Interview with Author P.I. Barrington

My guest today is P.I. Barrington.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out? Where can we get it?
The Brede Chronicles, Book One officially launched Wednesday, June 18th, the same day as its publisher! It’s my first book in two years and it’s a science fiction romance/adventure that has some dark turns. It will be on & Amazon Europe in about two weeks, but right now it’s available for pre-order and purchase on KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel, Scribd, Baker & Taylor’s Axis360, Libraries and Academic Institutions, Are, CoffeeTime, CreateSpace Direct, Chapters/Indigo, First Realm Publishing and even Smashwords!
Is there anything that prompted your latest book? Something that inspired you?

This book, The Brede Chronicles, was born of desperation so to speak. I’d been in a very lengthy bout of writer’s block, very insecure about everything I wrote, whether I’d ever produce another novel. I had several novels that were about 75% done but couldn’t finish them.  I was trying to break out of that slump by checking out my old faithful baby names books and came across the name Brede. It just sounded like a great last name and Alekzander with the k and z spelling made it more edgy sounding and looking.  After that came Elektra with the last name Tate and voila’! I had my two main characters. I loved them both so much that I became obsessed with the story and unlike my prior novels this one took a year to complete! It was worth it in my humble opinion.

I hear you.  Writer's block can be a scary thing.  I'm glad it worked out for you.

So, when did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I never really wanted to be a writer, but it was, as you mentioned, a pastime. I always wrote to amuse myself but didn’t really consider it as a profession though I was a journalist for a time. Real writing, in my twisted mind, is fiction rather than fact: reporting factual information as opposed to creating information. When you’re a journalist, you’re collecting and writing facts/reality as it happens or happened. When you’re an author, you’re creating worlds and characters and stories. There’s much more freedom and creativity in fiction writing; it’s more enjoyable too!

I agree.  

Do you have any favorite authors?

Oh there are so many! Colleen McCullough is a recent favorite, Tolkien, Allen Drury, Taylor Caldwell, and of course the monster of them all: my beloved Stephen King! He had me from the first paperback release of Carrie in the 1970’s! My list of favorite authors is just…endless!

I know exactly what you mean!  :)

Do you write in a specific place?  Time of day?

I have a big desk set up in the corner of my living room (my house is big), which can be a challenge with the television blaring in the background.  LOL.  I usually write late in the day about 4:00 p.m. until about midnight. I’m a night baby, that’s when I’m most alert. Unless I have an idea then, like today, I write it up as soon as I get up in the morning. My schedule varies daily.

I'm a night owl too.

So, are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers?  Any advice?   

Actually, yes! The Brede Chronicles was a story I believed in when others didn’t. I loved the characters and this book literally saved me from abandoning writing altogether! If you love your story, believe in it and don’t stop! Eventually someone—the right someone—will believe in it too.

Great advice!

Readers, here is the blurb for The Brede Chronicles, Book One.

Half-human Alekzander Brede is a law unto himself…or so he thinks. Elektra Tate, the street orphan who loves him has other ideas. When she betrays him for no apparent reason, he vows to punish her one way or another. Taking the one thing she treasures most—their son—begins a cat and mouse relationship spanning two planets and costing possibly his life. Elektra will stop at nothing to save her son but can she overcome Brede’s twisted idea of vengeance?

And here is an excerpt.

The blast ricocheted off the left engine and its fire skidded across the windshield, surprising Brede who immediately pulled up the Scythe's volt guns. They disengaged from the flanks of the ship, spread like wings and began blasting from revolver barrels. Brede, forced to dip and roll the Scythe, steering the ship where he wanted the guns to fire since they did not have the ability to shoot in various directions; they only shot straight ahead. Brede swore in Amphidian, rolling the ship one last time and dropping it straight down then bringing it up behind the two fighters themselves. He kicked up the speed of the blasts to maximum revolution and rolled the Scythe end over end trying to spread as much destruction as he could before they regrouped.

They surprised him again by stopping, spinning and heading directly at him, guns blazing. But before Brede could respond, the crow's nest gunnery disengaged itself and rose over him. It swung out in an arc, a battery of firepower searing the oncoming ships and then swung the opposite way repeating the damage disabling them both enough to send them limping away to whatever base they originated. Brede overrode the nest gunnery controls and spun it out and down to face him through the windshield.
"See Alekzander," Elektra grinned at him through her own windshield. "Aren't you glad I tagged along? I told you I could back you up."
"Get the fuck in here." He sent it back into hibernation mode and waited for her to join him in the cockpit. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? And how the fuck did you get onboard without me knowing?" He asked when she did.
"I live on the street, Alekzander. How do you think I get around?" She still had the stupid smile plastered on her face. Brede clenched his fists to avoid hitting her.
"Why are you here? Didn't I tell you I didn't fucking want you?"
She shrugged and put her boots on the top of control console.
"I figured you needed help so I—"
"Did I not tell you to stay the fuck out of my business Elektra?" he said in an even voice designed to unsettle her and force him to control his temper.
"Well, yeah, Alekzander, but you know I just thought you might need the help and guess what—you did!" She laughed and let it fade as she watched his expression freeze. "I did help you, Alekzander," she pointed out quietly.
"If you ever, ever do this again I will kill you, Elektra. Don't make the mistake of thinking I won't. You will never come near my business again, do you understand?"
She nodded eyes wide as if the thought of being obnoxious or unwanted never seriously crossed her mind and that she finally understood he meant what he said.
"Okay, Alekzander." She pressed her lips together and blinked.
Brede ignored her for the next five hours, and she sat in the navigator's seat without speaking.
At last he programmed the Scythe to autopilot and left the cockpit without saying a word. He crawled into his small sleeping space and lay on his back staring at nothing, too furious to think.
"Alekzander?" He heard her voice and turned his head eying her.
"I—well, I don't have anywhere to sleep, just the jump seats up front."
He said nothing.
"So, um, I was wondering if…maybe I could climb in here with you…"
"I'm not very big, Alekzander, I won't take up much space." She said quickly. "It's just that it's very cold up in the pit and…"
Brede closed his eyes and sighed through his nose, a habit that increased when Elektra Tate was around.
"Christ. Alright."
"Thanks!" Her boots were already off and she was up in a second. She lay on her back next to him silent for a long while. Finally she turned her head and looked at him. She reached out and ran a finger down the crease between his brows. "This is from too much frownin,g Alekzander," she said quietly. "You need to smile more. I bet I could make you smile." She ran her finger along his jaw. Brede said nothing, deciding she was human enough to be enjoyable and that she deserved whatever she got.

Great excerpt!  Thank you for stopping by Writing in the Modern Age!
Author Bio 
After an extended detour through the entertainment industry, P.I. Barrington has returned to fiction author. Among her experience are journalism, radio air talent and the music industry. She lives in Southern California.  Her work includes Future Imperfect Trilogy (Crucifying Angel, Miraculous Deception, Final Deceit) through Desert Breeze Publishing, Inamorata Crossing/Borealis 1: A Space Opera through Desert Breeze Publishing, Isadora DayStar (self-published), The Button Hollow Chronicles: The Leaf Peeper Murders through Mainly Murder Press, as well as some free stories for your reading pleasure on & 




  1. Thanks so much for letting me be a guest on Writing in the Modern Age Marie!

  2. Wow, you have a lot of books, P.I. So, it was only a matter of time before your writer's block ended. Maybe your brain needed a rest for a while. Also, "moods" can affect us and our writing. At any rate, you sprang back with an exciting new science-fiction novel. Congrats, and best wishes for continued success!

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  4. Nice interview. P.i. - I don't think I ever realized how many books you had out! How do you like the co-author, how do you handle those? I don't know if I could do that!


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