How Can Unrealistic Expectations Ruin Your Life? by Dating Connections

When this article was submitted to me by our next guest blogger, I knew it would be a perfect fit for the Writing in the Modern Age blog (#WritModAge). Of course, we should always pursue our dreams to the best of our abilities, but this is some great advice that will really help writers at any stage of their careers. Take it away! 


How Can Unrealistic Expectations Ruin Your Life? 

by Dating Connections

Having expectations is rather normal, isn’t it? Whether we’re planning our life in the next five years or trying to meet people online, we always have some sort of picture of what we want to happen. And although most (if not all) of us have expectations, not everyone knows how to be realistic about them.

There is more than one problem that’s caused by unrealistic expectations, the worst of them being completely ruining your life. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how expecting too much can ruin your life and what you can do instead of that in order to live happily.

The Path to Ruin

Expectations, both unrealistic and otherwise, work very much like deadlines. Having a deadline for accomplishing something can put a lot of pressure on you and if you fail to achieve the goal, you’ll feel disappointed and discouraged to continue or try again.

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This is pretty much what an unrealistic expectation can do to you. No matter what’s going on in your life, expecting too much from the future may seem like optimism to you, but if your dreams don’t come true by a certain deadline, you’ll most likely feel let down by life in general.

It’s generally not that bad if this happens to you once or twice. It’s natural to hope for a better future, especially when it comes to the more important aspects of life. The real troubles begin if unrealistic expectations become a standard for you, as they are a true path to ruin.

Like we’ve said, hoping for too much good to happen is very risky, as it usually doesn’t actually happen. Once you realize that your expectation wasn’t met, you get enveloped in a feeling of disappointment, sadness and melancholy. Sometimes, people blame the universe or a higher power, while in other cases the culprits are themselves.

No matter who you think is guilty for your unrealistic dreams not becoming reality, not changing the way you look at the future only leads to decadence and your life ultimately falling apart as you yourself start believing less and less in a brighter tomorrow.

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Releasing Yourself from the Burden

Is there a way to stay optimistic and happy without hoping for too much from the future? Of course there is – instead of having unrealistic expectations, you can always just live in the “now.”

This is a much simpler, yet less risky way of living your life. For example, if you’re moving to a new country, don’t try to picture how it’ll be once you’re there and by that raise your standards so high that no place on the planet can satisfy them. Simply enjoy the momentary excitement and exhilaration ,and let your new home present itself as it really is, not as whatever you’ve imagined in your head.

On one hand, you have unrealistic expectations that can ruin your life and on the other, there are spontaneous moments, immediate happiness and living in the “now.” 

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Which one will you choose?

I couldn't have said it better myself. This is so helpful for writers and readers alike! For aspiring writers or beginning authors, aiming to be rich and famous right away is likely a recipe for disaster. Even veteran writers have their moments of discouragement, with deadlines for projects, book sales or those moments when what's going on in one's personal life can really make it hard to focus on writing. 


Personally, I like to break up my projects into smaller, more manageable tasks; that way I feel like I accomplished those things faster. Plus, they eventually add up to the much larger goal.


And for anyone else, this advice about cutting back on unrealistic expectations can definitely aid us in all parts of our lives.


Thanks again for your insight, Dating Connections! A pleasure to have you on Writing in the Modern Age!  



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