New Release Feature: Samuel W. Reed and other writers’ MISCREANTS, MURDERERS, AND THIEVES anthology, plus a giveaway!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Samuel W. Reed, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your latest book! Samuel is introducing an anthology by him and various indie crime writers...

Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the book blurb for Miscreants, Murderers, and Thieves: A Collection of Short Stories About Devious Behavior.

Take a tour through the minds of thirteen of today's most talented independent authors in a crime anthology like no other. Miscreants, Murderers, and Thieves hosts a cross-section of indie writers from all across America in a unique compilation of diverse voices set to take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. From aging detectives trapped in a magic house of hell, to a doctor with a fascination for the macabre, to New Century City, where superheroes and super villains battle it out for supremacy, this is a genre-bending short story collection guaranteed to thrill you in ways you never thought possible.

*Enter at your own risk*

Featuring contributions from award-winning authors and wordsmiths such as Don Bapst, David Beeler, Shawn D. Brink, Dori Ann Dupre, Gabriel DiDomenico, Dane G. Kroll, Ethel Lung, Casey Mensing, Suzanne Crain Miller, Samuel W. Reed, Katherine Tomlinson, Will Wallace & Nicholas Zemin, with illustrations by Jared Sloger.

Release Date:  January 25, 2019

Genre:  Short Story Anthology, Crime Fiction

What else does Samuel have to say about this book?

Come and take a tour through the minds of thirteen of today's most talented independent authors in a genre-bending crime anthology like no other. Featuring contributions by award-winning authors and produced screenwriters for film and TV, this unique collection is sure to have a little something deviant for everyone.

How intriguing! Sounds like quite a read here!

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Here is an excerpt...



Also, for a limited time, you can grab this book for free on Amazon until February 8th. That's tomorrow, so hurry and get it while you can!

Claim your copy of this crime anthology today, readers!

About the Author:

Samuel W. Reed is a novelist, screenwriter, director, and film producer with a keen insight for emotionally impactful, character-driven stories. He was instrumental in the decade-long production of the groundbreaking disability-rights documentary “CinemAbility: The Art of Inclusion” starring Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, Marlee Matlin, and others. He contributed narration to the SXSW award-winning documentary “Take Me To the River,” starring Terrance Howard, Snoop Dogg, and Mavis Staples, and he served as ghostwriter on the Sony Pictures International film “Beyond Valkyrie.” His first novel, The Fabulist, was released in 2017, with a follow-up, Foolhardy, slated for Fall 2020.

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