POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Devika Fernando on Love

Hi, readers!  In these poetry spotlights today and in the future, we will be showcasing poetry by some very talented poets.  These poets have graced us with their presence.  

With us today is poet Devika Fernando.  Here is a little taste of her poetry and an explanation on her style.

Love is Love

Love is two people respecting each other

But love is also two people blaming one another

Love is expecting wonderful things

But love is also an eagle without wings

Love is kissing the whole day

But love is also not finding the right way

Love is everything you desire

But love is also an aggressive fire

Love is two people holding each other

But love is also screaming at one another

Love is growing grass

But love is also splitting glass

Love is a protecting shield

But you know love is also a battle field.

Love is…

When people say they’re happy

When people say they’re just not happy

When you could embrace the whole world

When you want to be embraced by the world

When you want to sing with the birds through the ages

When the mute birds are caught in golden cages

When the sun is shining only for you

When the moon is crying with you

When you forget all your fears

When you’re washed away by tears

When you’re watching your soul grow

When the flowers are covered by snow

When four eyes are shining bright

When two hearts are open wide.

Love is…

The only thing you want to escape

Love is…

The only thing you cannot escape

Love is…

A thousand red roses on the floor

Love is…

A thousand people walking over them

Love is…

Swimming against the current

Love is…

Standing with the back against the wall

Love is…

A tamed animal

Love is…

Wild creatures of the dark

Love is…

The bullet everybody wants to be hit by.

The pencil to write your own story.

A little ray of light that gets you through the day.

The path to success

And the path to failure.

Love is Love


I’ve caught and captured you

I’ve got you trapped and tangled

You’re on the tip of my tongue

You’re beneath my finger nails

When I lick and scratch… hunt

I’ve taught and tortured you

I’ve got you dazed and confused

You’re in the hollow of my neck

You’re in the small of my back

When I nuzzle and cuddle… hunt

I’ve fought and fondled you

I’ve got you willing and weary

You’re underneath my skin

You’re eating out of my hand

When I embrace and lead… hunt

I’ve amazed and abused you

I’ve got you mingled and mangled

You’re on the edge of a dream

You’re on the verge of giving in

When I seduce and induce… hunt

I’ve caught and captured you

I’ve sought and raptured you

As I’m a huntress par excellence

Always on the prowl for prey

I’m your most persistent predator

Flashing a smile, wiggling a hip

I’m not hunting with bow and arrow

But I penetrate your very marrow

It’s not a hide-and-seek game

Instead almost a devil’s bargain

Beware when I’m out on the hunt

‘Cause once I’ve caught and captured you

You’ll be trapped and tangled forever

In too deep, too deeply in love

With a huntress

Let me decorate you

Let me decorate you with dedication

Let me adorn you with adoration

Gorgeous garlands out of compliments

Ostentatious ornaments out of smiles

Let me glorify you with generosity

Let me lavish you with love

Playful patterns out of kisses

Soaring structures out of caresses

Let me decorate you with devotion

Let me adorn you with affection

Enchanting emblems out of compliments

Never-ending necklaces out of smiles

Let me glorify you with gratitude

Let me lavish you with light

Beautiful bangles out of kisses

Captivating clothes out of caresses

Let me decorate you with determination

Let me adorn you with appreciation

Magnificent medals out of compliments

Fantastic features out of smiles

Let me glorify you with gracefulness

Let me lavish you with longing

Resplendent riches out of kisses

Triumphant titles out of caresses

Let me decorate you with delicacy

Let me adorn you with affirmation

Astounding armor out of compliments

Dazzling décor out of smiles

Let me glorify you with gentleness

Let me lavish you with luxury

Iridescent invention out of kisses

Marvelous memorial out of caresses


Poetry is actually my first love, although I mostly dedicate my time to prose nowadays. I already wrote short poems when I was barely able to spell, obsessed with finding the right rhyme. Much earlier than with stories, I switched from German to English poems because I felt that I could express myself better that way. While my first poems were mostly about love, about letting my own feelings out and about dealing with various situations in life, my later works also circle(d) around nature or various social issues, or can even be viewed as mini-stories.

I believe that poetry is perfect for anything and everything connected to love. When inspiration hits me, I enjoy exploring the myriad aspects of this vast and varied topic, from the sweet romance to the emotional downside of it, from the physical and philosophical side of it to related topics like jealousy, betrayal, friendship and loving oneself.

The first poem, "Love is Love", is a take on how differently people define love, and on how much baggage comes with it.
The second poem, "Huntress", plays with desire and with the ladies being in charge.
The third poem, "Let me decorate you", is supposed to show to what great lengths people in love will go to please their partners.
Poet Bio   

Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with her husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Besides being a romance novel author, she works as a German web content writer and as a translator. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.




 Other Books:

Saved in Sri Lanka - Book 1 in the Romance Round the World Series

Playing with Fire - Book 1 in the 4 Elements of Love Series


  1. I enjoyed reading your poetry, Devika. It's impressive...all the more so when I remind myself that English isn't your first language. You are definitely one very talented lady.

    1. Oh, thank you so much for all the praise, Christina! There were times when I wrote at least a poem a week, more to deal with my life than to specifically write poetry... Now, more effort (and still a load of emotions) go into my poetry, and I will never stop loving it.


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