New Release Feature: Halo Roberts’ FINDING MY ONE, plus Q&A!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Halo Roberts, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your latest book! We wish you lots of success with it. :) 

Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the blurb for book one in the series, Finding My Night.

Second star to the right…

I wish it were that easy. My father once told me to find my night, but I’ve given up. All that’s left is a tattooed reminder and the distraction that smells of jasmine whirling around my kitchen. ~Nick

He’s quiet, serious and so hot. I want to shake his world, and his bed, like a snow globe. But he’s my boss, and so far out of my league that we’re not even playing the same sport. ~Bree

Far from star-crossed, Nick and Bree are thrown together when fate, a guy named Frank, recommends Bree for the job as Nick’s personal chef. Cue the insanity with kittens, a crumbling mansion, and the cream puff fiasco, on a sweetly hilarious romp with delicious bits of heat. Spoiler alert: you may need to toss this book in the freezer periodically.

Finding My Night is good, sexy fun with low drama, no angst, no cliffhanger, and not one but TWO HEAs!

Release Date:  September 24, 2019
Genre:  Romantic Comedy, Billionaire Romance


Sounds like an intriguing read here!  

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Here is an an excerpt...


Slamming his hand down on the desk he snarls into the phone, “I can’t believe you’re going to miss this, it’s the biggest opening I have this year and you’d rather be on some damn boat…” his voice trails off and he drops his forehead to his hand as he listens, anger and disappointment apparent in the hard set of his jaw and those full lips.
Finally, after it seems like the voice on the line has talked forever, laughter comes through. I can barely hear it as I pause, not really even pretending to dust anymore. I watch his jaw flex as he growls, “Don’t bother, sweetheart, you’re not worth it.”
Dropping the dust cloth I cross the room, pull the phone out of his hands, and whisper into the speaker, “You don’t deserve him.”
Disconnecting on an outraged female voice, I toss the phone to the side and quickly silence all of his questions by smashing my lips to his, first insistent, then softer, deepening the kiss until our tongues swipe past each other and I can taste hints of coffee and mint. I straddle him in his office chair, and the growing heat between my legs tells me he’s happy I’m there. His shoulders relax under my touch as he slides his hands up my thighs to gently circle my waist.
Breaking the kiss, I look into his eyes, knowing they mirror my own, dark with lust, and breathe, “Let me show you what you deserve.”

Chapter 1


Snapping out of my reverie, I startle to find dark eyes peering into mine. Holding the dust cloth in his hand, he carefully shakes my shoulder, looking adorably annoyed. Oh my fresh hell, did I seriously just daydream sex while he was on the phone five feet away? Did I say anything? Why did I actually drop the dust cloth, shit, shit, shit, he is still looking at me, SAY SOMETHING, BREE, YOU FREAKING IDIOT.
“Oh my goodness, Mr. Mason, I am so sorry, I do not know where my head went.” I sound like a Southern belle, what the hell is wrong with me?
Carefully snatching the dust cloth out of his hand, trying not to visibly shiver at the heat of his skin as his fingers brush mine, I turn and attempt a graceful exit. “I’ll just finish in here later, I can see you’re very busy, I’ll just be in the kitchen,” I’ve managed to stumble to the door as he looks at me with concern that is quickly fading as he becomes distracted by some papers on the table.
Picking them up and crossing back to his desk, he mutters, “I’ve told you, Nick is fine.” Without looking at me again, he becomes engrossed in something on his computer.
“Sure, Nick, as long as you’ll call me Bree,” I reply so softly I’m sure he doesn’t hear. Carefully closing the door, I take my mortified self to the kitchen.
Leaning against the counter, fingers curled over the stainless steel edge, I let the cool metal calm me down. Daydreaming in the boss’ home office while he is on an angry conversation with Veronibitch. Not cool but salvageable. Lunch should go a long way towards glossing over my little faux pas, I shove off the counter and head for the huge double fridge.
Humming lightly to myself, I take stock and decide on grilled salmon, butternut squash in parmesan with brown butter and a good salad. As my hands prepare the fish for the grill and get butter melting in the sauté pan for the squash, my mind wanders back to my boss.
Nicholas Mason, art dealer and notoriously reclusive bachelor, the tabloids that follow Veronibitch say he’s 34, somewhere over six feet tall with shoulders that say he works out for strength. His dark hair is always carefully pulled back at the nape of his neck but if he let it loose – delicious shiver from belly button to hoo-ha – it would brush his shoulders in black waves that match the beard he keeps carefully trimmed. His clothes are expensive and perfect. Everything about him is perfect, it makes me nervous, it sets him apart; sometimes he doesn’t even seem human. Except for that one time…

Chapter 2

I had just started working for Nick, I was getting used to the job, probably best described as maid/personal chef, in his loft apartment in the heart of downtown. I couldn’t even imagine the rent, but if he could afford this, it made sense that he could afford having me come over every day to take care of the place. I fell into the job by chance, completely right place, right time.
I was in culinary school, close to finishing, but money was tight. Frank, one of the chefs in charge of my final course, was moonlighting catering intimate dinner parties for the high end art crowd. One evening, Nick happened to ask him if he knew anyone who would like to keep up the apartment and take care of his meals when he was home. His job demands a lot of travel and weird hours, so he was hoping to just hire privately and avoid all of the complications of a service. Frank, bless that man to the moon, recommended me, and after a background check and a five minute phone interview, I was given a trial. One week to make sure I was the right fit. That was almost eight months ago, and one of my favorite daydreams still centers on that first day.
I arrived at the loft, maybe fifteen minutes earlier than arranged, and let myself in with the key I was given by Nick’s business partner when I stopped at his office to sign the paperwork. A tall, cool-faced man with a long, regal nose and silver hair cut tight to his head, Sanford Williams, you may call me Mr. Williams, quickly outlined the job and handed me a key and a credit card so that I could keep the apartment stocked with food and other essentials.
As I came in the door, I heard music coming from the end of the hall. I recognized a few bars of an old song, the beat was heavy and the volume was loud. Smiling, I turned into the kitchen and passed through to the walk-in pantry to put away my purse and coat.
I walked back out to the kitchen, and there he was, his back to me, reaching into the fridge for a bottle of water that he cracked and gulped down to about half before turning. He jerked at the sight of me, sloshing a little water on his chest, but it was okay because the man was only wearing a pair of black shorts. Sweat glistening on his shoulders and little trickles running down through the curls of hair on his chest that narrowed into a delightful V disappearing into the band of the shorts, he made a funny noise between a gasp and a squawk before recovering.
I was busy trying not to stare at the beautiful ink swirling from his right pec around his rib cage and up over his shoulder. All black and shadows, his tats were done by someone who knew their shit; they were amazing, a blend of birds and gears and some words I couldn’t make out because I realized I was gaping like a fish and jerked my gaze up to meet his eyes.
His surprise had been replaced by a small smile as I stared at him, and I blushed right to the roots of my blonde hair and damn pale skin. He smoothly took in my dark jeans and fresh pressed white oxford.
“You must be Breanna, you’re early.” Not sure if I should apologize, I settled for a nod and looked around the kitchen as if I were interested in the equipment, which of course led me to wondering about his equipment, which led to a new round of blushing.
Before the silence could get weird, too late, I asked him some questions about routine, meal preferences and logistics, reminding myself that I can, in fact, be a professional. Nick seemed pleased and answered my questions thoughtfully before glancing at the clock.
In his deep voice, he formally said, “Well, Breanna, it was nice to meet you, I hope this works out well for both of us. And now, I need to get ready, I have buyers to meet this afternoon.” I smiled and asked him if dinner at seven would work.
He nodded and I watched his back, his ass, and that beautiful ink walk out of the kitchen.

And here's the blurb for book two, Finding My One.

Blue skies and dirt roads and peaches, oh my…

A real job with the family business or goodbye trust parents have lost their minds. The icing on this craptastic cake is setting up headquarters in some backwater southern town, complete with a partner...a growly, handsome, confusing, deliciously enticing partner. -Veronica

Her parents aren’t paying me enough. I’ve got a farm to run and a kid to raise, I thought they’d send someone that actually understood farming when they contracted me. Instead I get a city girl...a spoiled, smart, sassy, gorgeously tempting city girl. -Shane

Things are heating up in the country...

Featuring a very HEA, minimal drama, minimal angst and no cliffhanger, just a whole lot of steamy good fun!
Release Date:  November 8, 2019
Genre:  Romantic Comedy


Also sounds promising!  

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Great teaser! Love the tension. ;)



What people are saying about Finding My One...


"Finding My One was an absolute joy to read. I was hooked from the first chapter and I couldn't put it down. A wonderful small town romance and one I highly recommend."
— LynnStifle, Amazon

"Sweet and steamy. Once again Halo Roberts hits us with a fast paced love story that left me swooning. I loved Shane and Veronica together! Veronica is so much more than I thought she was when she was introduced in Finding My Night."
— The Lusty Literarians, Amazon
"A five star whirlwind romance! Shane and Nica’s story is absolutely beautiful. Not only do they both find love, but Nica finds her true self and a happiness she’s always wanted.💕 Highly recommend!"
— Kristina Simkins, Amazon

"Awesome opposites attract romance! Oh my goodness, I loved this book so much! First I have to confess that when I first realized this book was Veronica’s story I wasn’t very excited. I thought I knew exactly how things were to going to go and I had all the eye rolls ready. However, I couldn’t have been more off the mark. From the first page to the very last I was hooked. This story had the perfect trifecta of slow burn, sweetness and steam. I loved getting to know Veronica and Shane as well as the small town of Gravity. Even after putting the book down, I have a silly smile on my face and can’t wait for the next book."
— Summer, Amazon

Wow, fantastic!


Let's chat with the author for a bit...


Halo, it's wonderful to have you here on Writing in the Modern Age! Glad you could stop by!

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? When did your first book come out and where can we get it?
I am Halo Roberts, I like dark coffee and darker beer, but there's nothing at all dark about my books. I write sexy, fun romantic comedies because I like to make people laugh and blush at the same time. Usually a character pops into my head and my instinct is to determine how that particular person could win the 'love lottery' and what fun situations could they get into along the way? I'm a big fan of dual POV and my husband says I speak 'dude' with surprising accuracy.

Finding My Night went live on Kindle Sept 24th, and I kept right on trucking. I widened the reader group and got enough really great feedback, including huge support for Veronica to have her own book, so I continued on with the story and wrote Finding My One, which is a new release as of November 8th.



A lot of readers love origin stories. What inspired you to start writing?

I got into writing seriously very recently, until then it was dabbling around across several genres and not finding my niche. One day I read a romance novella that had great characters, a solid story line, supporting cast, the whole she-bang, but about 70% of the middle of the book was dominated by a misunderstanding that kept the two main characters apart until they finally found resolution and hooked up for their HEA. Now I am all about a conflict that needs resolving to get to the fun sexy times, but the problem here was that this was a very simple misunderstanding that should have been easily resolved with simple communication. 

All right. 


Let's try something else.


How did you come to write rom coms?

Too often I feel like the conflict is sort of phoned in and not thought out well enough to make it realistic that they would be apart for a while. Anyway, with that little pet peeve irking me, I set out to try my hand at a romantic comedy that featured a dual POV, minor conflicts that could be resolved intelligently with good communication, and minimal unnecessary drama. In short, I wanted to write a funny sexy book that left people smiling. 

One month later, Finding My Night was in the hands of my beta readers and they loved it! It was my first foray into really flexing my comedic muscles on paper (so to speak, I always type, I am the slowest hand writer on the planet...seriously, it's awful).


Isn't it awesome how the muse works? ;)


One other thing...


I'm sure readers are curious about your next project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now, or is that a secret?

I've got one more book officially planned for this series. The third book, Finding My Safe, will be released in early 2020. I've got several other standalone romantic comedies underway as well, and I am going to be a part of two anthologies due in the spring, so there will be plenty of Halo to go around! If people are laughing and sighing, I'm going to keep on writing!

Nice! Thanks for visiting us, Halo! :)

Get your copy of this romantic comedy today, readers! Only 99 cents for a limited time! :)

Or check out the whole series!

About the Author:

Keeping the angst low, the drama low, the characters intelligent, the wit quick and the sexy times steamy is my goal. My books are sweet and steamy with plenty of snarky inner dialogue and always, always, a happily ever after.

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