Book Feature: Aisha Malik’s YA Romance Novella, JEWEL!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a spotlight on a book by Aisha Malik, a talented author! 

We wish you lots of success on your YA Muslim romance!

Let's check out the details, shall we?
Here is the book blurb for Jewel: An Attempt at a Halal Romance.

Yasmin Colburn is a beautiful bookworm of Kadazan/American descent who is oblivious to her good looks. Prince Danial, 3rd in line to the throne in Mekar where they live, has taken notice of her. But between her aversion of the rich (or becoming a fan the way her friends were) and his Muslim struggle to lower his gaze and calm his senses around her, how will they ever reach a satisfactory means to pursue their attraction to one another?

Aisha is also giving us a peek at her book today!


Adrenaline coursed through his veins. The sight of her with her hair up, curls spilling against her pink cheeks and pouty lips made him reel. She liked him too, he could see that now. She had looked for him in the past week, had been wondering why he hadn't gotten in touch with her. And those beautiful golden brown eyes of hers had been easy to read. She wanted him, wanted him to kiss her. She had leaned in as he stood close, her lips parted...

And this was the very reason why he shouldn't have gone to see her in the first place. He was in danger of going against the rules he had set for himself the past year, so carefully abided by, only to undo it all in one morning.

Wow! There's definitely an intriguing story here!

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Thanks for letting us know all about your YA romance! It sounds fascinating! :)

About the Author:


Aisha is a can't-focus mother of three who is a physician by day and a writer by night. She dreams of opening a free home tutoring service for the poor in her hometown of Brunei in Southeast Asia. She attended medical school in Alberta, Canada. She writes under two other pen names.


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