A Character Interview with Becca from BECCA'S DANCE plus a conversation with author Jordyn Meryl!

Today we're bringing something different to Writing in the Modern Age in the form of a character interview.  These character interviews, now and in the future, should prove to be very enlightening for all of us. 

We have the pleasure of meeting Becca, a character from Becca's Dance. We'll get a chance to talk to the author, Jordyn Meryl, in a bit, but now we have on the stage...Becca!


Marie Lavender:  Hello, Becca.  Please have a seat.

Character Becca:  Thank you.  It's a pleasure to be here.

Marie:  We're going to start out with some simple questions, okay?

Becca:  Sure.

Marie:  So, what is your occupation? Are you any good at it?  Do you like it?  

Becca:  My main occupation is being the dutiful wife to Jon Hamilton.  I feel I do it quite well. Little emotion, not much work.  Never thought about whether I liked it; it was a safe, secure place.

Marie:  What is your family like?

Becca:  I am an only child. My father was a college professor. My mother a social butterfly. 

Marie:  What did your childhood home look like?

Becca:  One of those large, old turn of the century homes. No matter what college my father taught at, the college provided a home and they all looked the same.  

Marie:  Do you have any hobbies?  
Becca:   My hobby while I was married to Jon was to present the picture of the perfect family. 
What do you enjoy doing?  
I love to paint. My Aunt Tilley was one those artistic people that created beautiful pictures.

Marie:  What is your greatest dream?

Becca:  I never took the time to dream. Plus they never come true. You can only rely on here and now.

Marie:  What kind of person do you wish you could be?

Becca:  I guess if I am honest, deep down I would like to be a free-spirit like Aunt Tilley. 
What is stopping you?
Well, the fear of pain, emotional pain. 

Marie:  Who was your first love? 

Becca:   Clay Lester.

Marie:  What's the most terrible thing that ever happened to you?  

Becca:  When I was twenty, coming back from a concert, one of the cars was hit broad-side. Two of my best friends died.  That’s when I pulled back from love. 

Marie:  I'm very sorry to hear that, Becca.
So, is there someone you pretend to like but really dislike? 

Becca:   All the phony wives of Jon’s business partners.

Marie:  What is your deepest desire?

Becca:  Coming back to Lester Lake. I find I want to live my life differently.  

Marie:  What is your greatest fear? 

Becca:  That if I love too much, it will be taken away from me. 

Well, thank you for visiting us today, Becca.  It's been a pleasure to have you here.  

Now, let's shift over and get the author's perspective.  We have Jordyn Meryl on the stage today!  Hi, Jordyn!
Author Jordyn Meryl:  Hello.

Marie:  We just got to talk to the heroine of your story, Becca.  Quite an interesting character. Can you tell us a little about her? 

Jordyn:  Becca chose the path of least resistance for her life. Funny thing, it didn’t make her happy.  

Marie:  What are your character's greatest strengths?  

Jordyn:  Deep down, Becca is a woman full of love and passion.  

Marie:  What are her greatest weaknesses?

Jordyn:  She took the easy way out.  

Marie:  What are some of her favorite foods?

Jordyn:  Her Aunt Tilley’s Potato Salad. 

Marie:  What's a positive quality that your character is unaware that he or she has?  

Jordyn:  Becca is afraid to feel for fear of being hurt. But she is a very loving person full of spunk and desires. 

Marie:  Will readers like or dislike this character, and why?

Jordyn:   They may not like her at first, but I think she will grow on them.

Well, now that we have a real taste of Becca, we have a few questions for you as well as the author.   

Marie:  What first gave you the idea for Becca's Dance?

Jordyn:  It came to me in a dream. My night muses.  

Marie:  What is your writing style like?  Are you a pantster or a plotter?

Jordyn:  I am a pantster. My characters take over and write the story. I know how the story will end, just not how to get there.

Marie:  I know exactly what you mean.  

So, I’m throwing this one in for our aspiring writers.  Did you come across any specific challenges in writing Becca's Dance or getting it published? 

Jordyn:  The writing was easy.  I tried some publishers, but went with a small press, Idyllic Ink Publishing. They believed in my story. 
What would you do differently the next time?  
I don’t know. I like being a hybrid writer, being both published and indie published. I just like writing stories.  

Well, it was such a pleasure having you here on Writing in the Modern Age.  Readers, you will just have to pick up a copy of this awesome book! 


Here is the blurb for Becca's Dance.

The journey of life is not about the path traveled, it’s about the dance.

Remember your first love? The itching in your palms to touch that person, the churning sensation of your stomach when you kiss, or the promise of forever love? A summer romance had all the possibilities for Becca and Clay. But a tragic accident killing two of their friends, sent Becca running away to build a sheltered life, protected from pain.  Clay tried to drown his pain in booze and other women, but failed.  Each picked mates for reasons other than love.

Twenty years later their paths cross as Becca tries to escape from the shame of a divorce, and Clay is living life as a single father to six grown boys. 

In the small community of Lester Lake, love, fate and star-crossed lovers work towards rekindling a first and only true love.

Purchase Links:

Amazon Universal Link:  http://bookgoodies.com/a/B00JQT59ZM
Smashwords:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/429743

About Jordyn Meryl:

Once living under the guise of a passive, quiet, school librarian, books and kids were the passions which kept her mind fresh.  One day she decided to spread her wings and live the dream of her heart. As she sits in front of her computer, her fingers bring to life the voices in her head. But it is when the night muses visit Jordyn, her spirit rises up to wrap around the stories that float in her dreams.  Land locked in the mid-west, she envisions days on a white sandy beach with a laptop to write all her tales.  Crossing many genres she spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.

Author Links:

Jordyn's Books:
Once again, I want to thank both of our guests, Becca, the female main character of Becca's Dance, and Jordyn, the brilliant author of the novel, for stopping by!  It was a pleasure to have you here.  :) 

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