New Release Feature: Fiona Tarr’s DELILAH AND THE DARK GOD!

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Fiona Tarr, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your new book!  
Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the book blurb for Delilah and the Dark God, book two of The Eternal Realm Series.

Delilah is young, poor and inexperienced. Discovering Samson’s secret might not be as easy as she thinks!

When Delilah is compelled to discover the source of Samson’s divine strength, she becomes torn between her desire for wealth and growing feelings she cannot yet understand. She has no idea that the Eternal Realm is at war, but she quickly realizes there is more at play than religion and politics.

The Goddess Asherah knows Delilah is the key to future peace in the heavens, yet she is forbidden from meddling with humanity… But when the Dark God Dagon grows obsessed with Delilah, she must choose a side.

Will Asherah risk revealing herself to protect the ancient prophecy and secure peace for her brethren?

Delilah and the Dark God is the second book in The Eternal Realm series; a religious fantasy series that mixes mythology and intrigue in epic fantasy style. If you like strong characters, intricate plots and action, then you will love Fiona Tarr’s contemporary take on this old biblical classic.

Release Date:  April 18, 2019


Genre:  Mythological Fantasy, Religion

Sounds like an intriguing read here!

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Here is an an excerpt...

“Excuse my friend’s bad manners. I do not believe we have met?” Samson bowed and waited for an introduction.
The girl batted her eyelashes and opened her mouth to speak, just as Samson was pushed forward, almost landing in the fruit stand. It rocked precariously for a moment before he steadied it with a strong hand.
“What on earth?” The big man turned around to complain.
“Get out of the way, you, you big oaf.”
Aviv and Samson exchanged confused glances and Samson stepped back out of the way of the young woman who had in all reality barged into him.
“I do apologize. I failed to see you there.” Samson bowed to emphasize his apology.
“Hmm!” The woman shrugged and put her hands on her hips defiantly. Samson could not help but notice her tunic was almost sheer. Her nipples were practically visible through the fabric and it was extremely difficult to keep his eyes on her face.
“No harm done, I guess.” She moved on quickly and Aviv returned his attention to the woman with the pretty eyelashes.
Samson moved away from his friend, his eyes following the young woman as she wove her way through the thickening mid-day market crowd. 
Sorek was a remote, but bustling trading town in the valley of Sorek and Samson seldom visited the area. If not for the local disputes he adjudicated over, he would never have found this beautiful place with its stone streets and white painted buildings.
The aroma of cooking meat and fresh fruit flooded Samson’s senses and the market was full of merchants, soldiers and local orchard workers making it difficult to stay focused.
He lost sight of the woman, but her dark eyes and pert nipples remained ingrained in his memory. He shook his head to force himself back to the present as Aviv’s voice invaded his daydreams.
“Samson, can you pay the merchant for the fruit?” Aviv nodded toward the fruit stand owner and grinned, winking in a way that left no misunderstanding who his friend was trying to impress.
Samson reached for his bag of coin and felt nothing. He frantically patted himself down, seeking the coin purse. Within seconds his eyes had darted to the ground as he began to retrace his steps back to the tavern.
“Where are you going?” Aviv called after him.
“My coin! I have lost my coin.” The fruit merchant reached out and snatched the basket of fruit as the woman with the pretty eyes lifted her chin, huffed and moved on as though she had never met Aviv.
Aviv sighed and pouted before chasing after his friend, dodging around stands and merchants as he caught up.
“Where did you last have it?”
“When I paid your wager.” Samson did not attempt to keep the contempt from his voice.
“You sure you tied it back when you finished?” Aviv struggled to keep up with Samson as the big man took long, quick steps, his frustration evident in every footfall.
“Of course I… No! She cannot have!” Samson lifted his head and peered into the crowd once more. His eyes scanned the vast array of brightly colored foreigners that flocked to trade in this border town. Finally, ceasing his search as realization sunk in... 
“She took it. That little minx took my coin purse. ”

Wonder what happens next, hmm?

Get your copy of this mythological fantasy tale today, readers! Just 99 cents for a limited time!

About the Author:

I am currently writing two fantasy series side by side. The Eternal Realm and The Priestess Chronicles. Both have elements of mythology and theology set in various historical time periods. They are character driven stories with all the elements of the classic heroic/epic fantasy genre. 

I live in Noosa, Australia with my husband and two young adult sons, where we run our family small business involving tourism and water sports. 

When I am not writing, you will likely find me kite-surfing, stand up paddle surfing, traveling or volunteering in some capacity. 

I am the great niece of Australian literary author George Johnston who is best known for his book My Brother Jack, which was made into a mini series with ABC. Although I don't write with the literary style of Uncle George, I have been told I write a compelling fantasy novel.

I find culture, faith, philosophy and sociology intriguing and these topics are at the heart of my fantasy.

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