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My guest today is Aubrey Brown.  Hello, Aubrey!  Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book?  When did it come out?  Where can we get it?
My latest novel, Ravenous, is a historical/paranormal erotica that has a spicy edge. It is book one in a three novel series. The sequel to Ravenous is entitled Hunger, and it just came out recently on Bookstrand.

Ravenous came out on February 27
th, coincidentally the same day of my husband’s birthday! You can purchase the novel on my publisher’s site, which will enable you to download and transfer onto ANY e-read or digital device; iPad, iPad mini, iphone, smart phone, laptop, PC, Kindle, NOOK, just about any device you have!

You can also purchase on Amazon: 

As well as BN:

Just about anywhere you can legitimately download an e-book!

You can also see my latest work and previous works at:

Is there anything that prompted Ravenous?  Something that inspired you?

I actually wrote Ravenous for a submission's call from a totally separate publishing company. I sent the story in and was told I had to change some of the content, which I was willing to do, but in the end, we could not come to a contractual agreement. So I sent the story into Siren Book-Strand, and they loved the work as is, and offered me a percentage I could not refuse.

My inspiration came from the submissions call. The publishing house basically gives you an idea and waits to see what you can come up with. I was told to write a historical piece about a young woman whom finds herself in dire circumstances, disastrous enough to send her into servitude to make her own way and then finds love. I was told to make the story dark and what is darker than paranormal, especially lusty vampires mixed with lies, sex, and danger?!

When did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I have always been a lover of the written word. I had a problem reading at my grade level in elementary school. So to overcome my delay, I decided to slay my dragon and read as much as I could non-stop. I eventually tested passed my grade level and entered into journalism in middle school and high school. I have also entered many short story contests and have won multiple awards. So transitioning into writing full-length novels was natural. I cannot imagine not writing. It is my passion and my calling. 

I know what you mean, Aubrey.  So, do you have any favorite authors?
I really enjoy Julia Quinn. She fuels my love of historical stories and drove me to introduce history to those who read primarily contemporary. I also love Steven King, enough said! LOL. This is such a hard question, because I enjoy authors much like potato chips. I really can’t love just a few!
Do you write in a specific place?  Time of day?   
I write at home in my lazy boy chair! I do not like to go into public to write. I get distracted much too easily, and I think those who write in public seem gauche, as if they WANT to be seen writing their latest novel.

I write when the mood strikes me, day or night. Sometimes my best writing comes to me at 2 in the morning, and I will break out the laptop and go to town! I must also add, when you have a contractual deadline, and you are close to said due date; you bust out that story faster than your fingers can move. I practice what I call, ‘push writing,’ which means I write non-stop. I have been known to write six chapters in one sitting!
That's impressive!  
So, are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers?  Any advice?
Never become discouraged. Everyone gets a rejection letter; everyone has a few bad reviews or non-supporters. Just keep holding on and your day will come. Write for the love of writing and not for fandom. Pour yourself into your work and make sure you love it and lastly believe in your art. For if you try to sell your work to a publisher and you do not believe in the story, they will know that, and they will not receive your sale as well as others. You have to convince them you are worth their time and their money to publish your novel. Never sell yourself short and not for one-second underestimate your ability to reach for the stars and touch the moon!
Wise words, Aubrey.  Okay, readers!  Here is the blurb for Ravenous.
Emma is engaged to a Duke, whom she does not want to marry. She tried in vain to explain to her opportunistic father and the Duke that she does not favor the match. There are rumors circulating through the ton, that the Duke is responsible for his wife’s death. Emma can sense an evil inside of him.

However, her father persists and the Duke threatens with physical violence. Feeling as if her life is in danger Emma must flee to a caste near the sea to be a governess to two adoptive children. She is employed by a man who is eccentric. There are no mirrors in the home, and he is never about during the daylight.

Gabriel has no idea who this mystery woman is, but he employs her to find out why she has come to his castle in distress. It is as if she came out of thin air. Which, Gabriel knows everything about; he has been alive for two-hundred years and has never met a woman like Mercy. He is a vampire that cannot read her thoughts.

They are both seduced by each other’s brand of mystery and engage in an affair that could lead to a deadly end. Gabriel is a vampire with a lust for Mercy’s blood. However, her secret may tear them apart forever. With her life threatened Mercy treads lightly and tries to find a way to love her Lord and forget her past.

However her past does come to find her and she is kidnapped by the Duke and taken to a place that Gabriel cannot find. Not until the end of this story does he realize his love for Emma is eternal.
Here is an excerpt from Ravenous.
He moved to the spot from which the smell was emanating. He leaned down and felt the
small pool. It was still fresh. He knew it was her blood before he smelled it and then tasted
it. He looked upon the ground and noticed that the dirt had two sets of footprints, one that
was minuscule and delicate, the other, big and booted. They were a man’s footprints. There
had been a struggle, and Emma was dragged off.

Gabriel’s  heart  contracted  at  the  scene;  she  had  been  abducted.  Perhaps  her  story  of
the  duke  had  been  in  truth,  and  now  she  was  gone,  and  because  he  could  not  read  her
thoughts, he could not track her. George finally made his way outside.

“George, she was taken; I cannot sense her nor hear her,” he stated.

“What shall we do, my lord?”

* * * *

The napper’s carriage

Emma was in a dream which she did not want to awaken from. Gabriel was holding her
in his arms. He was making love  to her,  speaking words of vows and  sentiment. He loved
her and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. He was there with her, keeping her
close holding her safe. She reveled in him. She loved him and forgave him. No matter the
fact that he was sterile, they would make a family with Rose and James.

* * * *
The earl’s castle

Whoever had  taken Emma was  shrewd  and left no  clues  behind  of who  they were. He
cursed his inability to feel her presence. He was angry that he had not listened to her before
she was abducted. She tried to tell him she fled her father’s home because she was in fear
of her life,  that  the duke’s  first wife was dead  for mysterious reasons. Perhaps  the person
who had taken her was working for the duke. She was sick, her headaches becoming worse.
Gabriel felt panic and pain all the way down to his bones.

She stated she was the daughter of a baron, and her accent was clean and cultured. He
cursed when he felt the sun rising. His body screamed for the sleep of his kind.

He looked to George and said, “She said she was the daughter of a baron, intended for
a duke. I believe she is from London. Go there now as fast as you can, this evening. I will
follow you. We have to find her.”

With that said he fled to the bottom of the house.

* * * *
The napper’s carriage

Emma awoke with a jolt. She opened her eyes and cursed at the pain she felt there. She
tried to move her hands to cover her eyes. However, they were bound behind her back. She
carefully  opened  her  eyes  and made  contact  with  two men  with  covered  faces  in  a  small
carriage.  She moaned  when  the jostling  continued.  She  felt  she  was  very  near  losing  her
stomach contents.

“Who are you and why have you taken me?”

The men stared on, not answering either of her questions.

“I see. You must be in the employ of the duke,” she stated.

Her body quivered  at  the  thought  of being  taken back  to him. She  knew  their  reunion
would not be one of  joy. He had warned her  that  she knew what would happen if  she did
not keep her place. She thought of Gabriel and could have wept. She would never see him
again. He was angry with her, and he would probably at no time want to try to find her. He
may believe she left, because she was a normal woman of the ton. Her heart turned over in
her chest. He would never know she loved him eternally, and would always hold him in her

Oh, Gabriel.

Gabriel heard Emma’s whisper to him in his sleep. He tried to claw back to wakefulness.
He was finally feeling her presence.

Emma! Emma!

Emma felt as if Gabriel was by her side comforting her, but she was in a moving carriage
and being fanciful.

“I will not submit to your employer. I will defy him at every turn. I would rather die than
be married to a murderer,” she said with a voice that was surprisingly strong.

“You may die for your words, my lady.” And with that said he knocked her once again

Gabriel heard  a scream  and  then  felt nothing but darkness. He was aware that sunset
was to be in a few hours. He just hoped Emma would survive until he found her.

Author Bio

Aubrey Brown was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has had a passion for writing for as long as she can remember. The first book she read, outside of a school assignment, was a pilfered romance from her mother’s collection. And she has been addicted to the written word ever since. She is married to her high school sweetheart and has one incredible son. She started writing to tell fabulous stories to those who want to read something different from the average erotica. She is a firm believer there is a happily ever after for anyone who has the courage and conviction to reach for it. 

Sequel to Ravenous:

Other book:



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