hoping she looked at least half as angry as she felt, she glared at him. “You have one hell of a nerve! Now get me down from here.”
He turned and regarded her with cool amusement. “And why would I do that?”
She lifted her brows, her voice dripping ice. Right now, he was much more bothersome than delicious. “Because I’m a citizen of the Alliance and if you don’t, I’m going to kick your ass ten ways to Venus when I manage to free myself.”
“Well, then, of course I’ll let you down.” He turned back to his control panel. “Just as soon as I get myself out of the mess you’ve landed us in.”
“Mess I landed us in? What the hell are you talking about? I was peacefully going about my business, last I recall. How I managed to land in your none too gentle care should be an interesting story. I’ll be sure the interplanetary council hears all about it as soon as we’re planet side.”
She tried folding her hand as small as it went, but she still couldn’t slide it out of the cuffs. She suspected Liam had managed to program them to sense movement and tighten accordingly. His cyborg implants made working with tech almost instinctive, something else she found annoying about him. Well that, and the way her body responded to the sight of his well-muscled torso.
“The Tra’an would never have risked slipping inside the energy ring if you hadn’t thrown yourself at them, which necessitated me coming out of hiding to save your sorry little human ass. Couldn’t very well let them get their claws on a tasty little morsel like you.” His gaze flickered over her. “Especially since I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Her Cyborg Champion 
Terras Five Book 4 

Zoe is five feet, six inches of green-eyed, red-haired militant activist. A deeply ingrained need to help those who can't help themselves -- human and otherwise -- motivates her every move. She snuck into the Mailon research facility to investigate rumors of experiments being conducted on a rare and highly intelligent species of sentient mammals. Now she finds herself in need of help to rescue one very sick little battle rat.

Greyson is six and a half feet of ruggedly muscular cyborg with a penchant for violence. He loves to fight, and he fights to win. What he hates is being sent to the Mailon research facility on a petty errand. When he catches a glimpse of a former lover flitting around the facility like an impossibly sexy cat burglar, he is intrigued. What is the saucy little wench up to, and why is she stalking him through the corridors of the alien laboratory? 

Lets get out of here! Zoe burst onto the bridge, carrying what appeared to be a ball of white fluff about the size of a large feline. She threw herself into the empty chair at the navigations station and fastened the safety harness while still clutching the bundle of fur to her chest.

As if in answer to her command, the ships deck vibrated silently beneath their feet and the shuttle craft moved into the launch corridor. The vibrations ceased as the main engines came online. Nanoseconds later, they were hurtling out the launch portal and into the welcoming vacuum of space
Gemma, you have the com. Continue on course but alert me to any unusual activity. Greyson paused. And let me know if anyone follows us from the research facility.

Aye, captain.

Greyson turned to Zoe, determined not to show any emotion. So. What exactly is that thing and whats wrong with it?

Zoe carefully lowered the ball of fur onto the examination table in the medical bay. Shes a very rare type of mammal. To be honest, Im not sure exactly their correct name is but we call them battle rats.

Greyson snorted. Thats a joke, right? I can see the resemblance to a very large beat-up rat, but it hardly looks capable of defending itself, let alone waging battle with anything.

Zoe stroked the little creatures matted fur. The cyborg had no idea what this little critter could do if she were up to snuff. No. Its not a joke. Hard to believe looking at this one, but these things are lethal when aroused. The Mailons must have been feeding this poor gal some kind of tranquilizer to keep it from attacking and escaping. Theyd be toast if she were fully conscious.

Greyson looked skeptical. If you say so. What does it need?

Im not sure. I figured wed let her rest and get whatever they gave her out of her system. Shes a carnivore, so probably some type of protein if you have anything in that line would be good.

She really wished she knew more about the anatomy of the battle rats. And it would probably help her concentration level if the cyborg wasnt even sexier than she remembered. He looked less than thrilled to have her on board, but she supposed she should be thankful he hadnt reported her to the labs security team. From the little shed heard about the residents of Terras Five, they were not a very romantic lot. They used genetic algorithms to choose their mates, and monogamy was about as common as solar flares in the Tadelian star system.

He probably didnt remember how very much theyd enjoyed each other during their brief fling. She wasnt entirely sure he remembered her at all.

Now why did that thought make her want to seduce him just to prove she could?

Running From the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 5 

Caitlyn: Gorgeous. Feisty. Human. A survivor in an unforgiving galaxy. Running from an enemy she can’t see for reasons she doesn’t understand. Whoever he is, he’s trying to kill her.

Jakob: Large. Mouthwateringly sexy. Loyal. Cyborg. Determined to find the female who seduced him, gave him a night he’d never forget, then disappeared before he woke. When he finally manages to catch up to her, he intends to do whatever it takes to keep her at his side. 

She whirled to face Jakob, raising one hand to cover her mouth. Wouldn’t do to have him see how happy she was to be cornered by his big muscular self.
Jakob slid to a stop just inside the doorway and leaned casually against the metal frame. His eyes danced with a mixture of lust and mirth as he lifted one brow to study her. Tag? Dont you think Ive wasted enough time chasing you back and forward across the galaxy? You want me to chase you around my ship as well?
Caitlyn sauntered across the room, striving to look casual. I dont see why not. Dont you think the prize is worth the effort?
The prize? Jakob pushed himself off the wall, stalking toward her. I didnt realize you were offering yourself up as a prize if I caught you. I would have put more effort into the chase had I known. He reached her side and cupped the back of her head in one large hand, tilting it up so that he could gaze directly into her eyes.
Umm…” She didnt manage to get out more than that strangled exclamation before his mouth descended, scorching a kiss across her lips. A soft whimper escaped her lips as he stole her breath away, his tongue sweeping the inside of her mouth with the intimate ease of a longtime lover. Damn, but he knew how to silence her with a single kiss.
He tasted good, so damn good she wanted more. Winding an arm around his neck, she drew his head down to her level.
His hands dropped to her ass, pulling her in close against him as the kiss deepened from sensual to demanding. She could feel the hard ridge of his erection pressing into her belly, and the knowledge that he wanted her that much fueled her own lust.
Damn! This was so not good.
She wanted him. Craved him, craved his touch. The timing sucked. She could not afford to be distracted from the need to survive.
Jakob swore softly, his hands going to her shirt. He fumbled with the closure for a long moment before grasping the edges in his hands and ripping the material right down the middle.
Her breasts spilled out into his waiting hands, and she whimpered as his rough palms swiped across the sensitive nipples. It felt good. So good. Too good.
Surely a little dalliance while they were en route wouldnt matter?
Cyborgs didnt do forever, she reminded herself.
She seized the closure at the top of his flight suit, pulling it down with a quick jerk of her hand. The soft whir of the mechanism filled the room as the material parted. She slid her hand inside, palm flat against the tight muscles of his chest.
So hard. So male. So damn tempting.

Kidnapping the Cyborg 
Terras Five Book 6 

Plan: Seduce the Cyborg, kidnap him and force him to help her escape. What could possibly go wrong?

Life in the breeders enclave on Terras Five was comfortable. Safe. Boring! Abigail wanted more. She wanted to explore the galaxy, have a career, enjoy all the freedoms that a human female took for granted. In order to do that she needed to get off-planet, and in order to accomplish that, she needed help. Male help.

She had a plan.

Jackson was flattered that the young female chose him to sire her offspring, and he was more than willing to play his part and make sure she enjoyed the experience as much as he did. What he wasn’t prepared for was being kidnapped at weapon's point and forced to help the young breeder escape. Of course, he could have disarmed her and foiled her plan, but where’s the fun in that? 

Abigail stretched languidly on the circular sleeping platform, making sure the male Cyborg got a generous eyeful of her luscious curves. She hadn’t counted on this, counted on it being him, the incredibly sexy male she’d met so long ago. Then again, this wasn’t really a bad thing. The attraction she felt for him would make it easier to go through with her plan.
His name was Jackson. Jackson Firestorm. She’d almost snorted her drink out through her nose when she read that on the choices sheet. In a way, the absurdity of his family name was the reason she’d chosen him from the six breeding options presented for her approval.
Of course, she hadn’t realized she’d already met Jackson Firestorm. Or that she’d had a crush on him since she’d been a child. She only knew him as the Cyborg who’d appeared out of nowhere to save her and her friends.
Would he remember the wide-eyed girl child he’d plucked from the wreckage of the crashed spaceship? To him, she would have been just one more orphan who needed help, but to her he’d been a hero, larger than life. He’d saved her life and that of her crèche mates. She’d developed an immediate crush. As a youngling, she’d spent many hours daydreaming about the deliciously sexy Cyborg.
Jackson slid the entrance to the cubicle closed with a soft click, his eyes darkening as they swept over her lounging figure.
She curved her lips up in a smile, trying to look more confident than she felt. She’d never done this before, never joined with a male. Until this very moment, she hadn’t considered what effect that would have on her plan.
Last moon cycle, she’d hacked into the breeder database and altered her records to show that she’d already had several lovers. If the powers that be had known this was her first coupling, they would have insisted on sending her an older male, one with enough experience to ease her into the breeder lifestyle, make it a glowing experience.
That didn’t fit her needs at all. She needed a male she could dupe into lowering his guard. A younger male, one who would let lust overrule his Cyborg training and naturally cautious nature. At least, that was the plan.
“You are beautiful.” His voice low and gravelly, he crossed the space between them, stopping at the edge of the sleeping platform to shed his robe. His words were the formal greeting of a male summoned to lay with a breeder. “I am honored that you chose me to sire your offspring. I humbly hope my efforts bring success.”
Naked. Beneath the robe, he was completely, gloriously, naked. Thick ropes of muscle covered every inch of his body, sliding smoothly as he moved. Male. He was all male and a very mouthwatering one at that.
Damn. She just might enjoy the part of her plan that required her to have sex with Jackson Firestorm.
Batting her lashes in what she hoped was an enticing gesture, she patted the sleeping platform beside her. “Come here.”

Her Cyborg Captor 
Terras Five Book 7 

Keily: Human. Curvy. Independent. An intense, do-good activist who’s never without a cause to throw her limitless energy into. She likes her sex hot and impersonal. She doesn’t have time for silly romantic dalliances. She has a planet full of Battle Rats to save!

Ryker: Cyborg. Scarred. Cynical. Rejected by the females of Terras Five, he becomes one of the most sought-after mercenaries in the galaxy. But when he accepts a contract to capture a female activist, he finds out not all females find his scars terrifying. One particular human female finds them incredibly sexy.

Engine failure, hastily terminated jumps, and a fluffy stowaway challenge the unlikely pair to work together to find their way home and into each other’s hearts. 

Was the little minx actually trying to use sex to get to him? He smothered the unfamiliar urge to laugh. Did she really think hed believe she still found him irresistible? Or even remotely desirable? Just until the negotiations are over. Shouldnt be more than a few moon cycles. He leaned forward, deliberately looming over her and giving her a closeup view of his scarred face. So what did you have in mind? To amuse ourselves?
He had to give her credit, she didnt flinch away from his scarred visage. Well, I havent had much time to myself lately. Havent really had any downtime to speak of. The pink tip of her tongue appeared, running over her lips in a blatantly suggestive gesture.
Tempting. Damn, she was tempting. It had been so long since someone had tried to seduce him, hed forgotten the thrill of knowing a female wanted him, wanted to feel his naked body sliding against hers. His gaze strayed to those perfect globes rising and falling with each breath. Reaching down, he gently pulled the edge of her top apart. For a brief second, the material resisted him. Then, like a flower opening under the welcoming warmth of a planetary sun, it popped apart to let her luscious breasts spill out.
And they really were luscious. Keily arched her back, wordlessly offering them up for his approval. Oh, yeah. He definitely approved. Lowering his head, he scored his teeth across one dark pink nipple, feeling it pebble into a hard tip in his mouth.
He lifted his head as a tiny tinge of guilt stirred in the corner of his brain. He had no intention of allowing her to escape so she could go back to champion the Battle Rats in the upcoming confrontation. Accepting her sexual advances knowing he had no plan to give her what she wanted wasnt fair.
Then again, life wasnt fair. He was living proof of that.
What the hell. Shed started it, and he didnt recall keeping his hands off of her being one of the conditions of the contract. He just had to keep her off the planet and incapable of throwing a monkey wrench into the Conglomerates plans.
You sure you want to do this? Ryker cupped the warm mounds of flesh, his damnable sense of right and wrong forcing him to give her a chance to stop him before it was too late. I know Im not the kind of male you humans like to dream about.
She cocked her head, a look of startled confusion on her face. Seriously? You think you know what kind of male I fantasize about? Let me assure you it isnt some slick young pretty boy who wouldnt know what to do with a real woman.
Her gaze ran over him from tip to toes, igniting a slow burn he hadnt felt since before hed become more machine than man. She didnt linger on the scars or the metallic arm. What she did linger on was the growing bulge at his groin.
Damn. Was there anything sexier than a female who wasn’t afraid to let you know that she wanted you?

Wow, these books look awesome! ;)


What people are saying about The Terras Five Series...


"I really enjoyed this story. I liked the chemistry between the characters. I also enjoyed the overall arc of this story.
Natalie has love and lost before. She has a challenging career now. She is a space pilot instructor. She gets the one thing she does not want. A new partner. She has a fearless, beautiful, adventurous heart guarded by steel gates. She intends to keep it that way.
I liked how independent she is. I also love she is strong, but soft too. She is a good blend.
Jebediah knows that Natalie is perfect for him. His home world was a harsh one. Cybernetics were used to help condition the people to live in that environment. He doesn't want to have a programmed mate. That he would on his own world. He wants to choose this own partner for life. He has that freedom now and intends to use it.
Jeb is the more straight- laced of the two. But he is not above letting his mate seduce him to get him closer to her.
This is the kind of story that is sweet, action packed, and fun to read. I loved it. I would love to read more from this series in the future too.
— Tina of Redz World Reviews, Amazon

"This is a quick and to the point cutie that was fun to read. Jakob it would appear is not the love them and leave them sort of cyborg and Caitlyn was a spunky human and she is on the run. Now Jakob and his friends set out to find out why someone trying to hurt Caitlyn. I enjoyed the story. "
— Crystal Crossings, Amazon

"I think I liked this book even more than the first one in the series. The heroine is sassy and easy to like, but she also has her vulnerabilities which makes her easy to identify with. The hero is just that, not too over the top sure of himself. Never sure how to do this without giving away the story. I liked the way the two interacted, and look forward to the next book in this series."
— Reading Addict, Amazon

"This is book 6 of the 'Terras Five Series' and it is well-written with well-constructed characters. The story flows at a fast pace very smoothly and the characters have chemistry and react realistically to each other. This is a quick, but good must read."
— Sara Munoz, Amazon

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Award winning author Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy little rescue mutt (Merlin the Wonder Dog), a slightly larger rescue dog (Lexi the Bouncy), a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. She has two handsome sons and seven adorable grandchildren. She's always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy, so, of course, when she writes, she lets her imagination take over. The one thing the reader can always count on is that the main characters will live happily ever after, even if they have to defeat a few nasty aliens first.

When she's not busy writing the next great novel, she likes to kayak, hike, ride motorcycles, swim, skate, practice karate, play her guitar, sing and, of course, read. 

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