Interview with Author Duncan Brown

My guest today is author Duncan Brown, comprised of a writer duo. Hello! Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age! It’s such a pleasure to have you both here. 

Hi, thank you so much for inviting us on your blog today!
Of course!    
Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out? Where can we get it?
Marie – Our book is an erotic comedy. It was co-written by myself and a great friend. It was never supposed to be a completed book, however after sending snippets to friends and family we were encouraged to publish the novel.

Emily – John Hunter: A Little Bit of What You Fancy is about a normal guy starting university with no intention of ending up as a gigolo after taking a job as a waiter in a posh hotel. We tried to create a comical yet believable side to the story and had a lot of giggles writing the fantasy and erotic situations that John encounters, leaving it open to a follow on of John Hunter- a little bit MORE of what you fancy.
You can purchase it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats.
It was published beginning of November 2019.


Is there anything which prompted this book? Something that inspired you?

Marie – When we started writing, it was never supposed to amount to anything serious. We started the book after a conversation we had had about a TV program, a documentary on prostitutes and was joking about a possible role reversal, and the funny side of some erotic scenarios. It went from there.

Emily – Marie and I both had the same day off in the week (amongst working and kids duties) where we were able to spend time plotting the story line and typing up the book. We found it flowed and proved a good read to friends, who kept requesting the next chapters. Sharing the same sense of humor, we found it easy to send each other fabricated stories or bits that made us chuckle, not all bits made it into the book but inspired the storyline and desire to finish the book…we are always looking and storing ideas for the follow on.

Nice! ;)

Let me ask a different question.

When did you know you wanted to write? Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

Marie – Again, it was really something we fell into. We never had any intention of it going this far.

Emily – The decision to publish a book, or become an author has never been my career intention. I have really enjoyed writing the book and it fills my free time that I have other than work and childcare. It’s an escape from when life becomes a groundhog day.

I love where the muse takes us! ;)

Do you have any favorite authors yourself, ladies?  
Marie – I personally like true stories, nothing like this book!

Emily – If I get time, I like to read a variety of genres. I do prefer a good horror or a thriller. Stephen King, R.L. Stine are my top favorite authors. I do love Jodie Picoult, having read most of her novels. The Kite Runner is one of my all-time favorite books that I could read over and over.

Okay, great!

Do you write in a specific place? Time of day?

Marie – We tend to write once a fortnight together. We are both busy mums who also hold down jobs as well as running our houses. Occasionally we both write in the evening when our children have gone to bed.

Emily – We had a system going where we would email bits over to each other whenever we had chance. I would try and add it all together on my computer and then when we did meet up, usually every other week or an evening, we would go over it and add.


Are there some words you'd like to impart to fellow writers? Any advice?

Marie – Be prepared for a long wait before you generate sales, it takes time and persistence. Don’t give up.

Emily – If you are passionate about your story, there will always be people out there who will buy your book! You don’t realize how tough the market and competition is until you first publish, but as Marie said, be patient. After the book is finished, the hard work starts. Promotion, persistence, putting in the time and effort is the key.

Too right!

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us here today at Writing in the Modern Age. It was wonderful having you!  :)

Readers, here is the blurb for John Hunter.
John Hunter is an average guy starting his studies at Oxford University. When he struggles to find extra money to fund his nights out, he finds working at a posh hotel as a waiter not quite the job he thought it was going to be, taking on the role as a gigolo where the clients are somewhat unusual.
This twisted, comical novel follows John through his first year of university, meeting new friends, experiencing some rather funny and embarrassing encounters, fantasy role plays and a secret he wishes to keep from his family and friends. The book contains all the filth you need for a good read, provides a giggle and are definitely left wanting more. It’s all about John Hunter’s journey as a gigolo, topped with a little bit of what you fancy.

Purchase Link:


Universal Reader Link:

Here is an excerpt from the book.

I was still in the room, it was gone 5 am and I sat on the bed thinking over the night, about how this could have happened, a million questions going through my mind.
She pursued me; did I give off the signals? I must have done. Was this even legal? Thinking back, I couldn’t remember much conversation between us; it was as if she had come to the hotel for one thing. Shit, what will people think? I can’t tell anyone about this.
Is it crazy that I keep the money? If I take the money, am I confirming that I am now a gigolo? Someone paid me for sex.  I can’t just leave the money though, can I? I have morals. God, so many things are running through my mind. I will take the money for now, but maybe I will donate it to charity.
I needed to get out of the hotel, so I took the back route down the stairs, avoiding the lift and the main reception.
The sun was starting to rise outside; although it was freezing, I decided to walk home as I needed to think this through. I was on a walk of shame, but with £200 in my pocket. As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I actually came off quite well from all this, although maybe I should have worn a condom if anything.
My thought process was this:
I have just had the most amazing sex with a sexy, older lady. 
The bonus being I got £200 quid for it, but at the end of the day, I would have done it for FREE! 
I am seriously considering seeing her again next week.
I got home at 6 am. It took me an hour to walk, but the air had done me good. Jimmy was asleep on the sofa, snoring face down. I crept into my bedroom and crawled into bed, still in my dirty, sweaty clothes. I sniffed the shirt where I had rubbed myself on Camilla and could smell her sweet perfume. I actually didn’t feel ashamed.
I was woken up by my phone ringing; it was my mum.

Sounds like quite a read! Add John Hunter: A Little Bit of What You Fancy to your Goodreads bookshelf, readers! :)

We'll be sure to check out this erotic humor novella

Get it now on Amazon!


Author Bios

Emily Brown is 35 years old, and has lived in Leicester since 2009, is married and has two children aged 6 and 9. In 2006, Emily received a degree in BSc Hospitality and Business Studies and went on to work and travel extensively in America, Africa, Malaysia, Australia and Europe. On return to the UK, she completed the A1 Assessor Award and worked as an NVQ Assessor with students from London, before moving to Leicester to get married.

Since 2011, Brown’s career has been as a part-time letting’s negotiator, which has enabled the production and completion of the book John Hunter: A Little Bit of What You Fancy, as well as being around for children-orientated responsibilities. Her writing partner, Marie Duncan, has been a friend since playgroup, and together their friendship has prospered for over 6 years. Both leading busy lives, it has always been mandatory to find time for each other, and with similar interests (dirty minds!) they wrote this book together in the hopes readers will share the same laughs as they did to create it.

Marie Duncan is all of us when she says, “Well, where do I start?”

Marie was raised in Leicester until aged 15, before going to live in Lincolnshire with her dad. Educational accolades include completing an NVQ in health and social care, which post finishing, saw her veer between jobs, enjoying life in every way. At 23 years of age, Marie gave birth to her first daughter, choosing to settle down in Leicester. Through the network of friends acquired from parent and toddler groups is where she met her future friend and writing wife Emily Brown.

Both writers had their second child at similar times and so with an unintentional joint maternity leave, the idea to write a book was born. Marie now has three daughters and holds a part-time job on top of running her household. Full on and working long hours as a support worker in the community still wasn’t enough to stop her finding time, with her partnering author, to continue writing their book.

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