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Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a spotlight on a book by S.V. Cobets, a talented author! 

S.V., an author I met on my journey, has a blog tour running right now.


Let's check out the details, shall we?


The Child of Happiness:


This collection of poetry is a summary of my selected poems that I wrote for many years. I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. In this collection of poetry are collected all of my feelings that I want to share with you through verse.


Genre:  Poetry


Release Date: March 21, 2016


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Sounds intriguing!


Here is an excerpt from The Child of Happiness.



In place of a heart, you have an endless land of ice
And you protect it from warmth.
Instead of luck, you have a forgotten world
As cold as the middle of winter.

In place of flowers, you have countless crystals
Which are bound to the high mountain.
Instead of love, you have perfect silence
Which protects you from truth.

Cold as ice, you look down the floes
And you want to hand over the coldness to somebody.
But all who wanted to know you have died;
Do you wish to give them your frozen heart?


The sun and the roses,
A piece of the sky.
I can’t give you more
Although you need much more.

I’m giving you a tear,
A soft kiss,
Some warmth of my soul,
And a look in the distance.

Give me some hope
And a little wish
And tell my heart
That you care.


My shoes have worn out from long travels,
I’ve walked for years, months, and days.
Mainly here and there I’ve found what I’m interested in,
Some river or sea, clean and blue,
Green mountains, grey and white.
Sometimes the people always suffer,
Some who talk for talk’s sake,
Wise men, ninnies, smart ones, and those in love
—They have all passed me.
I don’t know where to follow my feet
For now, they are barefoot.

Sometimes I sit and look into the distance;
I’m scared of all those tracks,
But when I get up and set off,
Each fence falls down.
Maybe I bring silence in me;
Words leave me slowly,
But I’m in love with the wild.


Peace in the air,
Only a trace of a butterfly,
And light is reflecting
From my window.

The snow is melting
And a new flower is blossoming;
Scent is pulling
Into my new world.

A new day is rising
Wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful,
So I slowly allow myself to
Feel the verse of the morning.


What people are saying about The Child of Happiness...



"The Child of Happiness, by S.V. Cobets, is a beautiful poetry collection that reaches deep into the soul. Though the author’s native language is Croatian and not English, the emotional depth of each poem comes across clearly and will be relatable across cultures. Sensual and light with themes of nature & love, yet also tinged with feelings of sadness and darker themes of heartache, pain, loss, & the casualties of war - there were many poems that spoke to my heart." - Amazon Reviewer



"Powerful stuff! A heartfelt and sincere journey through the author's deepest feelings and experiences. Together the poems display a thoughtful life of searching, questioning and discovery, as Cobets invites us into his inner world. This is the kind of collection poetry is for." - Adam Fike, Amazon



"Wow. That’s the first word that comes to mind after completing this collection of poetry by Stjepan Cobets. It has been a while since I have read poetry and this was the breath of fresh air that made me want to start looking for others.
I love how quickly a poetry collection can be read, but more so, how powerfully it can be felt. There were poems of unrequited love, war, and tales of growing old. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken into the poetic prose of Stjepan Cobets in The Child of Happiness. ‘My Memory Put to Sleep,’ ‘A Box For Her World,’ ‘The Old Man,’ ‘Be Happy,’ and ‘A Mistake’ were my favorites in the group. I had to read them over and over again because the emotion felt was genius.
" - Katie A. Blanchard, Amazon


Sounds like a great read!


Congratulations on your book tour!


Readers, you'll have to check out this book!


Enter for a chance to win a cool $25 Amazon gift card, access to exclusive content, plus three winners have an opportunity to get an ebook copy of The Child of Happiness. One winner for each prize will be randomly selected through Rafflecopter. Click the tour link below to enter. 

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Awesome! Thanks so much, S.V.!


Let's also give kudos to S.V.'s sponsor:


Grab a copy of this book! And don't forget to participate in the amazing giveaway!


Thank you, S.V., for letting us know all about your poetry book! It looks wonderful! :)


Stjepan Varesevac-Cobets was born on September 12, 1965 in Split, Croatia. He lives and works in Kastel Sucurac, where he finished his elementary and secondary schooling.

At a very young age, he started reading and loved it because, through books, he traveled to places he could never visit in person. As a child, he loved fairy tales and adventure but later discovered other genres. When he found a Jules Verne book in the library, he became fascinated by science fiction. He has been writing poetry for fifteen years and has started writing science fiction. Lately, he has also written children's fairy tales and fables.

He has published, in Croatia, "An Opened Heart" in 2002, "The Sleepy Way" in 2005, and "Love" in 2006. On Amazon he has published the poetry collections The Child of Happiness in 2015, science fiction novel Godeena in 2015, the science fiction short story Butterfly in 2016, the poetry collection When the moon takes over the dream: Love Poetry in 2016, and in 2017 the poetry collection The Flaming Horses. He also translated his new Sci-Fi novel The Dream of the Forest.


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