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My guest today is L. Anne Carrington.  Hello!  Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you here.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? Marilyn Diaries was released in November 2013. It’s the fourth and final book in my Cruiserweight Series. Marilyn Goren Klass passed away from cancer when her son, Donovan, was in his teens. Now in his early thirties and a parent himself, Donovan discovered a long unopened box while cleaning a garage belonging to his father, Peter. He finds several volumes of diaries written by his mother in the boxes along with some old photos, videos, and his baby book. He learns many things about his parents’ marriage and his own childhood through Marilyn’s words and mementos. 

Donovan then gets an idea to write a book about his family based on information gleaned from his late mother’s writings and talking to people from both his family’s past and present. In the interim, a long-buried secret is revealed after one of Peter’s wrestling colleagues unexpectedly passes away.

The Marilyn Diaries in only available for Kindle on Amazon at present, but I am working on getting a paperback version published in the near future.

Is there anything that prompted your latest book ? Something that inspired you?

I introduced the Klass family in The Cruiserweight Series’ second book, The Cruiserweight’s Daughter. Donovan is a childhood friend of The Cruiserweight’s Daughter’s heroine, Autumn Kerrigan. Readers learned more about Donovan in Klass Act, the series’ third book. While his mother was referenced in the aforementioned books, I thought readers would like an idea of what Marilyn was like decades before her death, hence the latest book.

Great!  So, when did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I started writing as a teenager and had my first article posted in a major newspaper at 17. I kept writing throughout the remaining years of high school while also taking acting lessons. I continued writing off and on, but mostly as a hobby, until the early 2000‘s. My first novel, The Cruiserweight, was published in 2010.

Do you have any favorite authors?

I love Ann Rule. I think I’ve read every book the woman’s ever written. Whether you’re a true crime buff or not, her books grab you from the first chapter and keep you there until the final word. I was influenced by books of many genres, from biographies to classic fiction. 

Do you write in a specific place?  Time of day?

During the day, at my desk. If I get in the mood to write at night – especially late at night, which I’ve done on occasion – in bed.

Are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers?  Any advice? 

Believe in your talent. Write what you know. Get feedback from fellow writers; they’re more likely to give you an unbiased opinion than family and friends. Don’t think that if you’re not published by one of “The Big Six," you’re going to be tagged a “loser." Some of the best books I’ve read have come from small, independent publishing houses. Network online - a lot. I’ve made so many wonderful writer friends just from networking.

Here is the blurb for The Marilyn Diaries.

While helping clean his father’s garage, Donovan Klass opens a long-forgotten box containing a collection of videos, photographs and diaries belonging to his late mother, Marilyn. Was his parents’ marriage ideal as Donovan believed? What stories will those mementos – and an unrelated yet long-buried secret – reveal?

Here is an excerpt from The Marilyn Diaries.

June 16, 2014

My gosh, it’s been forever since I had an opportunity to write in this little book! Better get used to my regular absences, Diary; since Donovan’s arrival, I’m likely not going to have much spare time to add updates in here.

I hadn’t felt well most of the weekend of Peter’s birthday, but made the effort to keep up my spirits long enough to attend a surprise baby shower Lois and Betsy threw for me May 9. I gave Peter his gift the morning of his birthday during breakfast. He loved it, but I’m convinced an engraved gold watch took a distant second to another (but unexpected) gift he received when my water broke an hour later.

Donovan was born May 11 at 5:23 PM at six pounds, six ounces and seventeen inches long. He looks like a miniature Peter and has a full head of black hair. I am confident our little guy will be a very handsome man someday. 

Poor Peter; I never thought I’d be capable of cursing, let alone used a lot of dirty words while giving birth. It felt like I was passing a giant bowling ball! I’m surprised Peter has any hair left, much as I kept grabbing it the entire time. I later felt guilty about what I put him through in the delivery room, but he laughed off the whole incident. “You were in labor, angel; it’s not like you did anything to me on purpose.” 

Another milestone this morning: Donovan smiled while I was changing him! Peter joked that it was gas (“You’d smile too after a good fart”), but I’ll stick to seeing our son’s first actual smile, no matter what it resulted from.

Some babies tend to be fussy at times, but we rarely hear a peep from Donovan unless he’s hungry, lonely, or needs changed. He’s so content that I find myself often checking to make sure he’s still breathing. 

On the other hand, Peter tends to think every time the baby much as lets out a tiny whimper, he needs picked up. I said that he’s going to spoil that child. His response?“Well, what are babies for?” I don’t want to imagine how he’ll act when we have grandchildren.

Peter returns to work next week. I’ll miss him so much! It was bad enough he was often gone during my early stages of pregnancy; I’ll to have to adjust to his absences all over again. Hopefully things won’t be so bad since I’m spending most of my time caring for Donovan.

I heard something on the baby monitor; Donovan may be awake. I better go check on him before Peter ambushes the nursery yet again. Hope to write more soon.

Love, Marilyn

Author Bio
L. Anne Carrington is an author, freelance writer/journalist, and radio show host whose previous work covered topics from fiction to news stories, human interest features, and entertainment reviews. She wrote The Wrestling Babe internet column for seven years, is a former music reviewer for Indie Music Stop, former book reviewer for Free Press (an imprint of Simon and Schuster), and pens several other works which appears in both print and Web media. One of her freelance articles, An Overview of Causes of Hearing Loss and Deafness, was bought by Internet Broadcasting Systems, a company that co-produced for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens and the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics in addition to being the leading provider of Web sites, content and advertising revenue solutions to the largest and most successful media companies.

In addition to the December 2010 publication of her bestselling novel The Cruiserweight by Night Publishing and success of subsequent books in The Cruiserweight Series, Ms. Carrington hosts The L. Anne Carrington Show on Spreaker Radio Wednesdays at 2:00 PM Eastern.

Ms. Carrington spends time between Pittsburgh, PA and Tampa, FL, continuing to write.








Books in the Cruiserweight Series:

Some of her other books:

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