POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Miles Rothwell on Dreams

Hi, readers!  In these poetry spotlights today and in the future, we will be showcasing poetry by some very talented poets.  These poets have graced us with their presence.  

With us today is poet and author Miles Rothwell. 

Here is a little taste of his poetry from "Dreamscapes".

An oblique sadness rules the world.
Impose your will at your own peril.
Turn yourself inside out to release the demons.

Happiness is born from suffering,
in silence is the hush of comfort.
Don't believe in what you dream.


On, light is sight,

heart is life, one is me.

Open, I am one, colour,

blue red white, experience.

Life is long, life is now,

yes, breath is hope.

Hope is here, Sun,

tomorrow is bright,

larger than today

Clear, mind is peace,

peace is there if you want it.

Love, I am here,

fruits of laughter.


Bric-a-brac fairytale dreams,

looking skyward arresting the angels.

I’ll be well once I’ve had my medicine.

An aspirin to relieve those cosmic blues.

More gumbo on toast, delta hogwash slush.

Send me a preacher with a hard on under his robe.

Lining up to be saved, applauding on command.

Wonder what the bitch will wear today?

Has she lost weight?

Oh no, it’s home shopping and diet shakes again.


                      Changing attitudes now at rest.                       

Broken spirits living in aging shells

telling the world that certainty is near.

A responsible attitude towards the dead.

Lost sands in the desert of resistance.

A worshipped idol calling his mice,

deciding our future with decaying hands.

A plagued world of diseased minds.

A tireless worker I was in my dreams,

helping humanity along its path.

Now a recluse in my own insanity,

I frown at well doers and their lessons.

Teachers with crutches for ambitions

wanting appreciation and obedience.

The inbred oppression turns my stomach.

My helplessness in a world of contradictions.

Aware that I can’t survive much longer

gives me strength in approach and execution.

Hold onto your hats, put out the cat

I’m not allowed out too often, so when I am,

cut the deck and pick your card.

You’ve heard the sound, when the pain

of the mind can take no more.

It’s then that I arrive.              

Change your ways or perish in ice.

The brain loses fluid when the screws are turned.

Save the fuel when the end is in sight.

I’m blind and deaf to your concerns.

Moisten my bones with the warmth of your fear.

As I’m the one that thinks with clarity,

pay what’s owing and drop to your knees.

Contempt for innocence behind a hollow mask,

keeps me focused on the task at hand.

The urgency of living in quiet solitude

hands me the platter of beheaded grace,

and the tricks of my trade are shallow and severe.

The stillness of my silence

creeping over the night.

Resting on my Zen cushion,

finding truth amongst the mist.

Beginning; reborn once again.

Looking at the present with light.

Living without the freeze of youth and doubt,

escaping past modes with anger and flight.

The drum of the bell summoning hearts

containing its puzzle against the self.

A koan of reluctance

remembered for patience.

Strength in one’s posture

while all around is…


Bright as crystal flowers

the sun rose over steel and brick.

The shadows gasped their final breath

as the guards of night retreated.


The bird of morning hovered near.

It’s early call distant yet clear.

The dense gaze of night was gone

and my sight of day reborn.

The clouds of ages since past

withholding knowledge of lands once strong,

Now keep their secrets for the sky;

leaving me nothing to do but die.

Tracing the clouds of the past.

A jewelled back dragon,

reflecting its light over the shore

chases young terrors over the rocks.

Apparent noise in a tunnel.

Back against the wall; shadowed thoughts

retaining much anger; final breath.

Severed wills on the backs of camels.

Scorching blisters cushion their fall.

Blind in temptation; trek less lives.

Orange over white, scaling the walls.

Their liquorice hair denies stability.

Amongst their hopes, life is brief.

Streets of crystal glass

reflect the shine of the masses.

A fragile existence amongst the hills;

as tribes converge on the plateau.

Tired limbs slowly uncoiling

from the night’s slumber.

The brain hatching out of

its circular dormant state,

now having to resort to

step by step fascination

with cause and effect.


I’ve looked at you from afar
It’s been hard to watch your pain
And I’ve tried to be myself
But you stopped me in my tracks

It came as no surprise
To see where you got to
But the girl who went too far
You sure had a ball
But think of those you left behind

The silence must be hard
But you took so much
And left so much behind

If I could have held you
And told you not to worry
But it was so long ago

I have your picture and the songs
will live forever
but the pain still grows

Poet Bio

Miles impressed a primary school teacher with a poem titled 'Snow' and then in his late teens won a school poetry competition. When the band Talking Heads released 'Remain In Light', Miles became obsessed with writing lyrics. After reading Joyce's 'Ulysses', Miles knew he wanted to become an author.  

Miles is the proud father of Alexandra and Tristan. Miles other interests are music, sport and going to the beach.  He quite often pretends to know a lot about wine. Miles and the children like going on holidays, especially the South Coast of NSW. Miles ranks making Spike Milligan laugh at an ABC shop book signing as one of his greatest personal moments.





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