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Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Jenny Lynn, a great author! 
Congratulations on your new novel!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?
Here is the book blurb.

In death, Simon Blackstone left a legacy. But some family secrets refuse to stay buried.

Nicholas Blackstone is next in line to take over as CEO of Blackstone Enterprises after his father's passing. A stubborn risk-taker, he is determined to live up to expectations. Well, most expectations. With his demanding schedule Nicholas has little time, or patience, to date the type of socialite women who are pushed on him. With an upcoming high-profile wedding to attend in California, how can he avoid being set up? Then he found his solution, a pretty waitress who might be willing to help him out.

Breanne Taylor is a busy student studying Psychology at the University of Chicago, paying her way by working as a waitress at an upscale restaurant. She is used to demanding customers, but when a handsome and wealthy diner propositions her to be his out of town wedding date she is caught off guard. After she decides to go, Breanne is pulled into the inner circle of the Blackstone family and quickly realizes this is a world unlike her own - where dangers lurk just below the luxury.

(Falling for the Heir is a contemporary new adult billionaire romance with a few steamy sex scenes and a compelling mystery subplot that builds up to a satisfying HEA. No cliffhanger, no cheating.) 

Great cover! 

Jenny is also giving us a peek at this new adult romantic mystery!

Here is an excerpt.

I placed coffee down in front of each of them then stood back, holding the tray against me. The younger man looked back up at me. “Thank you,” he said with a gorgeous smile. I guessed he was in his late twenties or early thirties.
“You’re welcome.” He seemed to be the only one at the table that had any manners. “Do you need more time or are you ready to order?” I asked the group.
One of the men glanced at the menu. “Eggs benedict,” he said, not looking at me.
“Poached egg on whole wheat,” said the other before falling back in conversation with the man beside him.
“Asparagus omelette,” said the third. Finally I came to the younger man, who was watching me this entire time.
“What do you recommend?” he asked, tilting his head slightly and tapping the menu with his finger.
“That depends,” I told him. “Are you in the mood for sweet or savory?”
He looked at me, his gaze lingering and intense. “Sweet, most definitely,” he told me. I couldn’t help but blush and look down at my hands. Was it my imagination or was he flirting with me?
“Well, in that case, I would suggest the mixed berry crepe with mascarpone cheese. It’s one of our best dishes, in my opinion,” I told him.
“That sounds perfect. Thank you, Breanne,” he said.
I turned and hurried out of the room to put in the order, aware of him watching me again as I went. While the kitchen started on their food I quickly checked on my other tables, dropping off food or bills, refilling water or coffee. When the private party’s breakfast was ready, I balanced the plates and brought them over. They were in the midst of a heated conversation when I arrived.
“Listen, Nicholas,” one of the men was saying. “No one is doubting your future or leadership. Simon left you in charge of the company in his will, and we are all here to advise you during the transition. I just think it’s prudent to name Liam as second in command to pacify the shareholders.”
“Liam is still an Executive, and when the dust settles he and I can have a conversation about succession. But I’m planning on being with the company for a long time and it doesn’t make sense for me to get that ball rolling so early. Besides, I know Liam feels he should have been left in charge instead of me. We need to find a balance and a good working relationship before I name anyone else as my second in command.”
“There is no one else more qualified,” said one of the men. “The board is expecting you to indicate Liam.”
“Well, then they’re in for a surprise. Because I’m not ready, and I’m a cautious man. I don’t do anything until it’s been well thought out.”
I placed the plates down one at a time, now knowing the younger man was actually the one in charge and his name was Nicholas. I reached forward to place his plate down and he looked into my eyes again, pale blue searching into my hazel green. My hand shook slightly and I accidentally bumped into a glass of water, tipping it over and watching in horror as it crept over a pile of documents.
“What the hell are you doing!” shouted the older man, picking up the pages while water dripped off of them. “How hard is your job, really, to be able to put down a dish and not cause a disaster?”
“I’m so, so sorry,” I stammered, mopping at the wet spot on the table. “I didn’t mean-”
“To ruin important documents? Well, you did,” the man spat back.
“Jeffrey,” Nicholas cut in. “It was an accident, and I’m telling you to stop.” His voice was firm, and at his command the older man snapped his mouth shut but still glared at me.
“It’s really not a problem,” Nicholas continued to tell me, placing a hand lightly on my arm. “I was never going to sign them anyways.” I looked down at the place where he made physical contact, feeling an electric current run through me.
“I really am sorry.”
His smile warmed me. “I know, and I assure you, it’s okay.”
I swallowed hard and walked away to let them eat their meal. I felt so embarrassed, I couldn’t believe I had made such a mess of their meeting. I was on edge as I checked on my other tables, wondering how Mark would react when he inevitably found out what I had done. When I went back to check on the group one of the older men pointed at his coffee cup, still visibly annoyed with me, and I went around the table refilling. Nicholas continued to watch me whenever I went into the room and thanked me whenever I did something for him. When they were done, I timidly brought the bill and apologized again for any issue I had caused. The men shrugged into their jackets and amid their protests, Nicholas paid the bill, leaving cash on the table as the group left. When they walked past he looked at me, giving me a small smile, and then they were gone.
Once I was alone in the room I felt like I could finally breathe again. That had been more stress than I expected for a brunch service. I cleared the plates and picked up the billfold, then I blinked as I checked the amount left behind. My jaw fell open as I realized that Nicholas had left their clumsy, bumbling waitress a two hundred dollar tip. I stared at the door they had passed through and found myself wondering who Nicholas was and why he had been so kind to me.

Wow! Definitely an intriguing read here!

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Thanks for letting us know all about your new release, Jenny! This sounds like a great romantic debut novel with a good mystery!

About the Author:

My name is Jenny Lynn and I'm a romance writer. I enjoy developing complex characters, exciting plot twists and steamy encounters that capture the imagination and keep readers wanting to turn the page. You can find me sitting at the bar with a glass of wine, or walking barefoot through the grass while I think up my next story idea.  Falling for the Heir is my debut novel; it is a contemporary billionaire romance with a mystery sub-plot, no cliffhanger and a HEA. A follow up continuing the story of Nicholas and Breanne will be published this August. I love connecting with readers and other writers so please reach out to say Hi on social media.  

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