New Release Feature: Faye Hall’s VANITY & HUMILITY, plus Q&A!

Hi, readers! We have a real treat in store for you today, a new release by Faye Hall, a talented author! 
Congratulations on your latest book! We wish you lots of success with it. :) 


Let's check out the details, shall we?

Here is the book blurb for Vanity & Humility, book seven in the Sins of the Virtuous Series. 

What if vanity threatened to destroy the only love you've ever known?

Detective Ethan Brant is on the hunt for a murderess who is seducing her victims and stealing collections of diamonds from each one. When the woman he suspects becomes his father's newest wife, Ethan's fears multiply. He's determined to protect his only remaining family member, no matter the cost.

All of his attention is focused on bringing the guilty party to justice. He has no time for, or interest in, women. But when he discovers a beautiful, young woman swimming at the lake on his father's property he feels an instant attraction.

Cady Eldon's history with men taught her it was foolish to lose her heart to one. But when she meets Ethan, she can't ignore the fire that burns inside her, making her long for the feel of his skin against hers. Discovering that he's a police detective, she becomes intrigued. Why would a man whose family is wealthy want to live so humbly?

Her attraction to him, and her interest in the murder case he's working on, pulls them together on a journey north where they become entangled in the manipulative web of the murderess Ethan is chasing. Ethan and Cady soon learn just how cruel one woman's vanity can be and how she will stop at nothing to get the riches she believes she deserves.

Will their love survive, or will they fall victim to the greatest sin of all?

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence

Release Date:  October 18, 2019
Genre:  Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense


Sounds like an intriguing read here!  

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Here is an an excerpt...

She shrugged, looking as if her answer was obvious. “My uncle needed an extra set of hands on the farm, so I offered to help. I don’t think I was very good at it, but I managed to plant several drills by the end of a single day, and my uncle seemed happy with my efforts.”
“You actually worked on the farm?”
She giggled at his shock. “You needn’t sound so surprised. Anyone would think you’ve never seen a woman work before.”
“Other than applying layers of makeup to their faces, I haven’t. More to the point, the layers of clothing you all wear don’t allow for much of anything. Certainly not any form of physical labor.”
“That’s why I wore trousers.”
“You did what?”
She giggled again as she went to swim past him and toward the bank. He reached out,
stopping her.
“I didn’t mean to offend you. I just found it so hard to believe what you were saying about your lifestyle up north. You are like no woman I’ve ever known.”
She waded in the water beside him. “There’s no offense taken, nor was your reaction the reason I was leaving. I just need to return to the garden before I’m missed.”
Still, he held her arm, gazing at her beauty. Focusing on the darkness of her eyes, he longed to drown in them, allowing himself to be consumed by this woman. Usually, he avoided any contact with the females he encountered, the mere thought of touching them repulsing him and reminding him of his last encounter with a woman. But here—now—he longed to pull this woman closer to him, to feel her skin against his.
“I don’t want you to go.” The words were being dragged from him, forcing him to make an admission he never thought to.
She pulled her arm free from his hold. “Yet I must.”
He watched her swim to the bank and step out of the water, her undershorts and chemise clinging to her. She was a shapely woman, her wet garments emphasizing her every curve, making him hunger for her in a way he never had for any woman before. Confusion filled him as he watched her pull on her simply styled, blue dress, quickly hiding her revealed self from his gaze. The few women he’d spent time with in the past had never created feelings in him as she was now. Usually he couldn’t wait to be separated from them, but watching as Cady finished dressing, preparing to leave him, a form of emptiness filled him. He had just met this woman. He wasn’t ready to be parted from her yet.
Swimming toward the bank where she stood, he stepped out of the water and quickly pulled on his trousers before walking up behind her. Only inches separated them, and he ached to reach out and touch her, but he didn’t want her to think that was all he craved from her.
“Do you really have to go?”
Turning to face him, she continued buttoning her gown. “You actually want me to stay, don’t you?”
He nodded.
“Why?” she asked.
He reached out to her, shifting a wet strand of hair back from her face. “Because you’ve stirred emotions in me I thought were long dead.” His hand dropped back to his side as he sighed deeply. “The brief past I had with women back in England taught me it was safer for me to keep my distance from them. I certainly never tolerated spending any length of time with them, listening to their gossiping. But you’re nothing like those women, and I find myself craving to share so much more than these past minutes with you. Listening as you’ve told me about yourself has been the most interesting evening I’ve ever spent with anyone.”
She raised an inquiring brow. “And I should believe your interest has nothing to do with you seeing me half-naked?”
“I found you fascinating long before you stepped out of the water and I saw you in your underclothing.” As he watched the slight blush fill her cheeks, her gaze averted from his, pleasure shot through him. “I’ve yearned to know more about you since the moment I met you.”
Her gaze slowly shifted back to his. “Then that’s a feeling we share, but I fear we shall have to leave our mutual discovery of each other to another time. Right now, I need to return to the gardens.”

Wow, fascinating! Love the tension. ;)


Let's chat with the author for a bit...


Faye, it's wonderful to have you here on Writing in the Modern Age! Glad you could stop by!

Can you tell us a little bit about your book? When did it come out and where can we get it? & Humility is the seventh, and last, book in the Sins of the Virtuous series. It was released October 18th and available from my publisher Beachwalk Press, as well as on my website and all good online book stores. This book deals with the heartbreaking sin of vanity, and how one woman will go to all lengths to destroy the love growing between the hero and heroine. This Australian Historical Romance of crime, scandal and love takes the reader on a journey from England, to Rockhampton, and up to Jarvisfield.



A lot of readers love origin stories. What inspired you to start writing Australian historical romance?

I got the inspiration to start writing historical romances set in Australia as a teenager because I so wanted to read a romance set in my own country but couldn't find one. As I kept writing, I relied back on my own family history quite a lot for reference, but soon realized that the history and struggles of Northern Queensland were so very different to the rest of the country. Combine that with the stories of my own family when they immigrated to Australia in the 1800s, I decided it was about time someone gave a romantic voice to this part of the world.

Well, the decision you made certainly appears to agree with you! I say do whatever makes you happy. 

And isn't it great how the muse works? :)


So, let's try something else.


What do you feel sets Vanity & Humility apart from other books in the genre?

I like to think this book is grittier, and shows a raw emotion that comes from abandoning the usual social structures set out in Historical Romances. With a setting like Australia, I was able to explore this abandonment more as so many people came to this country to find freedom from restrictive etiquette.




One other thing...


I'm sure readers are curious about your next project. Can you tell us what you've got cooking up now, or is that a secret?

I do have two books being looked at by publishers at the moment. One is a love at first sight type story between two people drawn together into a scandalous few days at a beach side escape in North Queensland. The other book tells the story of star-crossed lovers that are ripped apart only to be reunited some fifteen years later. Hopefully the publishers enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Fantastic! I'm sure they will. ;)


Thanks for visiting us, Faye! Love the premise of your book!


Get your copy of this historical romance novel with a touch of suspense today, readers! Only 99 cents for a limited time! :)

About the Author:

Faye Hall spent her early years listening to stories about the families – including her own – who settled townships in and around her hometown in North Queensland, Australia.  The local townspeople, including her own parents, told her stories of corruption and slavery, along with family secrets and forbidden love.

Desperate to remember what she’d been told, along with her already growing love of writing, Faye began to write about the history of her local area.  Never could she have imagined the history of her small home town in Australia would become a growing list of published books.

Faye’s passionate stories combine controversial subjects and provocative encounters as her characters struggle to survive the lifestyle in early rural townships throughout Australia.  She explores slavery and abortion, drug addiction and murder, as well as forbidden love and passionate affairs of the heart.

When she’s not writing, Faye enjoys sharing a bottle of wine with her husband in their ever-growing garden, and encouraging the varied interests of their combined family of nine children.

Explore the world of Faye Hall, Australian Historical Romance Author at her website

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