POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Jeffrey Gonell on Love

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a poetry spotlight.  In these poetry spotlights today and in the future, we will be showcasing poetry by some very talented poets.  These poets have graced us with their presence.  

With us today is poet Jeffrey Gonell.  Here is a little taste of his poetry and his views on love.

No Matter How!

Everywhere I looked I saw endless opportunity, and chances of great prosperity.

Everyone claimed that my mind was engulfed in lunacy, always criticize me endlessly.

I ignored the status quote and pursued what I believed, and what my heart would see.

All alone I embarked on a mission to achieve, the things I perceived, deep inside of me.

I never had happiness, I have always lived through great pain.

I had to find joy in loneliness, because everyone said I was insane.

They laughed at my so called hopelessness, all of my life force they wished to drain.

They all hoped to grow the emptiness, of my life that I was forced to live in shame.

No matter what I did, I was always denied of opportunity.

No matter how hard I worked, I was always pushed away from my own prosperity.

It's not a wonder everyone claimed I lived in lunacy,

If they were the ones who imposed the pain in my life endlessly.

No matter how much I fought back, I was never good enough to reach my dreams.

No matter how much I straightened out my life, I was not allowed for success at anything it seems.

At one time I used to be afraid to fight back, at all of the attacks, on my personality.

When I did learn to fight back, at all of the attacks, I was considered to be on the path of insanity.

No matter how kind I was to those who hated me, I was still considered a villain.

No matter how much I tried to give love and receive it, I was rejected by both men and women.

So why live this life, if in this life, alone I must live, and alone I must die.

So why die living a pathetic life, if I could die right now, and die with pride.

No matter how kind I was, it did not matter to no one.

No matter how loving I was, I got rejected by everyone.

No matter how sad I was, it never mattered.

No matter how hurt I was, they laughed as my life ended and shattered.

No Matter How!

When I Give You a Rose

When I give you a rose, it means I wish to be with you for the rest of the day.

You are the one I chose, to hold in my arms as we joyfully play.

When I give you a rose, it means I need to kiss you and it's what I want to say.

I want to hold you close, next to you I desire to lay.

When I give you a rose, I am just trying to tell you that I just may,

Be crazy in love with those, lovely features which you always display.

When I give you a rose, I am asking for permission to walk your way,

To see if I can remove your clothes, everyday for this moment I pray.

I really cannot bare, to see you without me.

As I look at you and stare, I need you to be,

Willing to share, and willing to agree,

I do really care, about giving you my love openly and free.

When I give you a rose, it's real and not a joke.

My eyes let out tears as my face gets soaked.

When I give you a rose, it's because my heart can catch a stroke.

For it has much love to give you so please don't leave it broke.

My love can take you high up into the air, and sit you on a tree.

I really wish to fly you up there, give you love and give you joy as we,

Exchange something that is really rare, true happiness as we swim in our sea,

Of our precious moment and I do dare, to find out if you are willing to marry me.

When I give you a rose, it means I can see the smoke,

Of the essence and beauty of your aura I wish to invoke.

When I give you a rose, it means my heart spoke,

Trying to tell you it has much love for you that it desires to evoke.

When I Give You a Rose!

I Wish To

I wish to stay, if you may, forever in your daze.

I wish to say, that I pray, to remain in your craze.

I wish to play, for you truly amaze, and have my heart ablaze.

I wish to lay, with you all day, and forever stay this way.

I wish to pay, the long way, to your heart with my soul without delay.

I wish to raise, the fact that my heart stays, alive for you haze.

I wish to chase, you through a maze, and trap you with my gaze.

I wish to love forever everyday, every way, for the rest of my days.

There is no equal, to the peaceful, way I feel when I'm with you.

I sense a retrieval, of something gleeful, when I'm reminded you are my boo.

I'll never be deceitful, so don't be fearful, for I'll always be true.

My intentions are not evil, nor am I feeble, with me you'll never be blue.

Ignore the people, your eyes will never be tearful, my type of love is new.

I'm the type to make an upheaval, of the medieval,  just to give you a romantic view.

My words of love are so lethal, probably illegal, like me there are less than few.

I'm the type to repeat sequels, just to make you cheerful, for you that is what I do.

My attraction for you grew, as the winds of love blew,

in your direction towards your beauty and I knew,

We were meant to be as a perfect two.

I also felt that you knew this too.

You are the one who, knew what I was going through,

When I felt crazy and stuck to you as glue.

I went insane over you with just one clue,

You were meant for me and I was meant for you.

I wish to fly, you high, to the sky, beyond the moon.

Hoping to make you my wife very very soon.

My best I try, to be your guy, and that is why, I hold up your sun at high noon,

I'm engulfed by the heat of your body like a hot day in June.

I wish to comply, with your rules and never lie, I rather die, than put on costume.

My loyalty is real and life without you would be my ultimate doom.

I'll never make you cry, no reason why, to even defy, the role you assume,

In my life that is why I am soon to be your groom.

I wish to kiss you, and continue, to make you giggle.

I wish to sprinkle, you with love as your eyes twinkle, leaving myself in you.

I wish to give you, my heart and rekindle, what you lost while being single.

I wish to issue, a worded symbol, of my love and forever leave it with you,

I wish to let you see it, read it, and comprehend the signal.

I wish to marry you, and forever carry you, to my bed it's that simple.

I wish to never swindle, not even a little, my love will never dwindle,

I wish to remain true to your trust, my heart will never get old nor wrinkle,

I just want to kiss you.

The flowers of your beauty has bloomed, and as I zoom, I smell your perfume,

I wish to plant my seed in your womb.

My oh my, my lips go dry, and I get shy when you walk by, making my heart go boom,

I wish to stay tuned, and get myself lost in your magical runes.

I Wish To!

Poet Bio

Born and raised in New York City music and sports was always a main thing for the youth of his time. Learning about music while also engaging in martial arts activities at a young age is not at all an easy task for anyone to go through with. Jeffrey Gonell has excelled in many different genres of art including Hiphop, book writing, and music production while working as a full time personal trainer, mainly as a Taekwondo and Pilates instructor. Life is but a thought in our creator's mind, a thought that Jeffrey Gonell wishes to grasp and express.


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