Interview with Author Serge de Moliere

My guest today is author Serge de Moliere. Hello! Welcome to Writing in the Modern Age! It’s such a pleasure to have you here.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book? When did it come out? Where can we get it?

My latest book came out in late February. It’s an erotic romance called French Kiss. It’s a little unusual because the female protagonist is Asian American. Interested readers can get it from Amazon in either Kindle or paperback formats.


Is there anything which prompted French Kiss? Something that inspired you?  

Yes. Inspiration comes in various guises-sometimes people, music, words, events or images. In this instance, the protagonist in French Kiss is an Asian American actress who has an unusual romantic encounter with a mysterious French director. While the story is entirely imaginary, the protagonist was inspired by a real Asian American actress whom I met about a year ago in NYC. She was extremely pretty, bright (grad degree), charismatic and intensely passionate about her goals. She has since moved to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. My character, Olivia, shares her passion, drive and intelligence, but the story itself is pure fiction. 

Nice! Isn't it interesting how the muse works? :)

So, when did you know you wanted to write? Or has it always been a pastime of yours?

Writing has been an interest almost as long as I can remember. Certainly, I played with words since I learned to read. I think I wrote a little picture book novella when I was eight or nine. Of course, I hope I’ve improved since then. Also, back then I never wrote any romance so my choice of genre has expanded quite a bit.
I got started at an early age as well.

Do you have any favorite authors yourself, Serge? 

Of course. There are many including Hemingway, Shakespeare, Margaret Atwood, Robert Heinlein, J.K. Rowling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Madeleine L'Engle, Flannery O’Connor, Anais Nin and Pablo Neruda.  I enjoy different authors for different reasons and the variety of styles of great writers is astonishing. All of them manage to create real people with hopes and dreams that readers can related to and perhaps learn from.  I am inspired and absorb technique and form from everyone I read.
That's awesome! you write in a specific place? Time of day?

Usually I write at the computer-anywhere there’s a computer will do (and hopefully quiet) because when you focus on the screen, it doesn’t matter where you are; you’re in another world.  Usually I write at home, though, where snacks are available and musical interludes can be provided by the genial host.

While I normally write during the day, I may continue through the evening if I’m “on a roll” (and have the time). I occasionally wake up in the middle of the night with ideas percolating in dreams (or sent by visitations?!). Then I often get up and jot down images, events or characters so I don’t forget them.

Makes sense to me. And I agree...the muse has no sense of time. ;)

Are there any words you'd like to impart to fellow writers? Any advice? 

Words of love, admiration and encouragement since we all need those! 

As far as advice, there is no better advice than that handed down from the pens and mouths of most great authors (which I often say to myself): Keep Writing!!!
Exactly! Such great advice.


Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us here today at Writing in the Modern Age. It was wonderful having you!  :)

Readers, here is the blurb for French Kiss.

Olivia is an attractive Asian-American actress unsuccessful in either her career or love life. She teaches at a local college where she is attracted to a handsome adult student. Later, she attends an audition for an indie film. She is startled when the director, an unseen shadow in the dark auditorium, commands her to disrobe. His French accent is strangely familiar. Are he and Jean one and the same? Things come to a head when she is summoned for a callback.

Here is an excerpt from the book. 

Olivia stood in front of the classroom trying not to stare. A lump rose in her throat, large and sour. She gulped, swallowed. Bright points of light flashed neon-gold against a wall of viscous gray. She swallowed again, blinked, and shook her head. The room began to swim.

If she weren’t careful, she would have another fainting spell. Due to a congenital abnormality, she had to be careful not to over-stimulate herself, lest she black out. She remembered the tilt table test, the pinch of the steel hypodermic, how she suddenly was nauseated, dizzy, tried to fight her way out of the binding leather straps as her vision turned gray and her ears buzzed. Then she lost consciousness.

Blinking, she was back in reality. The room was filled to capacity with students chattering or intensely preoccupied with their cell phones as if she wasn’t there. Only Jean was attentive, his body upright and strong as a slab of granite, glancing at her with a somber expression on his face. Had he noticed her distraction, the heat in her cheeks?

She shook her head hard, and strands of silky hair swept against her face. As her vision cleared, she pretended to study her notes. Still, she couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. His masculinity was magnetic; he literally shimmered with sexuality- the thick, wavy hair, the bulging, hairy forearms. Oblivious now, as he leafed through the text, he sat near the wall, perhaps a tad forlorn, eyes down, brow wrinkled. 


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Wow! Such great imagery and tension there!
It certainly sounds like an interesting book! We'll be sure to check out this erotic romance!

Author Bio


Serge de Moliere lives and writes in New York City. It is an amazing metropolis filled with energy and atmosphere. From it, he draws on the vast variety of people to inspire and inform the characters in his stories and novels.  He believes that part of the joy in creating protagonists is drawing on the diversity of the urban landscape and his heroines run the gamut of ethnicities. Genres include romance, erotic romance, science fiction romance, and fantasy romance.  He also writes contemporary stories in non-romance genres. His books are available on Amazon online. 

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