How Should We Define Success in Our Lives? by Dating Connections

When this article was submitted to me by our next guest blogger, I knew it would be a perfect fit for the Writing in the Modern Age blog (#WritModAge). Of course, we should always pursue our dreams to the best of our abilities, but this is some great advice that will really help writers at any stage of their careers, or really anyone. Take it away! 


How Should We Define Success in Our Lives? 

by Dating Connections

One of the most interesting things about the definition of success is that it is ever-changeable, depending on an individual’s unique perception of it. Moreover, there are no universal standards and measurement units that can precisely calculate and put it into a certain category. Some people, for instance, think they are successful if they manage to meet people online while others believe it’s about having as many zeros as possible in their bank account. 


Either way, let’s take a look at some of the main components of success that can help us make our own definition of it.

What is Success?

According to the majority of dictionaries, the definition of success represents the status where one has achieved a certain aim or objective. A successful person, therefore, is the one that has achieved desired goals or fulfilled their visions, no matter what these are. For some, it’s all about  social prosperity and wealth, while some derive their joy from being successful at maintaining harmonious family relationships. And none of these are actually wrong!

What is Failure?

Failure is the opposite of success and can be defined as trying to achieve a vision or a goal while failing to do so. On the other hand, failure is often an integral part of trying to succeed in something, and is also beneficial because it teaches us how to be stronger and more persistent in achieving something that is of great importance to us. The motive of failure is also present in the lives of some - in the opinion of the majority - successful people, who regardless of their celebrity status have been involved with certain scandals, narcotic and alcohol abuses or even worse. And this is a great example that social status is not necessarily a source of true happiness and joy because it’s pretty clear that those people didn’t experience either from their wealth or attained fame.

What is Accomplishment?

An accomplishment can be observed as completion of one challenge on our way to success, or a subgoal of a kind that makes us one step closer to the desired outcome, which is as we have already mentioned - success. Namely, people are often aware that their vision of success is not something that can be achieved overnight, so they are setting these subgoals that will ultimately bring them to it. And these separate accomplishments do wonders for one’s motivation indeed because they provide an individual with a necessary strength to move on toward their ultimate and true goal. 

Tim Gouw,

We can take, for instance, a person who wants to be a writer and ultimately publish a book. They can decide to start their own blog or make guest appearances on other people’s blogs. So, whenever their blog post gets published, they are one step closer to their desired objective. How come? First, they are able to see what kind of reaction their content entices in readers, and second - they will possibly create an interested audience that will be happy to read their book the moment it gets out.


So once they get the necessary dose of motivation, the hard-working part won’t seem so hard, right?

Success and emotional response to it

Sadly, there are many people who forget that success isn’t always something that the majority approves, so they often fail at achieving it. There are literally thousands of examples of people who are working insanely just so they can get a promotion or a bigger paycheck at the end of the month. In the meantime, they completely neglect their family and friends because they believe that success is measured solely by the size of their wallet. Furthermore, we can also analyze numerous celebrities who continuously fail at having a balanced life. In some cases, they succumb to pressure and a fame-related depression that doesn’t allow them to have functional private lives.

How to set up our own definition of success?

Well, this usually encompasses having a deep and honest conversation with ourselves that can help us realize what is it that we want from life. 

What truly makes us happy? Is it a hobby that can be turned into a prosperous business? Good. Is it admitting that we’re actually not that ambitious like we thought we were, and we just want to have a peaceful family life and a high-quality communication with our kids and a partner instead? Awesome! 

Joel Carter,

Just remember that there is no right and wrong and that our goal should be tailored entirely in accordance with our own desires and the sense of joy we could ultimately derive from it. It is also okay to have multiple attempts at trying to figure out what is it that we want, because only then we will have our vision of success crystal clear before our eyes, just waiting to be conquered. 

Gerd Altmann,

I couldn't have said it better myself. How encouraging! This is so helpful for writers and readers alike! Maybe we should celebrate each of our smaller achievements as if they are, in fact, great, as they eventually add up to the much larger goal. And certainly, it's always a good idea to keep everything realistic too, to better gauge which goals may or may not provide a certain satisfaction.


For anyone else, this advice about defining success can definitely aid us in all parts of our lives.


Thanks again for your insight, Dating Connections! A pleasure to have you once again on Writing in the Modern Age!  



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