Interview with Author Annie Edmonds

My guest today is Annie Edmonds.  Hello!  Welcome back to Writing in the Modern Age!  It’s such a pleasure to have you again.

Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out? Where can we get it? Chances:  Sammy's Story is an erotic romance. I didn't have to make it erotic and I have been thinking about putting out a second edition of it without the sex. It's a love story. And I really put my heart into this first published book. 

It was published on August 2,2013 on Amazon and came out a week later on Smashwords, B&N, ibooks, Kobo, Sonyreader, and a few others. 

The story is about a Jersey girl, of course.  LOL. Sammy is a widow who was married to a mentally abusive man. And now, two years after beating herself up for letting a man do that to her, she is finally ready to live her life.   Sammy decides this is the year she is going to take her best friends up on their offer to watch their home for three months on Siesta Key Florida and get paid for it. 

What she doesn't know is that while her friends Kelly and Garrett were having their Florida home remodeled, they were fixing her up with the handsome and very rich architect builder Jake Monroe. Jake is also part owner in a private members only BDSM club Called Desire.   Sammy wants to live and try everything she has missed out on, but Jake who has heard just about everything there is to hear about this beautiful Jersey girl is only worried about one thing. 

Will Samantha Raine be open to the kinky world of BDSM he has become accustomed to or will she run?  Jake is very patient and kind; he teaches Sammy to let go, and realizes quickly that she is everything and more that he has been told.   There a few crazy things that happen with one of Jake's jealous old girlfriends.

There are 100 pages of this book available on Amazon or Smashwords or any of the other distributors. And like I said, you can read past the sex and still find a beautiful love story.   

Great!  Is there anything that prompted your latest book? Something that inspired you?

I think reading all kinds of romance books had an effect on me. And listening to my sister, mom and friends talk about all these erotic books they were reading, some with vampires.   It was my mom who said, "Annie, you need to write a few of these books." I started to think about it seriously. 

What inspired me to write this book started with some of my own life's lesson's. I was married once before at age 20. And I wouldn't recommend marrying that young to any woman.   That marriage was not a happy one. I was mentally abused as my then husband was an alcoholic who cheated on me left and right.   I was lucky that I never contracted an STD. My marriage ended when he committed suicide a year and half into it. 

Back in 1984, they had no idea what panic attacks were. They called them chemical imbalances and ,of course, I became a young widow.

I think I wanted to write a little about that time in my life and so I let Samantha Raine have the honor of reliving those days for me.  

When did you know you wanted to write?  Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

I have always wanted to actually write something and have it published. I have been writing stories and diary entries for years. I wrote a children's book a few years ago and one day I hope to publish that too. 

Do you have any favorite authors?

Favorite authors...I would have to say E.L. James, of course. She paved the way for readers to talk openly about this very taboo genre Erotic Romance. Before Fifty Shades, women just read their books secretly. After her indie books went world wide, readers couldn't and still can't get enough erotica. She is one of the reasons I picked the genre. I also love Suzanne Collins with her Hunger Games series. and J.K. Rowling with the Harry Potter series. I have read them all. 

Do you write in a specific place?  Time of day?

Yes, I write at my dining room table. I have everything I need. And, as the whole world along with family and friends go about their busy days, I write. I am right in the middle of everything. I get questions thrown at me. I am constantly asked to watch something on the television and somehow I seem to be able to write. I need coffee, grapes, paper, pens, notebooks, lots of post-its. and pain meds.

The one thing that can derail me is my back.  I live with Chronic spinal pain due to a car accident I had in 1988 along with back surgeries. I am permanently disabled, but I am strong willed and push it to the limit.  My armchair has a thick cushion along with two thick pillows. I usually start writing and I can write for eight hours straight. Once I start to get sloppy, I know it's time to stop for the day. 

You are an inspiration to me, Annie.  So many people don't follow their dreams, especially after such circumstances.

Are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers?  Any advice?

What I would like to leave the readers with is that I know a little something about true love.   I have been married to my one in a million prince charming for almost 28 years. Mike is the man that picked me up and made me believe that true love does exist. 

Ladies and Gents, don't ever settle when it comes to love. If you're not seeing those fireworks or feeling that inner peace, then you're not in love. But, if you can't get that smile off of your face and he feels the same way, don't ever let him/her go.  Cupid does pull back his bow and when he does there is no escaping or denying your feelings. I got the fairy tale and so can you.  

Thanks for that, Annie.  As a hopeless romantic, I have to agree.  When we've found true love, we want others to be happy as well.

Readers, I have read a bit of Annie's novel and she is right.  Even non-erotica readers can appreciate the special characters in this book.

Here is the blurb for Second Chances:  Sammy's Story.

Samantha Raine was widowed at age thirty and now, two years later, she wanted more out of life than what she had in New Jersey. Her two best friends Kelly and Garrett offered her a job to watch their Florida beach front home for three months while they were away on vacation and she knew she had to take the chance to see if a change in scenery was what she needed to start her new life.

Jake Monroe was a well-established Architect builder who lived on Siesta Key in south west Florida. He owned his own construction company and was part owner of a private BDSM club called; Desire.

He knew Kelly and Garrett O’Hara because they were club members at Desire. He became great friends with them as he remodeled their home. Each day that Jake came to work, Garrett and or Kelly would bring up their friend Sammy from Jersey. After hearing just about everything there was to hear about this single young beautiful women for almost two years, he was ready to meet Samantha. Only Sammy didn’t have any idea her best friends had a plan for her with the most eligible bachelor in Siesta Key, and it didn’t hurt that Jake Monroe was a self-made millionaire. 

The only fear Jake had was if Sammy would be willing leave her vanilla sex life and be able to handle the kinky sex life that he was now accustomed to. Garrett assured him that Sammy was the perfect submissive, only she didn’t know it yet, and he couldn’t wait for her to get to Florida.

Sammy wanted to see and do everything she was tired of saying no to in life, and she knew that forgiving herself for letting a man take control of her life was the first step in moving forward. She vowed to never let that happen again and she was ready willing and able to go after her second chance at life and love.

With erotica, Romance and kink, this story will draw you in and make you want more.

Here is an excerpt.

She smiled and as she went to shake his hand, he took hers and brought it up to his lips than kissed it.  He never took his eyes off of hers, and she was shaking. Oh my god. Did he just kiss my hand? This guy is drop dead gorgeous and very tall, his arms are huge and he must work out. Focus, Sammy, focus.

She just lost her breath in his crystal blue eyes that were mesmerizing, just like Kelly said. The scent of his cologne was giving her palpitations; he smelled like a man should. “Hi, Jake, nice to meet you.” 
“Samantha, I am so glad we finally got to meet.”
She was gazing into his amazing eyes. “I figured if you were a friend of the O’Hara’s then it had to be alright for me to come out for a drink. Besides, Kelly has your name on a list she made for me of people to contact if I needed anything.”
Sammy lowered her head to calm down and then she looked up at him “Actually, Jake, you are number one through four on that list.” She giggled. “Am I talking too much?”
“Samantha, you’re not talking too much. Actually, I am stunned that Kelly has me on the one through four list.” They both laughed, and she calmed down. Jake had such a warmth about him, he asked her what she was drinking. 
“A white wine spritzer please.”
He motioned to the hot tan bartender and he came right over. “Keith, this beautiful woman is Samantha.” 
He smiled. “Hi, Samantha, what can I get for you?”
Jake spoke right up. “She would like a white wine spritzer, the good stuff, and can you get us a couple shots of Patron?” 
Keith couldn't take his eyes off of Sammy and then he looked at Jake. “Sure thing, Jake, why don’t you both have a seat and a waitress will bring you your order.”
As Jake touched the small of her back, he moved her in the direction of a nice table away from Keith the bartender, and he pulled out a chair for her and sat down across from her. She was impressed. “I have to tell you, Samantha, I have the advantage here. The O’Hara’s have told me a little about you. And when they told me you were coming to watch their home, I was going to make sure I reached out to you. I want to thank you for showing up tonight. I hate eating alone.”
A waitress brought over their drinks and some oysters and a few other appetizers to nibble on. “I hope you don’t mind me ordering. I have a habit of taking control.” 
“I don’t mind one bit. I actually like a man who takes control.” She giggled as he got a huge smile on his face and she started to blush. “I mean, I like a man who is sure of himself. Sorry, I am a little rusty and a little nervous.” 
He smiled, “You’re doing fine, Samantha.” And he touched her hand. 
“I haven’t gone out with a man in a long time.”
The evening was going great. They were laughing and once she had a few drinks, she relaxed. Jake realized that she was everything and more of what he had been told. Samantha was even more beautiful in person. And the way she dropped her head and put it to the side, she was turning him on. Garrett was right; she was very submissive and she had no idea. He thought she was sexy as hell.
And he loved hearing about her from her. Even though he already knew pretty much everything there was to know about her, he listened as this beautiful woman told him about her life back in New Jersey.
The only thing that Sammy knew about Jake was that he was first through fourth on Kelly’s list to call if anything went wrong, that he had a black lab named Rocky and that he was very handsome with amazing blue eyes you could get lost in. She was learning all about this very handsome man Jake Monroe and she liked what she was hearing. She kept thinking; why didn't Kelly say more about Jake?
“Samantha, it’s surprising that some man has not swept you off your feet in the last two years." 
She put her head down and to the side, “I would have had to put myself out there for that to happen.” 
He lifted her head up with one finger. “I guess you weren't ready, Samantha.”
She looked him straight in the eye after having a few wine spritzers. “I might not have been ready then, but I sure am ready now.” She blushed a perfect shade of pink as she heard that statement come out of her own mouth. He gave her a wicked smirk, but didn't flinch and didn't run; she asked him the one question she needed to know. “Jake, do you have a girlfriend or a wife?” 
He laughed. “No, Samantha. There is no one special in my life and I am not married. I almost made that mistake with a woman who was very wrong for me a few years ago.” She asked him what happened. “I had been working on a huge project for months and I found out that she was cheating on me, and I had no idea who this woman was.”
He opened up to her. “She lied to me about so many things. I have been extremely careful ever since, and it took me awhile to get back out there too, Samantha.” 
She was impressed with this man, he was an architect and builder and he truly loved what he did. He told her that he had done all the renovations on the O’Hara’s home. Sammy liked what she was hearing and that he owned his own company, that he started from the ground up. He was a self-made man. And she very much liked what she was seeing and hearing.
She realized he had said he did the remodel for Kelly and Garrett, and she started to blush again. “Was it something I said, Samantha?” She looked down and to the side. “It was just the remodel that caught me off guard.” He got this look on his face and he smiled as he took that last shot of tequila and bit the lemon wedge, then he shook his head yes. “Yes, I worked on that room for almost six months while my crew took care of the rest of the house.” And she started to laugh.
He had this wicked half smile on his face as he laughed with her and never took his eyes off of her. He loved her laugh and her nervous giggle; she was as perfect as Garrett had said. She blushed some more, thinking about him in that kink room putting together those wooden cabinets and hanging that leather swing.
While they talked and ate the grouper he ordered, they listened to the band who were playing old eighties music, and they each did one more shot of tequila. They were having a great time laughing, talking and touching; things were going so smoothly and everything was perfect.
Jake offered her the last couple oysters even though she hadn't eaten any of them. “I don’t think so.” She smiled and then she remembered change is good. “Okay, make me one.” 
He looked surprised than he squirted some lemon on a fresh shucked oyster and held it to her mouth. “Swallow, Samantha.” 
She looked into his blue eyes and answered right back, “Don’t mind if I do,” then she went for it. 
He was amazed that she had taken that oyster, then she asked for another. “Samantha, you’re really blowing my mind right now.” 
She loved the way he said her name, no one but her mom called her Samantha.
The night was going great but the Oyster bar was getting ready to close. The band was packing up; the bar keeper had called last call an hour ago. She didn't want this night to end. She also shouldn't have had that last shot; three white wine spritzer’s and two shots of tequila was just too much for her.
He asked if she was alright to drive home and she smiled, “Nope, I think you are going to have to drive me home.” 
“Good call, little one.” With the bar closing right behind them, Jake tipped the bar keeper a hundred dollar bill. He had already taken care of the check. Then he asked Sammy for her keys to the rover, she handed him her keys without a care in the world. He stood in front of her and as she got up, she looked up into his eyes and he gazed back into hers. “You have the most beautiful eyes, Samantha. 
She giggled, “And so do you, Jake.” 
He wanted to kiss her but he held back as he put his arm out so that she had something to hold onto. She squeezed his bicep and snuggled her head into him as she breathed in his cologne.
He smiled as he escorted her to the Range Rover. He opened the passenger side door and helped her in, then went around to the driver’s side and she thought he was a true gentleman. They started to pull away. “I should give you the address.” 
“Just sit back, beautiful. I have been to your house many times. I drove there every day for six months. I have also been to a few parties at the O’Hara’s. I think I could find my way there with my eyes closed, Samantha.” 
She sat back as the music played. She could smell his cologne and it was making her horny. It was only eleven o’clock and even though she had had a full day, she was ready for whatever this night might bring.
As Nora Jones was playing on the radio, he asked her how her trip was going and how long she was actually staying. “Well. so far. I have had a spectacular day. I am staying for three months and if the rest of the trip is anything like today. I think I just may never leave.”
Jake smiled that perfect smile he had and she giggled, then hiccuped, and they both laughed. “I think we should spend more time together, Samantha. Would that be something you're open to?” 
She smiled, “I would really like that, Mr. Monroe.” She hiccuped again then giggled, which made them both laugh.
When they arrived at her new home, Jake parked the Rover in the garage. “Stay here, little one." He ran over to the passenger side and led her out by taking her hand. She had her shoes in the other. He walked her to the door and unlocked it.
He walked right in and went to the refrigerator and opened a bottle of water. “Drink this, Samantha.” She hiccuped and then giggled, and he laughed. “I am going to hold your ears tight while you drink this water. She looked up and didn't hesitate. She just did it. She lifted the bottle to her lips as he placed his strong hands over her ears tight, as if her head was in a vice. She looked up at him as he said “Drink, drink, drink”, and she swallowed as much water as she could. And then he let go and took the bottle away from her lips and he watched her, waiting to see if the hiccups were gone. 
“You did it, they're gone. Thank you, Jake.”
“Would you like to take a walk on the beach with me? I really don’t feel safe walking alone at night just yet.” 
“I would love to walk with you on the beach.” 
He took his shoes off and opened the sliding doors; she told him she would be right back after using the bathroom. She walked out and met him on the patio; and noticed the Jacuzzi was running. She gave him a smile. “What do you think?” 
“I’m game if you are.” He smiled “Let’s take that walk on the beach first.” He held his hand out and she took it.
They walked in the powdery sand that was now cold as their feet touched it and felt great. “Jake, I am really glad that you called.” 
“I am really glad I called too.  I wanted to thank you for taking care of Rocky at the beach today.” 
She smiled. “I love dogs.  He is beautiful, Jake.  Oh, and I have Rocky’s tennis ball.” 
He smiled. “I have a feeling that there will be plenty of time for you to give Rocky his ball back. Hold onto it. He has plenty of them. I will bring him by one afternoon if that’s alright with you, Samantha.” 
“I would love that, Jake.”
As they watched the moon over the water, Jake felt what he had hoped for was standing right next to him. “I have had a really great time tonight, and I really would love to see you again, Samantha.” 
“I would like that too, Jake.” He faced her and took her head in his huge hands. He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip and he kissed her like she had never been kissed before. It was a slow, sweet wet kiss, one that she was not going to forget any time soon. 
He had waited a very long time for that kiss. 

Author Bio  

Annie is a Jersey girl born and bred. She has been happily married to the one man that stole her heart 30 yrs ago. She hopes to one day move to the sunshine state as the winters are hard on someone who lives with chronic pain.

She loves to write and has been doing it her entire life. In 2013, she reached a milestone birthday and decided it was now or never to write and publish her first erotic novel.  Second Chances Sammy's story is the first in her series of erotic romance novels. Annie is currently working on Master Mike's story.

Being an independent author or indie isn't always easy. But it can be fun when you start to write a blog that you love. She started Sex w/Annie on WordPress and it seems to have hit a sweet spot where followers are concerned. She post a Sexy Sunday blog for couples, singles every Sunday by 4 pm.

When she's not writing/blogging, Annie loves to spend time with her husband and family.  And being at the beach is where she gets her inspiration and can collect treasures from the sea. Her interests also include photography, gardening and she is a foodie that loves to cook.




  1. Thank you Marie, It was a pleasure working with you. I wish you much success on your newest book release..

  2. Loved it. Jersey (Annie) is such a great example of what we all should be. I love her. I wanna be like her when I grow up.

  3. LaRae I love you too funny lady! Marie I just changed my url and didn't realize what kind of craziness I was getting myself into. I'm now trying to find out where I posted my blog address's and change them to the new and If you could change these url's you would make this Jersey girl so happy. Hugs!! :-)


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