International Authors' Day plus a Giveaway

If you haven't noticed yet, I was taking a bit of a hiatus this month from the blog.  Obviously, that didn't really happen.  LOL.  At least not entirely.  Here I am, coming back to recognize a very important day.  Keep in mind, this is not an official holiday and not even one of those bizarre holidays I like to mention in my author newsletters.

International Authors' Day is coming up (July 18th), and through the Bookish Indulgences with Book Reviews site, I have agreed to do a post here and I will explain why.  As an author myself, I am well aware that not all authors, or even writers, get a lot of acknowledgement for that major feat of being published.  I'm sure you've probably seen those signs up on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, urging you to write a review.  

And why not?  Reviews are important, an author’s livelihood.  They give us recognition and some honest feedback.  I’m not going into the million reasons why reviews are important; I just believe that authors deserve recognition now and then.  We put these words out on paper (or on a laptop) and somehow we get that out to the masses.  So why shouldn’t our favorite authors be recognized?  And why shouldn’t I write a post about it?  Writing in the Modern Age was designed to be a place for authors and writers to showcase their work, to offer tips to aspiring writers, and a place where readers can find a new author to follow.  This is my opportunity to give back to all of the authors that offer to spotlight themselves on the blog.

Also, for the first time in the history of Writing in the Modern Age, I'm going to throw my own work into the pot.  What?  That's right.  I'm offering a giveaway, and I will select a random winner from anyone who posts a comment to this blog post this week.  The only catch is that you must provide a way to contact you like an email in case you win.  I promise I don't collect emails and throw them into a mailing list pile.  This is simply for contact purposes in the case that you are the random winner.  As always, I welcome all comments on the blog and I try to respond accordingly.

Now, for the real reason why we’re here.  Authors and books!  I love books, the texture, the play of words over the page or screen.  I love the ingenuity it takes for a writer to make a world come alive for a reader.  I am utterly grateful to the hundreds of authors that inspired me to be who I am today.  To be fair, I will name some of them.  Max Erhmann, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Aphra Behn, Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Rosemary Rogers, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts, Jennifer Blake, Nicholas Sparks, J.R. Ward, Kerrelyn Sparks, P.C. Cast, Emma Wildes, Tessa Dare, Chloe Neill and Kris Tualla.  Of course, there are many more than that.  I simply wanted to say that past and present authors have shaped me as the writer I am now.  I sincerely believe that books influence us, our ways of thinking, the ways we live our lives.  So, I have to give thanks for those wonderful authors.

I also want to thank our Writing in the Modern Age authors and writers.  Let’s give a shout out to those wonderful, talented people who give us excerpts to read and tell us about their experiences in writing and publishing.  I am so grateful to you all for visiting us every week.  And our readers as well!  So, in order to show our unfailing gratitude, I thought it might be a fun thing to have a list of our authors along with their locations in the world.  I will also include a link their Amazon author page or website/blog so that you can check them all out.  International Authors’ Day is coming soon, you know.

Where in the world are our...Writing in the Modern Age Authors?

Stefan Vucak - Australia
Laura Graham - Italy

K.C. Sprayberry - Georgia, USA
DJ Swykert - Kentucky, USA
Friday Abumere - Nigeria

 Gail Picado - California, USA
Jaime Martínez-Tolentino - Puerto Rico
KateMarie Collins - Washington, USA
CJ Heck - Florida, USA
Nancy Wood  - California, USA
AndyRuffett -  Canada
T.J. Banks -  Connecticut, USA
Robin Leigh Morgan - New York, USA
Sarah Baethge - Texas, USA
Rebecca L. Frencl - Illinois, USA
Penny Estelle - Arizona, USA
Branka Cubrilo - Australia
Pam Handa - India & the U.K.
Sally Carpenter - California, USA
Jessica Tornese - Florida, USA
Robert Fanshaw - England
Paula Hrbacek - Florida, USA
Susan MacNicol - England
Steve Christie - Scotland
Elaine C. Pereira - Michigan, USA
Rosemary Richings - Canada
Pallavi Pissay - India
Aubrey Brown - Utah, USA

Mira Prabhu - India
Lois W. Stern - New York, USA
Linda Lee Williams - Colorado, USA
Michele Harvey - Colorado, USA
Jeffrey Gonell - New York, USA

Ann Morris - Iowa, USA
Edie Hart - Illinois, USA
Lance Sheridan - Maryland, USA
Nina Soden - Alabama, USA
Rita Plush - New York, USA
Shannon MacLeod - South Carolina, USA
Adra Young - Michigan, USA
Marianne Petit - New York, USA
R.S. Novelle/Renee Novelle - Florida, USA
Lannah Sawers-Diggins - Australia
L. Anne Carrington - Pennsylvia & Florida, USA
Maxine Flam - California, USA
Murray Alfredson - Australia
Mark Conte - Florida, USA
Kenneth D. Maness - Texas, USA
Caryl McAdoo - Texas, USA

 C.N. Bring - Montana, USA
Margo Bond Collins - Texas, USA
S.C. Rhyne - New York, USA
L E Barrett - Maine, USA
Jean Erhardt - Oregon, USA
Liza O'Connor - New Jersey, USA
Jane Dougherty - France
Laura Vosika - Minnesota, USA
Belinda Y. Hughes - Louisiana, USA
Annie Edmonds - New Jersey, USA
Doug Bolton - Oregon, USA
Gary Krinberg - Virginia, USA
Devika Fernando - Germany
LaRae Parry - Utah, USA
coming soon!

Matty Millard - England
Olga Núñez Miret - England
P. I. Barrington - California, USA
Bill Joiner - Texas, USA
Debra L. Hartmann - North Carolina, USA
Carole McKee - Florida, USA
James McAllister - New York, USA
Dianne Hartsock - Oregon, USA
Brandon J. Hall - Michigan, USA
Jim Anders - New Jersey, USA
Joseph M. Rinaldo - Tennessee, USA
Mika Jolie
- New Jersey, USA 
coming soon!


I just wanted to comment here that as I was building this post, it was so exciting to see how far our author friends have come since their interviews or guest blogs on Writing in the Modern Age.  I'm so proud of you all!  

And, readers, please feel free to check back through the archives if you missed any interviews or posts by these wonderful authors.

Now for the giveaway portion of this post.  The instructions are simple.  Just leave a comment, your email address and your book preference.  Some of my recent books are listed below, and as for my other books, there is a link to my website on the side of the blog where it says “Marie’s Other Books”.  For a direct list of all my books, you can click here.  From the comments, I will pick a random winner for the ebook prize.  Who knows?  I may give out two prizes.  I am a pretty generous gal after all.  LOL. 

The Heiresses in Love Series (historical romance, Victorian, some suspense) 

Paranormal Romance/Romance with Fantasy Elements

Romantic Suspense
Happy hunting, and I hope we’ve given you a list of wonderful new authors to choose from.  Happy International Authors’ Day!  And don’t forget to thank your favorite author by giving a review.  Thanks for stopping by!  :)




  1. Congrats Marie! I love this tag line: Save an Author. Write a Review!

  2. Looks good, Marie. I really want to read Jim Anders' book. "All Drinking Aside."

    1. Great, Carole! I didn't have time to organize a major multi-author giveaway, but I swear I'll do another one in the future. :)

  3. I just love you Marie Lavender. You are an amazing author with a huge heart. Save an author, Write a Review.. Yup Lets all spread the word..Hugs baby girl...

    1. Love ya back, hon! Thank you. You're a great friend.

  4. Everything looks wonderful, Marie -- I still say, "You're the best!" Thank you!

  5. Wonderful post, Marie! Thanks so much for hosting me on Writing in the Modern Age. Let's not forget how far you've come, too. I'm sure that your writing colleagues here are equally as proud of all your accomplishments!

    1. Thank you, Linda! It's my pleasure to help everyone here.

  6. This is amazing, Marie. There are some great-looking books here -- thank you for including SKETCH PEOPLE among them!

  7. Marie, this is wonderful! Thank you for including The Scale. Release day is July 21st.

  8. Thanks a lot for this great post and showing us all so much love! I'm so proud to be among such wonderful writers and inspiring people. :-)

  9. Such a great post Marie and thanks so very much for the shout out! Your are always there for all of us!

  10. So much great reading in one place. And some enticing covers too! Thanks for pulling this all together Marie and for helping to marry up lots of readers with lots of writers.

    1. You're welcome, Robert! It's been a great experience to meet all of you! So much talent here.

  11. This is just wonderful, Marie. So many authors, so many books! I love it!

  12. Great website. You are amazing. No kidding. :)

  13. Can't wait to see the one with LaRae Parry! No one has gone through more than she has, and your review of her book "LIFE SUPPORT DANG NEAR KILLED ME!" should be awesome!

    1. Thanks, Donalie! LaRae is definitely an inspiration. :)

  14. Marie, YOU ROCK! Thanks so much for including me in your listing of indie authors. I so appreciate the support you give us, and I am proud to be able to include my latest labor of love, Valerie's Retreat, in this distinguished list.
    J Rinaldo

  15. I love books! The list above is amazing. I am an Indie Author, my book 'To Dance with Ugly People,' is available on Amazon. I have learned that Authors are wonderful people. They care, share and support each other! lorenehill63@gmail.

    1. Thank you, Lorene! I'd love to get you featured on Writing in the Modern Age sometime! :)

  16. Thank You for joining in the celebrations for #IAD!

  17. Marie, you are one incredible gal who truly understands and lives the spirit of "Authors Helping Authors". I have enjoyed working with you on several projects now, and consider you not just a colleague, but a valued friend.

    1. Thank you so much, Lois! It's been lovely to connect with you too! You are a total inspiration.

  18. Thanks for all your support, Marie, Agree with you 100%. In addition to reviewing books for my blog, I read and do several more for amazon and goodreads every week! Upon Your Return would be my favorite of those books listed here.....

    1. Great, Barbara! If you want to enter the giveaway, please provide your email. :)

  19. What an interesting list of authors and books! I have definitely added a number of titles to my TBR list. I enjoy historical romance and would love to win a copy of Upon Your Honor. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and thanks for the great giveaway!

  20. Just your Marie books? Magick & Moonlight, please. lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  21. Great blog post and list of authors' books! I'd love to read Haunted!

  22. I'd like to take a look at Upon Your Honor

  23. Thank you all for participating in the giveaway. The contest is now closed to entries. I will hand out prizes shortly. :)


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