POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Pallavi Pissay on Love

Hi, readers!  We have a real treat in store for you today, a poetry spotlight.  In these poetry spotlights today and in the future, we will be showcasing poetry by some very talented poets.  These poets have graced us with their presence.  
With us today is poet Pallavi Pissay.  Here is a little taste of her poetry and her views on love.

U AND ONLY U….....

It scares me to even think of a life without your existence.....
Flowing tears from my eyes prove me that you are not a dream....
I would hide your pain in a place that you too wouldn't find it........
Your dreams exists in my eyes, you have to fulfill those dreams...
Seeing your smile, my heart starts dancing like rain drops on leaves...
My hopes get your support, they form colours of rainbows.....
What would I do without you, i would neither die nor live my life...
Your rights are on my breath; my breath is only u and u only....


You are my peace,
You are the sleep in my eyes
You are the soothing senses of my restless life……
You going far,
 Fills my heart with sorrow
Waiting for our next meeting, makes my heart shallow …...
Every moment my eyes look at the time,
Waiting for the night to end and morning dew to come 
 The time I can run to you , the moments where we can be one…..


Thoughts play with my heart asking….
What life is this, moments of your company and days of separation…..
I tell to my heart….
I’ll make garland of love from those little moments

Thoughts play with my heart asking….
Will this be our forever life, moments of our happiness and lengthy is our loneliness…..
I tell my heart…
My loneliness would be together with all the thought of my beloved

Thoughts play with my heart asking….
What if our fate plays this way….? What if I get my next life the same way….?
I tell my heart ….
I would take that another chance to adore my love for my next 100 years.


I loved you more than you loved me
My love was a game for you
But! Your love was worship for me.
Try to save what u can,
Even though you feel you can’t.
Try to love who hate you,
Even though you feel you can’t.
Life is full of hardships,
But I try to make it easy…
Life is full of sorrows,
But I try to make it happy
I miss u my love as much as I love you,
I can die for you my love as much as I live for you
Years have passed since I have seen you.
But , the days which are coming have all hopes to see you.


I don’t want to leave you .
But! I have to leave
Since my life is full of sorrows,
and there are no more dreams
You may forget me,
But I will never forget you
Because the moments shared by us
Are very special to me.

Oh my dear love, I am sorry for what I have done
Do to me anything but don’t leave me all of a sudden
Let us forget of what I have done
Let us be again one leaving all confusion
What your love has given is enough for this life
But! The day you have left me,
Has become a poison to this life
How life without u will be, I can never tell.
But it will be like hell which I never expected




You have other duties in your hand other than spending time with me
Let god take me far away to tolerate the pain of separation
You say “my life is just for you dear “but you hardly have few moments to give to me.
When u meet me somewhere you come late
When you are away from me you just forget about me.
when I complaint you tell me to leave my childishness
You say “you are not the only one to get the pain of separation
If you feel the pain then why do u come late when I question him
He replies that everyone has complaints from me.
What shall I say that I cannot tolerate separation

My heart fills with such pain that there is no noise
I cover the noise with my silence and I wash my pain with my own tears
I Wash my pain


Unaware of the pain I go through,
You ignore me and go to...
I remember the days we spent together,
Promising we would not leave each other...
Is this how u keep your promise,
Forget about meeting!  you even stopped calling...
Your frustration with life is building distance between us,
Showing irritation on us is what our relation is for alive...
Give me a reason to keep going with my heart,
Else pull my breath away from where ever you are...
Love this is not what I wanted in love,
I wanted you and that is all I want till my dusk.

Poet Bio
I, Pallavi Pissay am 34 years old. I am an Indian. I have done my MBA(HR) in Andhra Pradesh (Secunderabad). I have also done my diploma in the field of animation. My passion is music and my interest is to write poems. I have been writing from the age of twelve. I also write short stories based on love and romance. Most of them are romantic stories and some are on various subjects.
My poems are exclusively romance poems. Being an Indian, I have always been fond of LORD KRISHNA and he has always been my inspiration since then. I write my poems both in Hindi (National Language) and English.
I have always believed in true love and I want all my readers to believe in the same in today’s world when there is less of love and more of hatred I wholeheartedly wish to spread the message of love.
I have even opened a blog and Facebook page where I post all my poems.
I request all my viewers to check the links given below.  Friends! don’t forget to comment. 

Blog: http://pallavip9k.blogspot.com/

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/EHSAAS/177742472288723?ref=hl

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=88164348&locale=en_US&trk=tyah

Twitter: @PALLAVIP9K


  1. You've reawakened my love of poetry! I'm going Emily Dickinson in my soul. Thanks, Pallavi, for sharing your poignant poems.


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