100th Anniversary Post!

Hi, readers!  I wanted to bring to your attention that Writing in the Modern Age has reached its 100th post.   

I know I did a reflection post around New Year’s, but this is a bit different.  Today, I want to put out an official thank you to all of the wonderful Writing in the Modern writers we’ve had appearing on here.  You are all awesome!  

Writing in the Modern Age has come so far since its inception.  It is truly an eclectic blog.  I have had people mistake it for a romance writing blog at first because that is what I write, but that is really not the case here.  We have had writers from every genre, and from various backgrounds.   

We have had prolific authors and authors that were new to the game.  We have had students, editors and people from different professions take a stab at appearing on the blog.  I have enjoyed every moment of reading their articles, responses to interview questions and excerpts.  

I am going to post a list of our writers and authors by genre or category below.  Some writers who work with multiple genres will be listed more than once.


  Literary Fiction/General Fiction

Science Fiction






  Children's Books

  Young Adult/New Adult

 Blogging/Editing (including blog links)



Besides sending out a thank you to our guest authors, I would also like to thank all of our readers.  Writing in the Modern Age followers, I have a prize for you coming up.  In celebration of our 100th post here, I would like to run a giveaway.  That’s right.  If you’d like a free e-book, please comment on this thread and I will randomly choose a winner.  The prize is a choice of any of my 17 books.  Don’t worry if romance doesn’t appeal to you.  I have written literary fiction, mystery and paranormal thrillers as well.  There is something for everyone!  

I’m doing this as a thank you to all of our Writing in the Modern Age readers!  Your support and enthusiasm for our guest authors means so much.  

So, if you’d like to win a free book, please comment below and I will pick a winner by the end of the week.  If you have trouble posting, let me know and I may run another thread on my Facebook profile for it.  Either way, there will be a ton of names to choose from.  And have no fear; I always pick winners randomly.  

Well, to sum things up, I’d like to send out another big thank you to our Writing in the Modern Age guest authors.  You have really made this blog fascinating.  It was a joy to work with you all!

And readers, you have my eternal gratitude for following our lovely writers.  Have a great day.  Oh, and…happy reading, of course!  :)


  1. Wow! That's an impressive list of authors, Marie, and I'm proud to be numbered among them. Congrats on your 100th Anniversary Post, and best wishes for continued success with Writing in the Modern Age!

  2. I can't wait to join that fab list of authors! Happy hundredth. Don't tell my blog you celebrated this milestone because I failed to do so. I don't want it mad at me. It's difficult enough without an attitude.

  3. Just popping in to say hello, Marie. I know Linda above has already said it, but that is a very impressive list! I'm going to have a browse round your blog now.

  4. Thanks, everyone! You've been so supportive! :)

  5. I am the newbie here, and I look forward to the next 100 posts!

  6. Hey Marie, I don't see my name on the erotic romance list, haha.. Great blog sweetie, keep up the great work!!..

  7. The winner is "alienor33" or Jane Dougherty. Congratulations, Jane! :)


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