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Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Christal Mosley, a talented author! 
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Here is the book blurb for Harden Fields Duet Boxed Set.

Welcome to the small southern town of HARDEN FIELDS...where the sun is hot, the tea is sweet, and love is in the air.

THIS SIDE OF FOREVER: Laney Oliver is ready to start a fresh new life – one without the constant reminder of the one who broke her heart. Four years have passed in the small southern town of Harden Fields, and Jeremiah Cutler - the bad boy who broke her heart - is back for the summer with every intention of winning her back. But will Laney be able to let her guard down in the name of a once upon a time true love?

NEVER SAY NEVER: Jonah Cutler and Kasey Massoney have known each other just short of forever. In a moment of weakness, they decide to take their friendship to a different level...with no strings attached. But neither of them intend for things to go so far. Falling for one another was never part of the plan. But soon they learn you should never say never. 

Release Date:  October 21, 2019

Genre:  Contemporary, Inspirational Romance

Sounds like quite a read here!

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Here is an excerpt...


“He left and now he’s back, end of story.” I shrugged my shoulders. “He doesn't owe me an apology.”
Au contraire, my sweet, innocent dove,” Kasey replied. “Jeremiah Cutler owes you more than just a simple apology. He owes you an apology, a house in the Hamptons and a yacht, for the way he treated you.” She narrowed her eyes. “I know you're thinking to yourself...why? Why Kasey Massoney, why should he apologize? Well, Laney Oliver, I’m glad you asked. Maybe, because he left you without warning. Maybe, because he took your heart and smashed it into a million tiny little pieces. And maybe, just maybe, because he didn’t think about it for a second otherwise.” She huffed, then mumbled again angrily. “Doesn't owe you anything...yeah, he’s definitely on the list, for sure.”
She walked around her car, opened the door, and slid behind the wheel
“Thanks for the recap, Kasey, but Jeremiah has moved on, and so have I.” I opened the passenger side door and slid into the seat beside her, waving her off.  “It’s no big deal. Really.”
Kasey studied me, and then shrugged as she cranked the engine. “If you say so, Doll.”
The bright red Firebird roared to life. She put her sunglasses on and peeled out of the parking lot, leaving only dust and distaste behind. 
After tucking the last of my boxes from our dorm into my Jeep and the last of Kasey’s into her Firebird, we both drove to Harden Fields, pulling into my driveway a couple of hours later, just before sundown.
I stepped out and took a deep breath.
I sat in the driver’s seat of my Jeep, contemplating getting out.
Stepping out meant accepting the challenge before me. It meant accepting that I was going to be only thirty-seven footsteps away from the Cutler’s front porch for the entire summer. It meant I was going to be only thirty-seven steps away from him. And I suddenly didn’t feel so strong.
I tore my eyes away from the neighboring house and looked up at my own. Though my mother traveled a lot – especially these days – the house always looked inviting, with its massive front entry doors that always looked ready to swing open at any given moment to greet its guests with open arms. With the Cutler's living right next door, my parents had always felt safe about leaving me and my sister alone when they had to travel. But since I had been off at college and the trips had become more frequent on my mother’s end, my dad had decided to step into a more diligent parental role. And with Alyssa acting out in her more recent exploits of rebellion, his sudden decision to step up to the plate couldn’t have come at a better time.
I finally stepped out of the car and shut the driver’s side door. I walked up to the front of my house and started up the front steps. I looked up at the large wooden doors, always warm and inviting, their welcoming arms ready to open.
I took a deep breath and glanced back in the direction of the Cutler’s house and Kasey followed my unintentional gaze. She snarled, an audible growl sounding from her direction. Every girl needs a best friend, and I was lucky enough to have found two in Jonah and Kasey. Kasey was everything a best friend should be – she was kind and loyal. She was always around, whether you needed her or not. Her allegiance ran deep, and for that, I was thankful.
I stopped on the top step when I felt heavy eyes on me. I turned my head, focusing my eyes across the street. The boy next door… or at least, he used to be. Now, he was just a ghost from my past.
Jeremiah Cutler stood on the front porch of his house – the one he’d grown up in, the one he'd stole his first kiss in, the one he'd left in search of something more. He stared at me, frozen. Hands in his pockets, eyes locked on mine. I thought about offering a distant, but friendly wave, but decided against it. My heart was racing and I was suddenly afraid the repair job might start to show its wear and tear. So, before doing something I regretted, I made my disappearance through my front door.
When I was completely out of sight, I let out a defeated sigh, hoping and praying that Jeremiah wouldn't show up at the dock party I had been suckered into going to the next day. Somehow, I was certain that with my luck – and a betraying silent hope – it wouldn’t be the case. I didn’t know if I was ready to face the boy who broke my heart. And I knew he wasn’t ready to face the girl with four years worth of pent up heartache.
Yep, this was going to be a really long summer.


 Jonah,” Kasey said into the night air. Almost as a whisper. Perhaps, unsure if it was really me walking toward her in the darkness. Or if the figure walking toward her was real, at all. That maybe it was all just a dream.
“Jonah,” she said again, jumping to her feet, calling out my name audibly this time, making her strides quickly to meet mine. Almost running, now, from her perch on the porch, she threw herself into my arms, then slid away slowly.
“Oh my gosh, Jonah. I didn’t know what –”
She was stumbling all over her words. Not making any sense. There was confusion, concern, and potential despair swirling around her in such thick ribbons, I could feel it.
“Where’s Laney? Is she safe?” She shifted anxiously. “I didn’t know what else to do, so I came here to wait, just in case, you know.”
I couldn’t blame her for worrying. Laney was her best friend. And after what we had all just, Laney would surely be in need of support. I had already fulfilled my duty as best friend, extraordinaire. Finding her exactly where I knew she would be.
But she was with Jay now.
And though it stung, I knew he would take good care of her.
Kasey started to ramble nervously, shifting from side to side. I had never noticed before how she did that. Had nothing ever made her nervous before? Or had I just decided to finally open my eyes…to finally see her?
“I looked everywhere I could think of. And when I didn’t find her – I just –” She ran her fingers through her hair. “I just didn’t know where else to go or what to do. Am I a terrible friend? For not knowing.”
She continued to grip her phone tightly in her hand – still waiting for it to sound, hopelessly searching, wanting to hear her best friend’s voice on the other end of the line. To know for certain that Laney was safe and that her pain-stricken heart had somehow eased from all of the undeserved drama in her life. 
Kasey was so sincere. Her love for Laney was deep. I could understand. Laney was my best friend, too – we’d been best friends since we were kids. My feelings ran just as deep, maybe even deeper. But I couldn’t think about that now.
I stared at Kasey silently, studying her. Her tears were still stinging her eyes, causing them to redden along their edges. I wanted to touch her, to heal her. It was a strange feeling that I always got when I was around her. Like I needed to save her, to protect her. But I didn’t want to think about that either.
Without another word, I reached around her waist and pulled her body into mine, crushing my lips to hers. I caught her off guard, but after the realization set in, she met my kiss feverishly, like I was a conquest she’d sought after for longer than she cared to remember. Like my kiss was laced with a taste that she had craved all of her life. Like I was everything that she’d ever wanted or needed.
And maybe I was…
But I pushed that thought aside, too.
I wanted to forget my perpetual misery. I wanted to feel hollow and numb. I wanted to forget that I was in love with a girl who would never be mine. I wanted to forget that my heart ached for Laney Oliver to love me the way I loved her.
Laney would always have my heart, but she would never be mine – I knew it, everyone knew it. Her heart belonged to someone else, and it didn’t help matters any that the particular someone who held her heart captive just happened to be my cousin – who, for all practical purposes, was like a brother to me.
Jay and Laney had something special, and though it killed me for her to be with him instead of me, I completely understood his love for her. And though, I felt like I was in my own personal hell every time I was in their presence, they were my family, and my two best friends in the entire world.
And since my aching heart loved them both, love won out over the hurt.
I admit, it helped ease the hurt a little that the three of us now had a sustaining agreement and understanding – if Jay ever hurt Laney again in any way, shape, or form, I would wound him so badly that he could only have wished that I would have killed him in sustained mercy, instead.
And I would hold up my end of our agreement until the end of time. That’s how deep my love ran for her.
And the fact still remained that Laney came to me for everything – advice, comfort, just to talk or sit in contented silence – and that felt good. I would always have that role in her life. It was just not the one that I had always longed for.
I loved Laney Oliver more than my own life. I would always love her. She would always have a piece of my heart and I would always covet a piece of hers. But she would never completely be mine. Not like the way she was with Jay. I would never have her for my own. They were soul mates. And truth be told, I was happy for them.
I didn’t want to admit it, but I envied Jay. Not because of Laney, in particular. I mean – sure, it sucked that he got to be with the girl of his dreams…and mine. But I could only hope and pray that a girl like Laney Oliver would come along someday, and would completely consume me in the same way that she had with Jay.
Forget hope, I longed for that day. But today was not that day. Because Kasey would never be that girl. Even if I wanted her to be.
I didn’t want to think about that either.
I continued my feverish take of her lips, and threaded my fingers through her dark tousled tresses. I chanted to myself to push Laney’s magnificent, goddess-like image from my mind, but she was ever present, just as she had been every day since we were young.
Kasey would be a good distraction.
Exactly what I wanted.
Exactly what I needed.
A distraction…
I would be moving off to the city soon and traveling with the team starting in the spring to away games. My life would soon be full of distractions. At least enough to make it through a few months, a few years… And then, maybe after a while, maybe then, who knew…maybe Laney –
No, I needed to forget about Laney. She was with the only person who would ever own her heart, I knew that for certain. And that person wasn’t me.
I knew I should have been focusing on the diversion pressed up against me. But somehow, images of Laney’s bright eyes and natural smile, that were both like windows to her soul, kept creeping back into my mind. That was the part that sucked the worst. How we were connected on a level that even I didn’t always understand. And I knew without a doubt, I would never be able to shake her hold on me. I wanted to be – oh, how I wanted to be – free. But I would never be free to feel for another girl the way I’d felt about Laney Oliver our entire lives.
I opened my eyes to see Kasey’s hooded stare. She was here. With me. I would just have to push harder. And so, I did.
I continued to push and pull Kasey’s lips with a force so intensely against mine, leaving her breathless.
I liked knowing that I did that to her. I liked being able to take her breath away, leaving her wanting more with just a simple kiss.
But was that what this was? A simple kiss, nothing more.
I pushed that thought aside, too, sweeping it under the rug with the rest of the thoughts and feelings I didn’t want to tackle at the moment.
I knew it wouldn’t last, but I didn’t care. I needed someone, something more, to take over my thoughts, my existence.
Kasey would never be Laney.
But did I really want her to be?
As I dove deeper into our kiss, I pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her body, and allowing myself to get lost in the moment. Lost in her.
Before tonight, Kasey was almost irrational when it came to me. Obviously driven to insanity since I had paid her no attention over the past couple of years, other than the little time with Laney as our median.
The truth was that I had noticed her.
It was hard not to.
But she always had someone waiting in the wings. And I didn’t want to get wrapped up into all that. No girl was worth all of that drama. Not even Kasey Massoney.
Kasey was a game-player. She wasn’t used to being played at her own game. I had simply made her just crazy enough to follow me around like a lost little puppy and basically beg for me to take notice during the entirety of our college experience. I probably should have felt bad for causing her so much senseless angst, but she deserved it.
And she kept coming back.
While she was supposedly infatuated with me, though, she was still out there playing the field. And that’s never been my speed. I didn’t want the games, I wanted real. And maybe one day I’d have it.
But again, that day was not today.
Right now, all I wanted was a distraction. And for that, Kasey would be perfect.
I knew what made Kasey tick. I knew exactly what kept her coming back again and again. To Kasey Massoney, I was a challenge. Someone that she couldn’t have. Someone that intrigued her. Someone who made her pursuit the best game ever.
Kasey pulled away slightly from my lips, panting and breathless from my kiss…only to crush her mouth onto mine once again. This is what she had sought for so long, and I was in no frame of mind to deny her what she wanted. So, I picked her up and held her closer. Our lips meshed together, one teasing the other, and my hands tangled in her dark gold-kissed strands. I felt breathless against her powerful, electrifying kiss.
Yet, I felt as if I was finally breathing for the first time.
My heart jumped like it had been shocked with high voltage.
Electricity surged through my body.
I squeezed her tighter, tasting every bit of her sweet kiss. Then, I pushed away all the thoughts of what electrifying kisses might mean in the grander scheme of things.
A distraction, I kept chanting to myself.
That’s all that Kasey Massoney would ever be.
Never anything more. 


Get your copy of this inspirational romance boxed set today, readers!

About the Author:

Christal Mosley is the author of books for all ages, including contemporary romance, young adult, and middle grade fiction. Her words are usually funny, sometimes sweet, and typically full of charm and southern sass. She’s a #boymom, so things are never dull, always loud, and typically caked in dirt. When she’s not whirling through the local coffee shop and carting her tribe to their next adventure, you can find her writing, having a car concert, or heading up the next dance party in her kitchen. And like any true southern girl, she loves iced tea, Jesus, a good rom-com, and spending time with her family. She lives in Alabama with her husband and their three boys.

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