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Genres: Crime Thriller, Legal Thriller, Some Romance

New York defense lawyer Madison ‘Mr. 100%’ Harley is estranged from his wife and children, and he feels suicidal. Then he meets beautiful prosecution lawyer Kate Marshall. The attraction is immediate – and mutual.

Madison Harley only takes on clients he believes innocent. He’s known as ‘Mr. 100%’ because he has never lost a case, and consequently he is Public Enemy No. 1 in the eyes of the police, prosecutors and the media. The bad press has taken a toll on his personal life. His wife has moved out, taking their two young sons with her and instigating divorce proceedings. When his latest client confides that he is guilty of the horrific rape-murder he’s accused of, a depressed and guilt-wracked Harley hires a contract killer to terminate him after the jury delivers a Not Guilty verdict.

It’s 1987 and groundbreaking developments in the field of forensic science sees DNA profiling used for the first time in criminal investigations in America. The release of DNA test results causes Harley to rescind his order to carry out the hit on his client. Unfortunately for him, the killer doesn’t change direction once a ‘kill’ order has been placed.
The nightmare scenario that follows sees Mr. 100% negotiating for his client’s life, his own life and the lives of his estranged family with a Mafia henchman, stalking a contract killer and acting as a minder for a client who it appears really is innocent and who is oblivious to the mayhem unfolding around him.
Throughout it all, Harley is sustained by the affections of a new woman in his life – a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office, no less.

Here is an excerpt.  


So, what are readers saying about this book?

"Setting the tone for this story, the book opens with a dilemma…once again, Lance Morcan proves he is a master weaver of stories. Not only is this a fine story, but it also adds a depth of knowledge about the impact of DNA profiling, a topic which along with omnipresence of surveillance cameras, facial recognition, and other contemporary invasive legal profundities, deserves exploring! Rich in flavor and fine characterizations, this novel is particularly fine. Highly recommended.” 
-- Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 50 reviewer

A roller coaster of intense emotions, a must read! A fast paced original story. Watching Harley go from Hero to despair to vigilante as his life takes on a new turn was intense. He has a conscience and cannot let go of what he learned. Lives are in danger and due to one client, Harley's life is in danger and will never be the same. I highly recommend Mr. 100% to all. -- Sheri A. Wilkinson, Amazon 

Great story, I loved it. The plot is gritty and has a certain edge to it, and you can’t help but be pulled in by it. One of the things I really enjoy about Lance Morcan’s books and novellas is that he keeps me guessing. He also has a talent for creating interesting and diverse characters. So many great stories.
Madison Harley deserved this nickname of Mr 100%. It was very unusual for a defense lawyer to not have lost a case, ever. This should've made Harley happy, over the moon in fact; however, he knew he sometimes represented people who were most likely guilty. The question was, could Harley live with himself? This is a story that would make a great movie. Do yourself a favor and read this story, it really is that good.
-- Todd Simpson, Amazon

This sounds like such a riveting read!

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Also, you can grab Lance's new diverse story collection, which includes this thrilling legal tale, today!

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About the Author:

New Zealand novelist and screenwriter Lance Morcan is a prolific author with more than 30 published fiction and non-fiction books to his credit. as well as several screenplay adaptations of his work. A former journalist and newspaper editor, he regularly writes in collaboration with his son James Morcan, and their books are published by Sterling Gate Books.

The father-and-son team's published books include the new release horror Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes) and the bestselling historical adventures White Spirit and Into the Americas. They also have several series on the market including The Orphan Trilogy, an international thriller series, the globetrotting action-romance series The World Duology, and the controversial non-fiction franchise The Underground Knowledge Series. An additional non-fiction title, Debunking Holocaust Denial Theories, was written in collaboration with Holocaust survivors to document the genocide.

The Morcans' production entity Morcan Motion Pictures has a number of feature films in early development, including adaptations of Silent Fear, Into the Americas and White Spirit.
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The Underground Knowledge Series


The World Duology Series


The Orphan Trilogy


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