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My guest today is KateMarie.  Hello, KateMarie!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? of Corse released as an ebook on August 13th. The paperback just came available in October. It's the sequel to my first novel, Daughter of Hauk. It takes readers back to Arwenna and her fight against Corse, with some new twists.

You can find it here:

Is there anything specific that inspired you to write Son of Corse?

I'd finished Daughter of Hauk and realized the story wasn't quite over yet. There's a third, and final, book in the works now. Son of Corse is not nearly as long as 'Daughter of Hauk', but it's the part of Arwenna's story that needed to be told next.

If this book was made into a film, who would you cast in it?

Arwenna - Samantha Barks
Senyan - Tom Felton
Bohrs - Johnny Depp
Joss - Taylor Kitsch
Barek - Jason Momoa
Hauk - Liam Neeson
Y'Durkie - Jennifer Garner
Lexi - Emma Watson

Now for some general questions.

When reading, do you prefer traditional printed books or ebooks?  And why?

Ebooks in general, but I love traditional books. Ebooks are excellent for traveling, etc. My print books will stay in near pristine condition on my bookshelf if I have an ebook copy. I'll often get my favorite books in both formats.

So, what are you reading now?

Submissions! LOL! Actually, I've been re-reading 'That Darn Squid God' by James Clay and Nick Pollotta. Absolutely hilarious, and it's been a rough week. I need a laugh.

When you get an idea for a book, what comes first usually?  Dialogue, the characters, a specific scene?  Or do you plot it out before you write?

I write by the seat of my pants! I'll get a general idea, a 'what if...' in my head. The closest thing I get to an outline is knowing the beginning, the ending and a vague idea of what should happen in the middle. I absolutely love the moments when I get a sudden new idea that'll take a book or character in a completely new direction.

What do you have planned next?  Or is that a secret?

No secrets here! I'm working on Wielder of Tiren, which will be the third and final book in The Raven Chronicles. I'm also working on a 1-2 volume set of short story anthologies.

Is there anything you'd like to add?  Any advice for new writers?

Be patient, be polite, and remember your publisher is working with you, not against you. 

Here is the blurb for Son of Corse.

It’s been almost two years since Arwenna banished the Demon Corse from her world. Life has been good. Idyllic, almost.

The illusion is shattered in a heartbeat during her sister’s wedding. Not only are once-dead enemies back, but they’ve stolen Arwenna’s only child, Sera.

The price Arwenna will have to pay to save her daughter is high. Can she muster the strength to make a pact that jeopardizes not just her own soul, but that of an entire world?

Here is an excerpt.

Blackness enveloped Arwenna.  Not a gentle one, swathing her like a comfortable blanket.  Rather, it chilled her to her very core.  This was wrong.  It wasn’t going to be a peaceful sleep.  Her mouth opened to scream, but no sound emerged. 

            The guttering light of torches flirted with the edges of the black void, slowly eating away at it.  She knew she was suspended in the air.  All the dreams had that in common.  It was what she would see as the darkness dissipated that changed.
            Before, it had been a sitting room or bedroom.  She hadn’t been able to recognize any of the figures in the room, or hear what they said.  But the feeling of evil had remained with her for days afterwards.  What was below her now was no bedchamber, though.  It was something far more frightening.
            Torches filled the area with light and shadows; she tasted the thick smoke rising from them.  A man, someone she did not know, lay on a stone altar.  A robed figure moved around towards an elderly priest.  A shadow behind it grabbed at the old man’s hair, pulling his head back.  She could see the face.  A tear rolled silently down her cheek as she watched the knife slice slowly through Father Cedric’s neck.  Memories of her brief childhood with her own kind darted as fragments through her mind.  His face was there almost as much as her mother’s.
            The metallic smell of blood assaulted her as two more figures were slaughtered.  Arwenna felt the power within her build to the point where it felt as if she would explode.  The people below were summoning black magic.  Whatever was going on, she needed to stop it.  Tapping into the reservoir of power within her, she started to hurl bolts of lightning towards the figure holding the chalice.  Nothing made it through.  Panic rose within her as the blood filled cup was held to the lips of the person on the slab.  She could not allow the spell to be completed!  The lightning bolts changed to balls of fire and ice. 
“Arwenna!”  Joss’ voice cut through the darkness, but she ignored it.  There wasn’t much time left to stop the ritual below her.  And it had to be stopped, every part of her screamed at her to do so.
She intensified her attacks. Panic flared as her attempts failed time and time again.  The figure on the slab stirred as it fought the possession being forced onto him.  Tears streamed unchecked down Arwenna’s cheeks.  She’d lost, just as the man on the altar had succumbed to the magic forced on him.  The new occupant swung his legs around, sitting to face the robed one who’d performed the ritual.  A sword was handed to him.  Slowly, his face turned to look up towards her.  The smile on his face chilled Arwenna to the core.  Whatever occupied that body was pure evil.  She took a deep breath, preparing to let loose enough magic to decimate the scene below her.
Author Bio  


Born in the late 60's, KateMarie has lived most of her life in the Pacific NW. While she's always been creative, she didn't turn towards writing until 2008. She found a love for the craft. With the encouragement of her husband and two daughters, she started submitting her work to publishers. When she's not taking care of her family, KateMarie enjoys attending events for the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA has allowed her to combine both a creative nature and love of history. She currently resides with her family and three cats in what she likes to refer to as "Seattle Suburbia".

Twitter: @DaughterHauk



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