Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a poetry spotlight.  In these poetry spotlights today and in the future, we will be showcasing poetry by some very talented poets.  These poets have graced us with their presence.  

With us today is Caryl McAdoo. Caryl, tell us what you've brought for us to look at... 

I hear songs in my head. The melody and the words just come together. I started keeping track of them way back in the 80s. Most are praise and worship songs, but I also heard one for each of my fourteen grandsugars. And when I started going into elementary schools with my mid-grade chapter books, the Lord gave me songs to go along with the River Bottom Ranch Stories—about Sergeant Socks, the little orphan colt, Roscoe the rooster, and the Great Pyrenees Graci who guarded the goats. The songs were great for keeping the children’s attention.
            SO I never even thought I’d get a song for Vow Unbroken, my historical Christian romance that debuts March 4th from Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.
It’s for grown-ups after all, but this song came into my head. I wish I could sing it for you so that you could hear it, but I guess y’all have to settle for the lyrics. I hope it doesn’t give the story away. Maybe I won’t sing it all : ) I call it "Susannah's Ballad".

Susannah’s Ballad

                                    A promise is a promise
                                                And I have made a vow
                 Though I never thought it meant I’d be alone.
                          For ten long years I’ve worked this land
               And only God knows how
                      I’ve made these little ones and me a home.

But there you are
            With your crooked little grin
                        You came into my life
                        And made the living fine.
I never thought
            I would love this way again.
                        Could this be the place?
                        Could this be the time?

2nd verse                       

So, God, if You have sent this man
                      Then him understand
                                  Besides my vow, he must belong to
                                    To get my father’s blessing You
                                                And ask him for my hand
                                Won’t be enough for me to say I do.

3rd verse                        

You agreed to help me
               Make my journey on the trace
                  Always thinking you knew best at every turn.
         You forgave my temper
                       Saw my heart, not just my face
                  Who knew there was so much I had to learn?

4th verse                      

 So please forgive me, Daddy
   I know now that I was wrong
                   I’ve paid the price and lived a lonely life.
          But this man swears he loves me
       And put in my heart this song
          Say you’ll give your blessing for me to be his wife.

   Could this be the place?
   Could this be the time?

SO I hope this entices you to read Vow Unbroken. I think you’ll fall in love with Sue and Henry, and Levi and Rebecca, and of course, Blue Dog. Everyone loves him! It’s available for pre-order now through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Vow-Unbroken-Novel-Caryl-McAdoo/dp/1476735514/

And at Barnes andNoble:

I hope you’ll order it now while you’re thinking about it! I know if I don’t do a thing right then, I’m likely to forget, so let me encourage you to get it now and be one of the first to read Vow Unbroken! Then be sure to let me know what you thought of it. Do you enjoy corresponding with an author whose book you’ve read? And do you love good, clean books that honor God? Talk to me! : )
Blessings and Hugs from Texas!

Author Bio

With nine titles released by four publishers, Caryl McAdoo now enjoys a thirty-year, overnight success with her historical Christian romance Vow Unbroken, set in 1832 Texas from Simon and Schuster’s Howard Books. The novelist also edits professionally (since 2001—credits include several published clients), paints, and writes new songs. In 2008, she and her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved from Irving in the DFW Metroplex to the woods of Red River County. For more than ten years, four grandsons have lived with Grami—as Caryl is also known—and O’Pa. The couple counts four children and fourteen grandchildren life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from God. She hopes that her books will minister His love, mercy, and grace to all their readers. Caryl and Ron live in Clarksville, the county seat, in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State.

Blog -          http://www.CarylMcAdoo.blogspot.com
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  1. Hi, Caryl! Loved reading these lyrics and learning a little more about A Vow Unbroken!


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