Interview with Author Bill Joiner (William H. Joiner Jr.)

My guest today is Bill Joiner.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? Life Begins at Sunrise is a love story about two sets of best friends, one a white man and a black man, the second a white woman and a black woman. The white man falls in love with the black woman. The black man falls for the white woman. 

The book came online on Amazon on May 26th.  

Is there anything that prompted your latest book? Something that inspired you?

After writing the first book, I found I had an appetite to write another.  I have always loved dogs and horses. A love story that transcends race with field trials as a background was a natural for me.   

So, when did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I had written many newspaper articles for local newspapers, but I didn't think that I had the patience to write a book. Once I started it, I found that I did indeed have the patience.  

Do you have any favorite authors?

I enjoy a pretty eclectic group which includes Anne Rice, Stephen Hunter, Bobby Cole, Mario Puzo, James Cavell and John Grisham. That's hardly a definite list as I enjoy most genres of books.  

Do you write in a specific place?  Time of day?

Since I am an international fuel broker, most of my business is conducted online. That makes it easy for me to write. I write when I need a break from my business.   

Great!  Are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers?  Any advice?   

As a relatively new author, I don't know that my advice would hold much value. My advice would apply to life in general. Do what you love to do.  

Exactly.  That is great advice!  

Readers, here is the blurb for Life Begins at Sunrise.

Vane Carson was a good-looking young man with a hard edge and a soft heart. Follow his adventures as he leaves college for the chance to train bird dogs. From apprentice to partner, he masters the business and learns what it takes to be a man, all through the excitement of field trials.

Vane's quest to overcome betrayals and anger is a mythic story of inspiration as he finds true love—and God's forgiveness—through the touch of an honest young woman.

Here is an excerpt.

After loading the trailer with the four dogs and four horses, Andy drove the big dually pickup that was hooked to the trailer to the trial grounds just outside of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Vane's first surprise was Andy telling him to unload the dogs and horses and to get them bedded down in their kennels and stalls. Usually, Andy pitched in to help with the work.
When Vane was finished with the chores, he headed back to the rig where he got a second, much bigger surprise. He saw that the horse trailer was moving. Completely puzzled, Vane stood on his tiptoes to peer into the trailer. What he saw struck him with almost the same force as being hit in the head with an axe handle.
Andy had a girl bent over a hay bale. Both had their pants down and were in the act of sexual intercourse. She had short blonde hair and was slightly overweight, eliminating any possibility that it was Bonnie.
Vane was so stunned that he actually staggered a few steps backward. All Vane could think of was Andy's wife, Bonnie and their kids. Vane was hardly a prude, having been in many sexual dalliances himself, but he had been single and he wouldn't even consider touching a married woman. After living with them, Vane had grown to love Andy's kids, and loved Bonnie as a sister.
Vane went back to the barn and stayed there until Andy came looking for him. When Andy saw the look on Vane's face, he asked, "I guess you saw?"
Vane wouldn't look him in the eye. He looked at the ground and muttered, "Yeah."
Andy explained, "Laura and I used to go together before I met and married Bonnie. Laura lives in Stillwater, so we get together every year at this trial to relive old times."
Andy looked at Vane expecting a reply. Vane just kept looking at the ground. Vane felt shock and outrage at this betrayal of Bonnie and the kids. Andy finally said, "Look, kid, I never claimed to be perfect." Andy started to feel the red flush of shame come on his face as he was faced with Vane's accusing silence.
Unfortunately, Vane would find out later that Andy had a bad habit with straying from his marriage vows. Vane would never have the same level of respect for Andy as he once did. For the rest of the night, their conversation was confined to dogs, horses and the trial.

Author Bio 

Ft. Knox, Kentucky, is my birthplace. It's also the home of the U.S. Gold Reserves, so it's a crying shame that I left there without one single ounce of gold in my pockets.

Other than summer jobs as a teenager, I have always been in business for myself. I have owned businesses that included: residential and commercial construction; brokering and trading commodities; owning and operating multiple insurance agencies; horse breeding, syndicating, training and racing; dog breeding and field trialing; owning and operating multiple gyms; owning and operating oil wells; brokering, researching title and consulting (regarding the buying and selling of oil and gas properties); as well as brokering and facilitating international fuel purchases.
I have traveled extensively outside the continental United States including Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Belize, Caribbean Islands, Alaska and Hawaii.
I am happily married with four adult children, each successful in their own right.
My wife and I served in the ministry by founding, building and operating a children's home.
I authored my first book, American Entrepreneur: An Autobiography, at the urging of family and friends. While I had written numerous sports articles for local newspapers, I didn't think I had the patience to write a book. I found that the more I wrote, the better I liked it. I just finished my second book, a novel, Life Begins at Sunrise: An Inspiring Story of Love, God, Bird Dogs, Walking Horses and Field Trials.



  1. Loved this interview, Marie!

  2. This is really a good start for those would-be writers. Thank you for being yourself William!


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