Book Feature: Jeffery Martin Botzenhart’s Contemporary Romance Novella, PAINTED DESERT!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a spotlight on a book by Jeffery Martin Botzenhart, quite a talented author! 

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Here is the book blurb for Painted Desert.

Sung with haunting vocals, a spares fragile melody strummed in the dark on a guitar can be one of many disguises for the lonely.  Others, either victims of circumstance or of their own devices, stay hidden behind colorful masks and pretty decorations to shield their pain.  Yet these masquerades hold flaws for hearts searching to heal, revealing not desolate barren souls as no more than a painted desert, but desert angels waiting to lead the lost to the light. 

Jeffery is also giving us a peek at his book today!


Noticing the smeared lipstick on her glass of tequila, Rae stared at the traces of red, understanding how it reflected her life.  Like the bold and brilliant shade she wore, her life now lacked vibrancy in the transparent way the color stained the glass.  Hard years spent on the road had worn her spirit thin, leaving her a shadow of who she once was.  But night after night, the lure of the stage proved too strong to resist.  Grabbing her guitar, she’d pour her soul out through the lyrics she’d sing, leaving her feeling exposed and drained once her performances ended. 
            Was it the applause of her fans driving her on?  Hardly, she thought.  Most of the roadside dives on her endless tour were crowded with people drinking the night away taking the edge off wasted, unfulfilling lives.  Few paid attention to her.  And those who did either found a kindred spirit revealingly sung in the messages of her country torch songs or heckled her after downing too many shots of whiskey, or bottles of beer.  
So why keep going? She’d ask herself again and again.  The answer was simple.  For the last ten years, neither she nor the members of her band had anywhere else to go.  Those few weeks when not on the road were actually the hardest to endure.  After a restless day or so spent apart, they’d find their way back to each other and would soon be heading out, searching for another place to play.  It never mattered where as long as there was a stage and a bar.
Running her hands through her curly, red mane of hair while glancing at her image in the dusty mirror, Rae sighed, knowing she should take off her makeup but lacking the energy to do so.  In truth, it was more than that.  The eye shadow, powder, and lipstick masked the tired woman behind the disguise.  With makeup, she looked thirty, her real age.  Without it, more than once, she’d been mistaken for someone in her mid-forties.  Sometimes she thought of herself as a painted desert, pretty to look at on the surface, but bare and desolate when seeing past the façade.  Though never really a slave to vanity, she wasn’t ready to look as old or empty as she felt.
Hearing Clint snoring on the bed, she turned to watch his hairy chest rise and fall and his beer gut shake.  Sometimes they’d have sex after her shows but she didn’t love him and was sure he felt the same way about her.  Alcohol and loneliness fueled their ten to fifteen minutes of pretend passion.  At least he was someone to curl up next to when the air at night seemed a little too heavy and the darkness seemed a little too black. 


Hmm...there's definitely an interesting story here!

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About the Author:


So you want to know about me.  Of course you do.  So I will indulge your curiosity—at the risk of inciting severe boredom.  I was born in 1967 in Warren, Ohio and grew up in a rural, run-down trailer park in Southington, Ohio, where I eventually learned that white and trash were, in fact, separate words.
After graduating from Chalker High School I attended Kent State University, earning a Bachelor’s of Sciences degree in International Relations.  Yes, I earned a BS and can now BS in a most educated manner.
During my college years I enrolled in several courses that fueled my passion for writing.  But love, marriage, fatherhood, and paying bills forced writing to take a backseat for a number of years.  Finally in October 2014, Clockwork Heart, a romantic steampunk tale I’d written, was published.  And thus my side career as a writer began.  Still awake?


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